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The Episode starts with Nutan asking Golu to give his chair to Kusum. Devanshi says Mohan is not a bad man now, I have put gomutra and made him pure. Mohan and Kusum get angry. Everyone look on. Mohan says I knew this girl did all this. Kusum stops him. Nutan scolds Devanshi. Rajjo says this girl got Ishwar out and in between all of us. Devanshi asks servant to first give food to head of family, Ishwar. Mohan says we all have food after Kusum eats, how can this rule change. Rajjo says when Ishwar is here, even Kusum will wish Ishwar is served food. Nutan asks will Kusum eat leftover food. Kusum gets angry and says yes.

Ishwar thinks Kusum will never get good deeds, as his heart is bad. Devanshi feeds food to Ishwar, and asks Kusum to have leftover food of Ishwar. Kusum gets angry and eats it.

She thinks Devanshi got Ishwar here, I will make this girl do sin, like she gave happiness to them, she will give sorrow also. Ashutosh gets house items and gives Sarla. She says I told Kalavati about proposal, did you feel bad. Ashutosh says no, you are my elder sister. She says you are Shravan Kumar, I love you a lot, if there is anything, if you like anyone, tell me, I will get you married to her. He asks are you fine to say this. She thinks I m seeing profit.

Rajjo comes there. Sarla imagines Rajjo and Ashutosh as married couple and smiles. Rajjo says I m going to meet my friend. Sarla asks her to go with Ashutosh on his bike. Ashutosh says I will drop you. Rajjo says no, I will go by walk. Sarla says you are weak, go by bike. Ashutosh also insists. Rajjo goes with him. Sarla gets glad.

Devanshi sees promo of Swabhimaan. Rajjo tells her about the show. Mohan asks Kusum not to worry. He says I swear I did not touch Geeta. Kusum says you and Ishwar are troubling me. Ishwar looks on angrily. Mohan says your chair is yours, like I m yours, always, you stop thinking about Devanshi, I will see her, see what I do of Ishwar. Ishwar gets shocked. Mohan damages wheelchair. Kusum says you have seen much happiness, now you will see bad life, Devanshi will do your bad state. She hurts Ishwar.

Devanshi says Vardaan looks good when he smiles. She asks why did he not say anything when she got Ishwar out. He thanks her. He asks why did you tell about gomutra. She says I did not take your name, I m Choti Mata. He says I don’t care, you believe you are Choti Mata. She says I want you to believe this. She runs out when Kusum calls her.

Kusum asks Devanshi to take Ishwar out, you have filled will in him. Ishwar tries to sign about the wheel. Vardaan sees Ishwar. He stops Devanshi and says Papa is trying to say something. Kusum says he wants to go out. Devanshi says I will take you where you say. Kusum calls Nutan and says I m going to school for imp talk, take care of house. Nutan asks her not to worry. She goes. Nutan asks Devanshi to work in kitchen. Vardaan says let Devanshi take Ishwar out, she is not maid. Nutan says I m unwell and was asking help, its fine.

Devanshi says I will help you in your work. She asks Vardaan to take Ishwar out. Vardaan asks Devanshi to become great like always. Ishwar tries signing Vardaan and wishes he understands. Vardaan takes Ishwar. Devanshi helps Nutan in kitchen work. Vardaan talks to Ishwar and says you will like the fresh air, its all because of Devanshi.

Devanshi kneads flour and it all sticks on her hands. She makes good dough, and surprises Nutan. Vardaan says I m not able to understand what you are saying, I will call Rajjo. He turns to call. Ishwar’s wheelchair goes ahead.

Nutan says I told you to make small balls, you made such big dough, its big loss, I will not leave you. Devanshi runs. Vardaan gets shocked seeing Ishwar and runs after her. Devanshi and Nutan come running that way. Vardaan falls down. Devanshi sees Vardaan. Vardaan asks her to save Ishwar. Nutan and Devanshi get shocked seeing Ishwar. Vardaan gets up and runs. Nutan says whats happening. Ishwar’s wheelchair goes towards the cliff.

Kusum punishes Devanshi and locks him. Devanshi sees her parents pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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