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Devanshi 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishwar signing Vardaan. Vardaan asks are you saying about water motor sound, its getting filled. Ishwar signs him. Vardaan asks do you want me to go to tanker, but why, I will make you lie down on bed. He makes Ishwar lie on bed and asks are you fine, take rest, I will go to tanker. Vardaan goes to tanker and sees Devanshi’s slippers there. He calls out Devanshi and jumps to see the tanker. He gets a stool. Ishwar prays to Maiyya to save Devanshi and cries.

Vardaan gets to the top of the tanker and gets shocked seeing Devanshi inside. He asks her to try and hold her hand. Devanshi tries, but could not hold his hand. Vardaan gets down the tanker and asks Devanshi to wait. She shouts to him. He sees a metal rod and breaks the tanker to get the water out. The tanker water

begins to evacuate. She shouts for help.

He gets inside the tanker and holds her. He asks her not to worry. She faints. He takes her out. Rajjo and Geeta rush to Devanshi. Doctor checks Devanshi. Geeta asks is she fine. Vardaan says ask her to get up. Doctor says I m doing my best. Geeta and Rajjo ask her to get up. Everyone come there. Geeta scolds servants for starting motor. Servant says we did not start motor. Nutan thinks who gave big punishment to this girl. Vardaan says someone wanted to kill Devanshi, so Papa fell down the bed and tried to reach door to stop motor. Nutan says its good thing that Ishwar tried to walk. Geeta says Devanshi’s state is so bad here, you are saying this. Gopi says who will run motor, we all did not know about Devanshi. Kusum sees Mohan. Geeta looks at Mohan and asks did you do this.

Mohan asks what. Geeta says you took her out angrily, maybe you scared her and started motor putting her in tanker. He asks are you mad, stop thinking. Kusum says we should think for Devanshi now, not about motor. She asks doctor to make Devanshi conscious soon. Doctor says its not in my hands, if she does not get conscious, saving her life will be tough. They all get shocked. Vardaan says no, this can’t happen, get up Devanshi.

Devanshi opens eyes and they all get relieved. Devanshi asks Vardaan to save her. Ishwar holds Vardaan’s hand and smiles. Vardaan says how did you know Devanshi is inside the tanker. Ishwar signs. Vardaan asks him to say, who was there. Kusum comes and stares at Ishwar. Kusum acts and says I m glad you tried to walk, I m sure you will get fine soon. Vardaan goes. Kusum scolds Ishwar and asks him not to sign towards him, else next time she will kill Vardaan along Devanshi too. She scares him and goes.

Geeta pacifies Devanshi and asks her who has done all this with her, is Mohan behind this. Devanshi says don’t know, but someone else started motor. Geeta asks who. Devanshi says I don’t know. Geeta thinks who can do this, why did Mohan stay close to Kusum by becoming woman, why did Kusum not doubt on him till now.

Mohan goes to Kusum and says everyone is doubting me because of you. She says I told you to lower down head and talk to me, none can do anything to you, miracle is going to happen tonight, so that devotees believe me, Maiyya will come and bless everyone. He asks how will this happen. She says you will know everything about the miracle. Its night, everyone are in temple and wait for miracle. Devanshi says I m in temple, even Maiyya will make me fine here. Geeta says you are right, why to worry being here. Devanshi asks why did Kusum call everyone here. Geeta says she will tell us.

Kusum tells everyone that she called them, after many years on full moon night, I m going to call Maiyya here, Maiyya asked me to do this. The people get glad. Geeta says if Kusum said this, Maiyya will come, the temple stairs will get light and then think Maiyya has come, Jwalapuri bends head in front of Maiyya, its big thing, so everyone is happy. Mohan comes there. Everyone chant Maiyya’s name. Devanshi says I m going to Ashutosh, I will meet her.

Geeta says come back to me. Ashutosh gets call and goes. Devanshi runs after him. Ashutosh leaves on his bike. Devanshi says I could not meet him, he left. She sees Mohan and thinks he always does bad things. Mohan has the remote in hand. Everyone pray and close eyes. Mohan presses the remote and lights come in all diyas. Kusum sees the diyas and says see Maiyya has brought light, it means she has come in temple. Everyone smile. Devanshi thinks Mohan has switched on the lights.

Kusum says Devanshi, it was your last day in your house. Kusum tells Ishwar that she is sending Devanshi to mental hospital. Devanshi is dragged by Mohan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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