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Devanshi 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashutosh shouting that Devanshi is the hundi girl, she is alive, and saved by Sarla. They all get shocked. Gopi says are you mad, the hundi girl died by falling in cliff along with her parents, Mata Kusum Sundari told this to everyone. Sarla apologizes to Kusum and says whatever Ashutosh said is true, Devanshi is the girl who fell in hundi. Devanshi gets shocked. Sarla says you made me leave from the village, I found this girl on lotus flower on the river shore, maybe I reached her by motherly love, which you filled in this Baanch, by giving this girl in my lap. Kusum recalls. Devanshi starts crying. Sakshi smiles.

Sarla says I took Devanshi with me and hidden this as I did not wish Devanshi to know this truth that I m not her real mother. She says Devanshi has some powers

in her, tiger came in village, everyone was running, when tiger went close to this girl, he fainted in her feet, the village knows this, she saved kids from goons and got electricity in village today, she has powers. Mohan shouts you are giving hundi girl status to this girl to save from punishment, this will not happen, you all see now, they are cheating us, they should be punished, this girl will not be forgiven. He goes to beat Devanshi. Kusum stops him. She blesses Devanshi.

She says this girl has something, so she is alive, Maiyya made this girl do the miracle to show no human is ordinary, every devotee is special for her, Maiyya has made this done by this girl, not me, to show she loves everyone, the darkness ended on Diwali. They all chant Maiyya’s name. Mohan looks at Kusum. Devanshi cries and runs to Sarla.

Sarla asks what happened if you did not take birth by my womb, even Krishna was born to Devki and Yashoda got equal status of a mother. The people come and greet Devanshi, asking what other powers she has. Sakshi thinks now Devanshi knows Sarla is just my mum. Devanshi thinks Sarla loves me, but I m not her real daughter. Sarla says I dreamt of this day Omi, Kusum is alone that side and devotees are with Devanshi.

Kusum thinks this girl ruined my place. Omi asks Sarla are you mad, stop this now. Gopi asks devotees to stand in line. Sarla says its time that Devanshi can stand equal to Kusum. Sarla says you all have seen Devanshi’s powers, how she has flew in air and brought light, when her truth came out, I will just say that love Maiyya’s ansh as you all love Kusum. When this girl grows, she will bless you, her powers will increase. Kusum and Mohan get shocked. People chant to Devanshi. Devanshi asks Sarla to take her home. Sarla asks her to get habitual to this. They all lift Devanshi. Rajjo asks Ashutosh why did he tell truth infront of Devanshi, see she got sad. He asks did I have any option, Devanshi was getting beaten up. She says you could think any other option, you have no mind. He says she is my niece, I did what was right. Kusum looks at Devanshi.

Later, Kusum lights crackers. Mohan comes and asks are you mad, you lost and celebrating by lighting crackers. She says its me burning, I can’t bear this. He sees curtain catching fire and stops her. She says I have become zero because of her, I thought I will do miracle and fly in sky, everything got ruined, how to lose to a little kid. She gets a call. Sarla laughs. Kusum asks who is it. Omi calls out Sarla. Sarla ends call. Kusum hears Sarla’s name and gets shocked.

Kusum goes to Sarla’s house and holds her neck, saying I will use the girl for my use, Devanshi will talk my language now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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