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Devanshi 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum doing tapasya. Tantric says your enemy will get ruined. Devanshi goes to Shikhar, He says I regret, my enemies succeeded, now I can’t support you. She says I will call you once their anger calms. He says no, Vardaan has doubt for me, I don’t want your relation to spoil, I m glad you are Devi’s ansh, you will make the villagers free of blind belief. Tantric asks Kusum to focus on bowl. Kusum stares and bowl flies in air. Shikhar takes his bags and leaves. Devanshi cries and thinks don’t think I will fall weak if you make Shikhar away, I will end Kusum’s game.

Kusum holds burning stick in her hand. She looks at tantric. She sees her hand. He says its your belief that you completed the second phase, third phase is still left, its tough, you have to do this under

open sky, by standing on one feet, in front of villagers. She asks how will I chant mantras. He says I don’t know, if you complete maha tapasya, you will get powers to be present at many places at same place, you have to find solution, if you sit for maha tapasya, none can touch you, you will have many powers, none should break your tapasya, you have to complete this in next 24 hours. Kusum says I will do this at any cost. He says don’t use powers when not needed. Devanshi thinks I could not stop Shikhar, I know he did not do anything. Vardaan thinks she is upset for whatever happened.

He says this won’t happen again and hugs her with a promise. She thinks Kusum did this, she is upto something. Its morning, Mihan waits for Kusum. She sits in Kusum’s place. Ishwar comes there. He says I know what you are doing, we won’t let anything wrong happen. He gets doubt and goes.

Mohan leaves the ghunghat and thinks Ishwar got after me. Ishwar tells Devanshi that Mohan is sitting in Kusum’s place, we will make Mohan away from Kusum. They go to Kusum’s room and see Kusum.

He asks for Mohan and scolds her. Devanshi says I know you did this to stop Shikhar from helping me. Kusum writes you prove this and show. Devanshi says I will prove your every sin, that you don’t get any place to get saved. They go. Kusum tells Mohan about Amavasya night, she will do maha tapasya, she will get powers and then easily fulfill his wishes. She stares at fruits. An apple gets lifted in air and comes in her hand. Mohan gets shocked. Kusum laughs. She says this is my power, not any illusion, just one night, then see how I turn my powers stronger.

Ishwar says trust me, I have seen Mohan’s feet. Devanshi says I believe you, I m afraid Kusum is going to do something wrong. He asks her to pray to Maiyya. Devanshi says I will not let anything bad happen.

Ishwar welcomes everyone. Gopi says I want Kusum to apply mehendi in would be bahu’s hand, I respect her a lot. Nutan agrees and gets Kusum. She asks Kusum to apply shagun mehendi. The lady says I m feeling hurt. Devanshi says I came here as bahu, not Mata, I want my saas to apply mehendi first. Nutan says Kusum will apply mehendi first. Kusum applies mehendi. Devanshi prays and feel heaviness in air, as if something bad is going to happen, help me in stopping it. Kusum stares at the metal stand and makes it fall. Devanshi holds it in time and saves the lady. They all praise her for the miracle. Devanshi asks them to just chant Maiyya’s name, it happened because of Maiyya. Kaki says you are great, we are ordinary people, you are our Mata.

Nutan says Kusum is also standing here, touch her feet, else it will be her insult. Lady says till she ends our doubts and answer us, we will not get devotion for her. Kusum stops Nutan and goes. Ishwar tells Devanshi that her belief has won. Devanshi thinks it was Kusum’s doing.

Kusum comes to her room and lifts pots by signing. The pots fall. Devanshi comes. Kusum scolds her as people are raising questions because of her, I won’t let this happen, let maun vrath go to hell, what will you do. Devanshi says if your everything is going to get ruined, what can I do, I know you are doing something black on Amavasya night, I will stop you.

Devanshi will get Kusum’s truth out. Ishwr shows Kusum’s crimes through a puppet show. The people go to confront Kusum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is happening…

  2. M also not getting anything….wht they r doing…..

    1. Ek dhin mein kuch ho jata hai aur dusare dhin kuch aur.
      Shikar ke saath jho bhi hua voh sahi nahi hua.

  3. Vaitin for some devdan sceans…..only that can make viewers littl intrest……but they r not giving…..i

  4. just hope they stop baba and ks crap its irritating lost intrest bcz of this why they are showing black magic crap they have to show its wrong na…
    cvs so gaye kya jago what ur showing stop this crap

  5. gayatri i saw ur msg in previous episode tdy only dear.. sorry for not giving reply .. i got confusion by toi spoiler last one. abt golu mrg thing what is your take on that

  6. I heard that they going to do some rain scens…anyone hve any info abt that???

    1. I also saw tweet of helly saying about the rain scene but don’t know much about it

      1. cool down guys rain sequence between ks and devanshi not devdaan not any romance scene its action scene

  7. guys what you think is shikar character exit from the show or he will be back agin .. plz tel me
    what you think abt his character ended or he will back

    1. Anu I think shikar character is over. There will be the entry of the bride of golu so in order to balance the no. Of characters CVS ne shikar ka role khatam kar liya

  8. But really feel disappointed as it’s a good concept yaar it’s rooted in educated societies too even though show didn’t get much attention cCavs something has to do

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