Devanshi 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi getting shocked seeing the black money. She shouts that she got black money here. Mohan signs Kusum to play recording. Kusum gets a call and answers. She gets shocked. Pandit asks Mohan and Geeta to take rounds. Kusum rushes out. Mohan gets shocked. Mohan asks Gopi to see where Kusum went. Gopi says I think Kusum got imp work, I m eldest here, I will do the rituals. Nutan asks Mohan to take rounds.

The school staff see the black money and get shocked. Devanshi tells principal that she came to find shloks book and the sack of black money fell down. Principal says who would have hidden this money in library. Mohan and Geeta take wedding rounds. Geeta thinks to kill those murderers who have killed Sarju. Kusum comes to library and gets shocked seeing the black money.

Devanshi asks Kusum to see what she found, we should inform police, they will find out. Principal praises Devanshi. Pandit tells about wedding vows. Mohan is worried and takes the rounds.

Mohan makes Geeta wear mangalsutra. He thinks where is Kusum, she was going to stop marriage, now marriage will complete. Devanshi asks Kusum did I do good work. Kusum says yes, you did a big work. Devanshi smiles. Nutan asks Mohan what happened, fill sindoor. Nutan and Sarla hold Mohan’s hand. Mohan fills sindoor in Geeta’s maang. They all clap and say marriage completed. Mihan gets angry. Kusum gets shocked when police comes and seizes the money.

Inspector thanks Devanshi for helping the govt by getting black money seized. Devanshi asks Kusum did I do right. Kusum gets angry. She gets call from Rajjo. Rajjo says you missed the marriage, come and bless the newly weds. Kusum gets shocked. Devanshi asks what happened. Kusum says nothing and controls anger. Nutan does aarti of Mohan and Geeta. Kusum comes running and gets shocked. Mohan stares angrily.

Devanshi says marriage happened, I went to library, I got black money seized today. Mohan looks at Kusum. Rajjo says its good news. Nutan asks them to take Kusum’s blessings. She asks Mohan why is he not listening after marriage. Mohan takes blessings. Nutan asks him to come for other rituals now.

Nutan asks in which room will they stay now, in Mohan’s room or Geeta’s room. Kusum says Mohan is part of family now, he will stay in Geeta’s room. Nutan says yes, come we will do rest of the rituals. Kusum sees Mohan and is upset. Devanshi asks what rituals. Nutan says I will tell you later. Geeta enters the house. Mohan and Geeta’s grahpravesh happens. Kusum thinks Devanshi ruined my patience, she made black money and Mohan away, she will be punished for this.

Devanshi brings Ishwar to dining table and asks Kusum to have leftover food of Ishwar. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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