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The Episode starts with Kusum giving flowers to Devanshi. Devanshi thinks how to make garlands, Kusum has gone, I will ask Rajjo, I will get her with Ishwar. She tells Vardaan that she will make garlands for Maiyya and then I will get powers. She says then I will show world in my mouth, then laugh on me. He says you are mad, world is not laddoo to fit in your mouth, do anything. Scorpion goes to her hand. She asks Vardaan to believe Lord powers. He asks her to stop it now, he does not believe on Lord, if you want to do good, go and help any needy. He goes.

She says Vardaan does not know Maiyya’s powers and goes to Ishwar. She says Rajjo is not here, she will be in her room, I have to learn making garlands. He sees scorpion in the flowers and gets shocked. He tries to move his hand and falls

down the bed. Devanshi shouts to him and runs. The flower plate falls down. Devanshi also falls. She asks Ishwar to get up. He signs her about scorpion. She gets shocked seeing scorpion. She says get up, it will bite you. She gets the wheelchair and drags Ishwar. She makes him sit on wheelchair. He thinks how did I move my limbs today, its because of Devanshi. She takes him outside. He recalls Rishi’s words. Nutan shouts seeing Ishwar and stops Devanshi. She asks Devanshi why did she get Ishwar out. Everyone come out. Rajjo smiles. Kusum gets shocked.

Devanshi tells about scorpion. They all get glad knowing Ishwar moved. Rajjo hugs Ishwar happily and cries. She says everyone wanted you to get up, our hopes broke, but now we are sure you can get fine. Rajjo praises Devanshi for doing this miracle. Devanshi says I just got him outside. Rajjo says you gave him will to live. She asks Kusum to see what Devanshi did, even doctors could not do this. She thanks Kusum also. Devanshi asks did I do big thing. Kusum says I did not get such big happiness till now, we will have sweets. She asks Nutan to call everyone. Nutan says its tough to call Geeta and Mohan, its their suhaagraat today. Ishwar smiles seeing Kusum angry. Kusum acts sweet and goes.

She waits for Mohan. She says he did not come to meet me, is he really celebrating suhaagraat. She finds the door locked and gets angry. She says I will see you and leaves. Its morning, Mohan wakes up and thinks how did I sleep here. Geeta stops him and says you know what happened at night, Devanshi got Ishwar out of his room. He thinks then Kusum will have many questions, I m gone today. She asks him is he worried for Sarju’s matter. He gets shocked. He says what problem will I have from Sarju. She says the pic is here, if you have problem, I can keep it in cupboard. He says no need, let it be. He goes.

Geeta thinks his face got pale hearing Sarju’s name, he knows something of Sarju’s murder. Mohan goes to meet Kusum. She gets angry on him for being with Geeta. He says I mixed sleeping tablet in milk, glass changed, I have drank that milk and slept. She says your face is glowing, see. He says what are you saying, I m saying true. She pushes him. She calls him liar. She says my trust broke, you locked door and slept. He says it means you came here. She says you can forget me, not me, I did not sleep all night. He says trust me, I did not see any woman except me. She asks him to stay away and talk, I m bearing this for your mistake.

Mohan comes for breakfast. Nutan teases him. Kusum comes and asks Nutan to see the place and not joke on personal matters. They all sit to have food. Devanshi gets Ishwar. Nutan asks where are you taking Ishwar. Devanshi says Mata Kusum say head of the family should sit on big chair, so I got Ishwar here. Vardaan says Ishwar is also owner of this house. Rajjo says I remember, Ishwar used to sit here. They make Ishwar sit in Kusum’s chair. Kusum looks on.

Devanshi asks Kusum to have leftover food of Ishwar. Kusum locks Devanshi. Devanshi sees her parents pic and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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