Devanshi 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi talking to Kusum. Kusum asks her to stop her if she can, new sun will rise. Devanshi says you said right, new sin will rise, but not of your success, it will be of your end. Kusum angrily pushes her. Devanshi falls out of the room and gets shocked. Ishwar comes and asks how did Kusum get so much powers. They get thinking.

Kaki says mehendi rasam got over, we will leave now. Devanshi sees a doll with the kid and gets an idea. Ishwar signs what. She smiles and thinks how to expose Kusum. Kusum says I can walk on sword’s sharp end, just make sure there is no hurdle in night tapasya. He says if I miss anything, then take my breath. She says Devanshi and Ishwar will keep an eye. He says they will not know when you go.

Vardaan asks Devanshi does she really want

to do this. Devanshi says yes, water went over head now, if we don’t bring Kusum’s truth out, it will be wrong, entire village will come in sangeet. Ishwar says you are right, I m with you. She says Vardaan was against Kusum, I did not agree, after what I have seen, I understood you were right, Kusum is going to do black magic, just agree for this Vardaan, she has done tapasya and got black powers. He agrees.

He says I m with you for your belief. Ishwar says we will make arrangements, now even Kusum’s black magic can’t save her. Its night, Ishwar asks Devanshi to see arrangements. Devanshi says I will see Kusum. Vardaan says she is in room. He stops servant and asks where are they taking decorations things. Ishwar says they are going out. Mohan thinks Devanshi lost last chance to stop Kusum. Ishwar asks Devanshi what is she thinking. Devanhsi says I will go and see Kusum.

Kaki says Nutan and Golu are behaving bad, but Devanshi assured my daughter’s happiness. Devanshi does not see Kusum. Kaki sees her daughter Menka and talks to her. Menka acts angry and goes. Kaki thinks what happened to her. Devanshi says I knew this, Kusum has run away, but she should not succeed in her motives, I know where I will get her. Vardaan says I worry for you.

Devanshi says I don’t know what is she doing, I trust maiyya, I have to go. She goes. Kusum comes to jungle and does tapasya. She ignites fire in havan kund. Ishwar tells everyone that they will have sangeet in new way, you all will see something.

Devanshi comes to jungle and thinks to stop Kusum’s evil intentions and expose her. Ishwar begins the puppet show and brings the story of Kusum, revealing her crimes. Devanshi sees Kusum doing tapasya. Ishwar says see this devil has come in human form. Everyone see the puppet show. Devanshi says I will not let you succeed in your cheap doings. She steps ahead and falls back by the fire.

Kusum’s story is shown. Gopi smiles. The moments resembling are shown. Ishwar shows how the girl healed herself by removing the fake mask. He asks them to decide if Kusum is Mata or a thug. Devanshi sees Kusum in fire round and says today even death can’t stop me. She prays to Maiyya.

Ishwar shows how Kusum used to manage the fake miracles. He says she has done miracles this way and insulted our emotions. Devanshi tries to reach Kusum. A skeleton hand holds her feet. Devanshi gets shocked. Ishwar says she was a liar and fraud. Devanshi asks Maiyya to help her. Maiyya’s chunri falls on her.

Devanshi ties the chunri. Ishwar tells them about Kusum killing his brother Sarju. Everyone get shocked and cry. Devanshi’s parents death is also shown. Kusum’s murders crime list is shown by the puppets. Vardaan thinks it means Kusum was behind their deaths.

Devanshi prays to Maiyya to give her strength to face Kusum. She gets a sickle and thinks Kusum’s tapasya should not complete. Ishwar shows the video of Kusum’s truth. He asks them to see Kusum’s truth. He says just Devanshi can end her sins, Devanshi has gone to her to stop her from her next sin, I m sure she will stop her.

Devanshi throws water on havan. Fire is still flaming. Devanshi prays to Maiyya to help her. It starts raining. The fire gets blown off. Kusum’s tapasya breaks. Kusum gets shocked. Devanshi……plays…..

Villagers get angry and come to punish Kusum. Kusum defends herself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Don’t get me wrong but I want to say that devanshi is going in the same track of srk. Seriously I expected more. But definitely I will watch till the end.

  2. I never ever watched srk or nagin due to such stupid things..byt what was ystrdayz epi of devanshi..oh my god i dnt knw hw i sis jst makng fun of it..i cant defense also bcz i bever allow dem to watvh ssk..i just startd to watch devanshi just for helly even though i dnt like d concept of mata and all..i just pray devanshi go off aur and hellu get a new show and come with a bang…
    Seriously cant bear this crap..atleast dey can show vanshiz some light romantic dey jst behind of kusum sundhari devanshi and mata and all..jst hate it

    1. KrissAnn

      srk??? which serial is that??

  3. Do you guys seriously think that this show will bring name and fame to helly . Sry to say but this show has no scence . If devanshi runs for long time then it affect helly’s carrier very badly . The makers first claimed that this show is against superstition but nowdays the show is totaly opposite to it . Gayatri i don’t have any problem with devanshi but i am concerned about helly’s acting carrier as i am a fan . I know i am a fan of helly but that does not mean i support her in her wrong decision and for me accepting devanshi is her wrond decision . Every serirl is made for viewers but if they are not intrested in any show then what is the need to run that show . We all know that how many people are intrested in devanshi from its trp . I just want to wath helly in a good show with poweful role . If i said wrong then sry but think as a fan of helly not as fan of devanshi

    1. I agree with you dear. We can hope that CVS change the plot soon. Otherwise I don’t know what happens let’s hope for the best.
      Niyati, is helly having exam? I think she is busy in studies.

  4. i just hope Ks and baba and kala jadu track get over soon.. cant stand with it ..
    i think to bring ks truth out they are showing this track just its my pov hope this track end soon

  5. Ssk….(sasural simar ka)…..

  6. I agree vd niyathi……..but dont wry dear helly’s carrier wont effect this…she is still yung…..she hve time to improve….

  7. Yup saira she has her exam . She also takes a break from insta for her exam

  8. ohe,niyati Iam speechless..jab helly he aapko samjha na saki ki,vo apne project se bhut kush mai kya samjhat sakti aapko..helly god me belive karti hai..aur sayad aap nahi..

  9. ye sirf mera openion nhi..balki jo hai vo maine kaha…blac majic bhi hota bhi mera open…nhi jo hai maine kaha.

  10. aap sab belive karo ya na karo?koi fark nhi padta..

  11. rahi bat kala jadoo promote karne ki to aisa nhi hai es show me..let us see what happend next..ok thanks..for reading my comment.

  12. yesterday epi.was so.. so.. Nice.. Eagerly waiting for the next update..thanks amena di for the wonderful update.

  13. yesterday epi.was so.. so.. Nice.. Eagerly waiting for the next update..thanks amena di for the updates

  14. Sry to say gayatri but you are a blind fan of devanshi not helly . I do believe in god not supernatural powers . Aur kya pata helly iss show se khush hai ya nahi . Agar hum koi kam karte hai aur hame success nahin milta toh khushi kahan se milegi . Helly ne twiter pe kaha hai ki wo khush hai but wo tho ye kahegi hin .sab actors yahin bolte hai . Devanshi seriel people ke liye hai actors keliye nahin . Agar viewers hin khush nahin hai toh seriel karne ka kya faida . Aur most important thing devanshi show aur mere bhagwan pe believe karne mai koi connection nahin hai . Think practicaly gayatri .

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