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Devanshi 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla giving food to Sakshi and Devanshi. Devanshi says Sarla makes such great food. Omi says the good smell of desi ghee is coming outside also. He sits to have food. He shows school admission forms to Devanshi and Sakshi. Sarla burns the forms. Omi asks what are you doing. Sarla says Devanshi will stay at home, and Sakshi will go school. Omi gets shocked and asks why are you saying this, I won’t let you do this sin. Devanshi says no, if mum does not want me to go school, I won’t go. She gets sad. Devanshi asks Sarla is she happy. She smiles. Omi gets upset and goes.

Sarla tells Devanshi that she has asthma illness, if she gets attack, who will take care of her. Sakshi asks is Devanshi doctor to treat you. Sarla says she is your elder sister and mature, she takes

care of me well. She talks sweetly to Devanshi. She asks Omi not to think this, you never understand what I m explaining you. He says I know what you want to do, you do anything, I m not refusing him, whats problem if Devanshi studies. Sarla says no, I have to prepare Devanshi for something else, she has to be in these four walls. He says I know she is not our blood, but we raised her, will you ruin her future. Sarla says my life’s one motive is to take revenge from Kusum, I can go to any extent, Devanshi will ruin Kusum.

Devanshi goes to meet Rajjo and talks to guard. He asks her to come in evening when everyone comes and pushes her. Rajjo holds Devanshi and asks whats this way to talk to girl. He says sorry. Rajjo asks are you fine. Devanshi says yes, I came to give you gift. Rajjo asks what did you get. Devanshi asks her to see. Rajjo sees the box empty. Devanshi says I have filled it by love. Rajjo smiles and kisses her.

Sarla talks to the ladies and says there is something special, come on time. A lady asks Sarla about her fate changing by fate, one of your daughter is hundi girl, she is not your child. Sarla says I told you this as you can keep this secret, don’t say this to anyone. The lady goes. Sakshi hears this and says Maa loves Devanshi more, Devanshi is her real child, not me. She cries. Devanshi hears her crying. Sakshi gets angry on her and says you are not my sister. Devanshi asks did you see any tv serial. Sakshi says no, I have seen truth and heard it from Sarla. Devanshi says we are Sarla’s daughters, this is truth. Sakshi asks why did Sarla lie to us. Devanshi says Maiyya will not hide truth, we will ask Mata Kusum Sundari, she will know entire truth. Sakshi asks how will we go there. Devanshi says we will find her phone number.

They take phone directory and get Kusum’s number. Kusum drinks wine and compliments Mohan. Mohan says you wanted to kill me. He gets annoyed. She teases him and laughs. No one attends call. Devanshi says maybe she is doing someone’s good at this time, she has line of devotees. Kusum hugs Mohan and asks him not to leave. She says I love you. Devanshi says I will keep trying. Mohan gets angry by the phone call and says I will check. Kusum stops him and says I m restless, forget the phone, you focus on me.

He gets angry and goes. She fears anyone can see Mohan in Mohini’s clothes. Devanshi says someone will answer the call. Rajjo says who is calling at this time. Mohan answers call. Devanshi says I want to talk to Kusum, I want to ask are we real or step sisters. Mohan asks her to end call and goes. Devanshi says we could not know truth. Sakshi says she knows truth that they are step sisters. Devanshi says no, we are real sisters. Sakshi says who will be real parents and cries. Devanshi consoles her.

Its morning, Omi asks Sarla about the preparations. Sarla says its time to make dreams true, I have grown Devanshi and its now time to use her. She gets the coals and says today this will work. Omi says she is right and wrong too. He asks her to say, why did he always get scared, he is a coward. He says I m worried for Devanshi, she is little girl, if she gets scared of coal. She says she will not get scared, she will jump even in sea without asking anything, I m happy that my dream is getting fulfilled.

She takes Devanshi and says I will make you ready, you will look Devi, see how people come to you, I was waiting for this since 7 years. Devanshi asks what. Sarla shows the things she got for Devanshi and says you will get ready. Devanshi sees bangles and gets scared, recalling Kusum’s bangles. Sarla asks Devanshi what happened. Devanshi shouts……

Kusum says people’s belief will not get less. Devanshi comes in temple and eat laddoos. She becomes Maa Durga avatar to challenge Kusum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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