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Devanshi 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla and Kusum talking about Devanshi. Devanshi comes there. They get shocked. Malik is on the way and asks driver to stop the car. Ashutosh and Rajjo are there at bus stop. Malik doubts on them. His men catch up Ashutosh and Rajjo. Malik removes Ashutosh’s fake beard. He lifts the veil and sees Rajjo. He holds Ashutosh’s neck and scolds him. The man asks Malik to stop, elections are there. Malik says your fate is good, else you would have died. He asks Rajjo why did you run with him, I m so worried for you, come. He takes Rajjo. Ashutosh shouts. Malik leaves. Ashutosh looks on. Geeta holds Ashutosh.

Devanshi says I have tried by best, but I did not find that woman, maybe you were right, that woman was Geeta, who was with Mohan. Sarla smiles. Devanshi apologizes to

Kusum. Kusum says its fine, I can understand, you did not know Geeta is wrong, its good when you got to know, I m not annoyed with you, happy now, go and rest. Devanshi leaves.

Kusum doubts on Devanshi. Sarla says she got scared of death, don’t worry, think of freeing Omi from jail and giving me 5 crores money, I will give Geeta to you. Kusum says no, I don’t want to take risk, leave Sarla. Sarla goes. Kusum says Devanshi did not meet my eyes, this can’t happen, I have seen her courage, what’s the matter.

Ashutosh asks Geeta how can this happen. Geeta cries and says this is the truth. He says you mean Kusum is not Mata, she is the murderer. She says yes, trust me. She tells everything. He says it means she fooled many people, I can’t believe this. She says yes but I reached the truth, Kusum tried to kill me, I think her sins end is close, I have to do this. Ashutosh says Kusum is sinner who made Rajjo away, I have to save Devanshi. She says take me to police station, I will tell police about her. He says no, she is clever, she will bribe police. She asks what to do then.

Vardaan and Devanshi come to Ishwar. She says I don’t like to lie, I lied to Kusum. Vardaan shuts door. He says Devanshi has done what you said, now tell us the name of that woman. Ishwar thinks I can’t tell them, they are clean hearted, Kusum can understand seeing them, I don’t want to give her chance to get saved. He lights diya and says today, after many years, I have lighted the diya in front of Maiyya, come. He does aarti.

He says tomorrow is special day, all the people of Jwalapuri will know that woman’s dark truth. Vardaan says its Rajjo’s marriage today. Ishwar says I m not ready for this, Rajjo loves Ashutosh, not Malik. Devanshi says I told you, Rajjo loves Ashutosh. Ishwar says make me talk to Rajjo some how. Malik and Rajjo are on the way. Malik says you said you will marry me and run away with Ashutosh, now refuse for marriage and show. Vardaan calls Malik and says I heard Rajjo is with you, I m worried, can I talk to her. Malik asks Rajjo to talk to Vardaan. He gets down the car. Vardaan says someone wants to talk to you Bua. Ishwar talks to Rajjo. She gets shocked. He says did you not identify your brother’s voice. Rajjo happily cries and asks is this you. Ishwar says don’t say anything, do as Vardaan says. He gives phone to Vardaan.

Vardaan says we don’t have much time, Papa asked you not to refuse for marriage, tell him you will marry him on Maha Ashtami day, Papa said your marriage will happen with Ashutosh on that day, as you love Ashutosh. She smiles and ends call. Malik says I spoke to Kusum, she wants our marriage to happen on Maha Ashtami. She apologizes and says I will do as you say, our marriage will happen on Maha Ashtami day now. He says great, its fine you agreed. She thinks how did Ishwar get fine, how will he make me marry Ashutosh.

Ashutosh says its decided, everyone will be in temple on Maha Ashtami day, we will tell Kusum’s truth, if they trust us, Kusum’s words will be proved a lie, Rajjo and Malik’s marriage will stop. Ishwar waits for Maha Ashtami day and thinks this land will get pure, good will win over evil again.

Kusum asks Rajjo why did you do this, I gave you much love, what did you do, you ashamed me, its good Malik found you and also forgiven you, he is ready to marry you. She goes to Rajjo and says I m ready to forget everything. She asks are you ready for this marriage or not, just say this. Rajjo recalls Ishwar’s words and says yes. Kusum asks everyone to behave with Rajjo well. She asks Rajjo to do marriage arrangements. Rajjo sees Vardaan and Devanshi. Devanshi thinks Rajjo will marry just Ashutosh, why can’t Kusum understand this, Kusum is doing wrong.

Kusum sees Ishwar’s shoes and laughs on him. She says I won’t let you tell my truth. Devanshi asks Geeta who did this with you. Geeta says I know her real name, that woman is………

Update Credit to: Amena

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