Devanshi 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pavan playing dhol. He aims gun at Vardaan. Kusum and Menka get shocked. Pavan threatens to kill all of them. He asks them about Kalki. Nutan comes and says Kalki is not in her room, I got this letter from her room. Pavan checks the letter and reads that none can get Kalki now, don’t try to find her. Pavan says if I don’t get my wife, I will kill you all. Vardaan asks did you do this, you kidnapped Kalki and came as her husband to get her money, you are cheating us.

Pavan says you don’t put your crimes on my head. Vardaan says your drama won’t work here, I will find Kalki, if I know you are behind this, you are gone. Pavan says who are you to stop me. He aims gun at Kusum and asks where is Kalki, come. He asks Kusum to tell where is Kalki, where did she hide her.

Gopi tries to defend. Kusum says I m saying truth, Menka would have done this, she used to hate Kalki. Kusum and Menka argue.

Gopi asks him to give them some time, Kalki will come. Pavan asks him to do aarti. Gopi asks Nutan to help him. Pavan asks him to do it alone if he wants to show his devotion. Kusum says I will do aarti. Pavan asks do you feel I m fool. He scolds her.

Mohan shows Kalki’s pic and asks men. The man says no, I did not see this girl ever. Mohan thinks who can kidnap Kalki, matter is getting serious, where can she go. The man stops Vardaan and says come soon, else Pavan will kill Kusum. Gopi does aarti. Mohan comes and gets shocked seeing Pavan. Kusum wishes they find Kalki.

Devanshi gets conscious and finds herself locked in the dark place. Pavan counts down. Devanshi tries to push the wall and hits. Gopi chants Maiyya’s name. Devanshi shouts for help.

Kusum says I beg you, leave me, I did not do anything. Pavan aims gun at her head. He threatens her and loads the gun. They hear Devanshi asking for help and check the wall. Pavan breaks the wall. They get shocked seeing Devanshi inside. Vardaan comes and looks on. Pavan asks her to open eyes and say who did this with her. He asks everyone to come ahead, they all locked her in the wall. He takes Devanshi and sends her to hospital by his man. He locks the temple door and says Kalki went to hospital, now I will see you all.

Mahasangam of Devanshi and Savitri devi College will be seen. Pavan saves Devanshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mica

    thank you soo much Amena mam for fast update, wish i’m the first 😛


    Savitri and devanshi…. Varun and helly????????????,?
    interesting episode wished it was vardan who found her 🙁
    *getting palpitations by just imagining varun and helly in same screen case again!

    1. Mica

      stop imagining Didi 😀 😀 there is differences between imagination and reality 😀 😀 😀
      haaaa.. even me, but there Vardhaan only stand idle !!!
      but it means he isn’t move on yet!!! yay!!!

      1. MAHIRA

        But kyu??? I just miss them so much even if it’s so the mad veer makes a prank over the angry Kalki and finishes in need of medical help :p :p *my imagination has no limits… besides…. Doctor and patient… ……………… Ok I just miss Swasan!

      2. Mica

        why do you come to be Kakali’s twin huh!!! this doctor-patient imagination na 🙁 🙁
        injection, refusal, prankster doctor, khaddos patient, gooooosshhhh !!! 😀 😀
        too good to be true, i just can laughing between my tears 🙁
        why people love to play with my feeling, why people love to give false hope, *licking ice cream

  3. Mars

    Epi was tooooo gooodd I just loved pavan. The way he speaks just amazing but I missed kalki shah.
    Hope in mahasangam they will give atleast one heva scene but seriously no expections from colours.
    Waiting for further story.
    I m soooo excited how kalki’s reaction on pavan’s love and vardaan’s jealousy.

    1. U said right mars we should not except lot from colors

  4. Nice episode.

  5. Mica

    uugghhhhh, in between Vardhaan-Pavan face off, goooshhhhhh..
    Pavan is looking sooo naughty boy and Vardhaan is looking yummy to eat , 😀 😀 😀
    what i’m blabbering naa, what i’m blabbering *slap myself

    Mahasangam between Savitri Devi and Devanshi ? 🙁 🙁 🙁 i hate that!!!!!!!!!

    1. Abirsha

      Same mice even i didn’t like it…. And about pavan and vardaan i have same feeling like u…..??? mahasangam huh!!!!

      1. Mica

        huh!!! you do so ? even kakuu has the same feeling, but only for mudhit case ??????

      2. Abirsha

        Ha ha yes i too love mudit!!! I like him a lot….??

    2. Micu did u lost ur interest in swasan

      1. Mica

        lost interest at Swasan ? NEVER EVER, huh!!!
        that’s why i hate this mahasangam, as for me, they just kinda want to play with my feeling 🙁 .
        did they know how much my pain when SR ending ? how hurt it’s for me to know VaHe separation, and now, when finally i can accept to watch them separately, suddenly this silly mahasangam happen, what for ? coz in the end, at least next 3 days, they will back to their own pair.
        it reopen my old wound 🙁 🙁
        they are only ruined my Swasan memories, huh!

      2. Yes Mica u said right they will make us all remember our swasan and again make us cry.

  6. nice episode but im feeling episodes are bit slow.. from next week mo n-fri only 5 days episodes

  7. Mica u said right they r playing with our feeling n now many people r expecting vahe pic which seems to be impossible pls guys don’t get ur hope high it will give only pain I have just read some comments where bashing started for helly ,mudit ,varun n swarda

  8. I think this mahasangam is only for trp . Because colors very well knows that viewers are crazy about vahe . Devanshi and sdcah is running unsuccessfully . So to increase trp they are doing this mahasangam . I don’t think we can get a single vahe scene

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