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The Episode starts with Sarla and Omi coming to see Kusum’s miracle. He says don’t know Devanshi came home or not. She says Ashutosh will get her. The people talk what miracle will Kusum show today. Gopi sings bhajan. Everyone wait for Kusum. Kusum comes there. Sarla sees Kusum wearing the shoes. Everyone chant Kusum’s name. Kusum says I know you all are eager to see the miracle, I m doing this for you, all the darkness of this village will end on Diwali day, your life will get light, you want to know what is that darkness, I will fly in the sky today by my powers and then take the light from the clouds, I will accumulate the thunder light to distribute in the village. The people get shocked.

Kusum says I will get electricity in this village today, this is my miracle. Mohan and Kusum smile

as people chant her name. Sarla says she is a liar, this is the shoe which gets flying powers, whats the use now, I wish I succeeded to change the shoe. Omi asks her to stop it, can anyone fly using the shoe, Mata will fly by her powers and get the thunder light. She calls him Mata’s servant.

She says we will do aarti under the tree where Ghungroo wali Mata appeared. Kusum starts aarti. Ashutosh gets Devanshi and says aarti started, we will find Omi and Sarla. Omi asks Devanshi where did she go. Devanshi says I have something to show you. Sarla says I have a slap. Devanshi asks her to see. Ashutosh sees Rajjo. Devanshi asks Sarla to see. Sarla asks Devanshi to stand silently.

Kusum asks everyone to close eyes and do dhyaan, so that I can do my miracle. Everyone close eyes. Kusum signs Mohan. The man is near the lights to switch on button when Kusum flies in sky, and lights will come in village. Kusum thinks I will press button in shoe and fly in air. Kusum sees the shoe and signs Mohan. She thinks what happened, where did the flying button go.

Devanshi thinks I thought Maiyya wants to help me, but Sarla does not want to hear me, I got shoes for Sarla. Kusum thinks if I did not fly, villagers will think I m liar. Devanshi says don’t know whats hurting my feet and presses button in the shoe. She starts flying and shouts to Sarla. Kusum, Sarla and everyone get shocked. Mohan tells Kusum that the plan failed, I have to call that man else he will switch on button, he is not answering, he will not see who is flying. The man switches on power. The man says its miracle, electricity came in entire village. Kusum looks at Mohan. The ladies say she is Devanshi, how did she go up, she has all powers of Mata Rani. Kusum looks on shocked. Sarla gets glad.

Devanshi comes down and lands. Sarla, Omi and Ashutosh run to Devanshi. Sarla says you made my name shine and hugs her. Sakshi gets jealous. The people chant Devanshi’s name. Mohan shouts are you all mad….. did your mind get away, you are doubting on Kusum. He starts his drama and says Kusum has brought happiness in village every year, I m her servant and can’t see her insult. The man says don’t misunderstand us, Kusum will always be special, what this girl did, shall we not praise her. Sarla thinks Kusum and Mohan got shocked today.

Mohan says this girl is nothing infront of this girl. Gopi says yes, she has come to defame Mata, that day Kusum was giving gold coins, this girl came in between and made the coins bronze ones, she has stolen lotus petals also, she has come to spoil things. Mohan says this girl should be punished, she is breaking Mata’s devotion, she should be beaten up. Rajjo asks how can you blame Devansi without knowing complete matter. Nutan says she broke Mata’s Tapasya, she should be punished. Rajjo says this girl is also your devotee Mata, you decide about her.

Mohan says decision is taken, see how I punish her. Ashutosh says no one will touch the girl. Mohan asks him to move, else you will get beaten up. The servants catch Ashutosh. Omi says she is little girl. Mohan says move away and pushes Omi. Devanshi gets scared and hides behind Sarla. Mohan catches Devanshi. Sarla, Omi and Ashutosh shout. Mohan asks the servant to get hunter. Rajjo asks Kusum to save Devanshi. Mohan gets the hunter to beat Devanshi. He says you did sin and will be punished. Ashutosh says don’t do this, she can’t do any sin, she is hundi girl. Mohan and Kusum get shocked. Mohan stops. Everyone get shocked.

Sarla says I have seen this day dream, Kusum is alone and all devotees around Devanshi. Sarla calls Kusum and laughs. Kusum goes to Sarla and attacks on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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