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Devanshi 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi getting scared seeing the red bangles. She shouts no, I won’t wear the red bangles. The family is fooled by Kusum. Kusum says my breath is linked to Ishwar, if he is hungry, I will stay hungry. Kusum gets food. They all leave. Kusum scolds Ishwar and asks him to have food, they all won’t know my truth, they believe me a lot. Rajjo comes. Kusum says I m very unfortunate, I manage the world, but can’t help my own husband. She goes. Rajjo asks Ishwar why did you upset Kusum.

Ashutosh asks Sarla to get any other bangle, what happened to Devanshi, maybe she is scared of red bangles. Sarla gets green bangles and asks happy now. She makes Devanshi wear green bangles. She asks her to wear only green bangles. Ashutosh asks what happened, you wear red clothes, why

not red bangles. Devanshi says don’t know why I m scared seeing red bangles. She runs. Ashutosh asks Sarla why is she making Devanshi ready in Mata getup. Sarla says it was fancy dress competition in Sakshi’s school, so I was making Devanshi ready, but she got scared. He says fine and goes. Sarla wonders what happened to Devanshi.

Rajjo is unable to tie the backlace and asks Mohini to come and tie the string. Mohan stares at her. Mohan goes to tie the string. Rajjo moves her hair. Mohan forwards hand. Kusum comes there and gets shocked seeing Mohan. She asks whats happening Rajjo, you are respect of this house, atleast shut door. Rajjo says sorry, the string was not getting tied. Kusum says you could have called any woman. Rajjo says even Mohini is woman. Kusum says I mean I would have tied the string, you are my younger sister, not Nanand, I love you a lot. She sends Mohan. She asks Rajjo not to wear such clothes and be traditional. She covers her with dupatta and says next time, shut the door well. She goes.

Kusum goes to her room. Mohan says its good you came on time, else I would have got exposed. Kusum says I have seen you staring at Rajjo, your hand were shaking, I got love seeing you get worried touching a stranger woman, I fell in love with you seeing your loyalty. Mohan says dog is loyal. She hugs him and thinks Mohan is my love, but he is a man, I know he was getting close to Rajjo, but I will get him away from everyone.

Devanshi calls on landline. Kusum asks Ishwar why is he not drinking water, yamdud will come to take you, be stubborn, I m in hurry to get your name sindoor out of my hairline, your brother and sister were worried, they left the milk for you. Rajjo comes and Kusum starts acting. She asks Ishwar to have milk, else she will die. Rajjo says there is a call for you. Kusum goes. She attends Devanshi’s call. Devanshi says call Mata ji, I want to talk to her.

Kusum says talk as per age, Mata ji is busy. Devanshi says Mata ji has belief of her devotee, ghungroo wali maiyya will punish you. Ishwar recalls Rishi’s words. Ishwar drinks the milk. Devanshi scolds Mata ji and asks her to not get angry, Mata ji will get sad seeing your anger. Kusum ends call. Nutan comes and tells Kusum that she was coming to answer. Kusum sweetly taunts Nutan. Rajjo tells Kusum that Ishwar is drinking milk. Rajjo says don’t know, how did he break his firmness. Devanshi says what will I tell Sakshi. Sakshi is angry and throws the school bag on the road. She says I will not go school till I know I m real or step sister. Sarla asks Devanshi does she remember the bhajan. Devanshi says yes. Sarla pampers her, and Sakshi comes home. Sakshi hears Sarla praising Devanshi. She thinks Sarla is treating her badly. She asks Sarla to make her ready like Devanshi. Sarla asks Sakshi to get ready on her own, I made Devanshi ready for jagrata, I will get jewelry for her. She goes. Devanshi tells Sakshi that she could not find out truth today, she can’t see Sakshi crying. Sakshi asks her to be away and throws powder on Sarla. Sarla coughs and Devanshi worries for her. Omi comes and asks Sarla to take rest. They can’t call doctor. Devanshi asks shall I call lotus. Omi says it is not found here. Devanshi says I know where to get lotus, don’t worry.

Devanshi runs to the temple to get lotus. The plate falls down. Kusum turns and sees Devanshi with the lotus.

Update Credit to: Amena

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