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Devanshi 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi trying to stop a rickshaw. Kusum’s Devar gives lotus garlands to pandit and says Kusum got this special garland for Maiyya. Kusum walks there. Devanshi runs in the dirt, while Kusum walks on the rose petals. Everyone greet Kusum. Devanshi’s clothes get spoiled. Kusum does the aarti. Devanshi steps ahead and leaves dirt footprints. Jai Durga….plays……….. Devanshi sees the lotus flowers and takes it. She turns to go and plate falls. Everyone see her. The man stops Devanshi and says stop, give back the garlands. Kusum is praying. Devanshi says no, I won’t give, I have to make my mum fine by this lotus flowers, let me go. She runs out. The men fail to catch Devanshi. Pandit says its big abshagun, girl run away with lotus and also spoiled the floor, what will

happen now, this never happened. Kusum looks on.

Devanshi makes Sarla drink lotus water. Sakshi asks Sarla to get up, did anything happen to her. Devanshi says nothing will happen to her. She asks Sarla to get up, they will listen to her and obey always. Sarla gets conscious and smiles seeing them. The man tells Kusum that the girl run away with the lotus, she said her mum is ill and wants flower for it, she did big sin. Rajjo says maybe she does not know sin and good. Kusum asks are you all little kids, everyone come to get Mata blessings, you all are careless, who was that girl. Her Devar says she was Sarla’s daughter who came out of hundi that day. Kusum recalls and sees Mohan. Devar says she made hundi impure. Kusum says call the girl, Omi and Sarla.

Omi gets the Vaid. The Vaid says when you had this little Vaid with you, why did you call me. Omi asks why, did any mistake happened. Vaid says no, she got lotus and also extracted juice, she is very smart, if she did not do this, it would be big problem. He blesses Devanshi and asks Omi to give medicines to Sarla. He goes. Omj tells Devanshi that they are lucky to get her. He asks Sakshi to become like Devanshi. He asks them to let Sarla rest.

A man comes and calls out Omi. He tells about Devanshi putting all the villagers in problem, she has stolen lotus garland, which Kusum was keeping as chadava to Maiyya, Kusum called you, come. Omi gets shocked. Sarla comes and says don’t touch the girl, she won’t go anywhere, she did all this for me, I will get punished, not this girl. The man says fine, answer infront of Mata. Sarla asks Omi to come. Omi asks Devanshi and Sakshi to be at home, we are going to temple. He leaves. Sakshi and Devanshi smile. Sarla and Omi come to temple. Kusum’s Devar says Kusum is apologizing to Maiyya so that she can save Devanshi from Maiyya’s anger. Omi says its no doubt that girl did mistake, but she is just 7 years old, I just want Mata to consider her age while punishing her.

Devanshi tells Sakshi that they have to reach there and they run out of the window. Sarla says Kusum is Maa and her heart is big, I know Devanshi did mistake, punish me, leave her. Kusum says yes, my heart is like wax, it melts soon, villagers made me Devi, else I m not like Mata’s shadow, its big sin to punish a little girl, so Maiyya has shown me the way, your daughter needs good values, she can’t get values being with you. Devanshi and Sakshi come and hear them. Kusum says your daughter will stay with me for one day in my house. Omi and Sarla get shocked. Kusum says her repentance is to earn good deeds for the sins she did, we will give her such values that she never does mistakes. The people chant her name. Sakshi asks Devanshi will you work there. Devanshi says I m happy, I will talk to her and ask are you my real sister or not. She smiles. She asks Sakshi to run, we have to reach home before Sarla and Omi.

Omi says I thought what will Kusum punish Devanshi, but our time is good now. Sarla says you are foolish, I have to send Devanshi there, don’t think and say anything, what does Devanshi do always. She says I won’t send Devanshi anywhere. Omi says Mata said it and we have to send the girl. Sarla says I m scared and prays for Devanshi’s safety.

Kusum hugs Mohan and romances. Devanshi looks for Kusum and opens the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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