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Devanshi 15th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi telling everyone that Kusum is not any Mata, she is normal human like us. She says I have seen her hand, it had burn mark, it means her hand burnt while doing aarti, like I was thinking I m Choti Mata, she is mistaken to think she is Badi Mata, I have to tell her she is not mata, she is ordinary woman. They all get shocked. Vardaan thinks I knew she will have burn mark. Malik says this girl is digging valley for Kusum. Nutan scolds her. Kusum comes with Mohan.

Nutan complains about Devanshi. She says Devanshi said your hand burnt in aarti, you are not Mata. Kusum and Mohan get shocked. Devanshi says yes, you are living in cheat like me, you are not Mata, Mata’s hand can’t burn, Geeta aunty am I right. Mohan scolds Devanshi. Devanshi asks Kusum to show her hand

to everyone once, they all believe I m not saying wrong.

Vardaan asks Kusum to prove Devanshi is wrong, else she can punish Devanshi. Kusum shows her hand, which looks fine. Everyone get shocked. Nutan praises Kusum. Devanshi says no, this can’t happen. I have seen burn mark on your hand, I m saying truth. Geeta asks Mohan to listen. Mohan shouts enough, no one will talk in between now.

He asks Devanshi to come with him, he will give her all answers. He takes Devanshi. Gopi says you are bearing so much. Kusum says my life passed in doing good with devotees, but its not good that Devanshi is getting questions, I have to do something, Malik you can make my family meeting your family, I will also reach there. Malik says fine, we will leave. Vardaan refuses to go. Geeta says but Devanshi. Nutan says Devanshi did big mistake by doubting on Kusum, now Mohan will punish her.

Mohan asks Devanshi to get inside the tanker. She asks why. He puts her inside the tanker. She asks him to get her out. He says you will stay here all night, without water and food. She says if I clean this tanker, will you get me out. He says I will think. She says I will clean it, don’t go anywhere. He calls Mohan and says its good I gave you duplicate skin to apply on hand, else you would have got exposed now, don’t worry, keep the skin till your wound heals. He ends call. Kusum sees her burn mark and says these marks will go, but what about this pain…. Devanshi has given me this pain, she has to bear for this. Devanshi sweeps the tanker’s inside.

Kusum starts water supply in the tanker. Devanshi shouts stop water, I m inside. Kusum says I will not leave you now. She goes. Devanshi calls out Mohan. Ishwar rings the bell. Kusum comes to him. She asks what happened, I had to do all this to make Rajjo agree, thanks, I will give you return gift, guess what, your fav Devanshi is sinking in water tanker, hear her shouting. Devanshi shouts for help. Kusum asks Ishwar to go and help Devanshi. Ishwar gets shocked. Kusum asks Ishwar to go, and makes him fall down the bed. She asks him to save the helpless girl. She goes.

Ishwar tries to move. He crawls on the ground. Devanshi shouts for help. Vardaan passes by Ishwar’s room and sees him. He rushes to Ishwar and holds him. He says you will get fine. Ishwar tries to tell about Devanshi. Vardaan says its okay, you will get fine, what are you trying to say. Devanshi starts sinking in the water.

Vardaan sees Devanshi sinking and saves her. Kusum says its good sign for all of us for Maiyya’s coming. Mohan lights diya by using remote. Devanshi sees him and tells everyone that its not miracle, Mohan used remote to start lights, you are not any Mata Kusum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow,nice epi..waiting for tomorrow epi..

  2. but amena di my again request for you plz update fast..

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