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Devanshi 14th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a car coming. The man asks Devanshi where is she roaming, knowing the situation is not good these days. She says I m going home now. The man asks her to take care. The car passes ahead. Devanshi says they were good people. The car comes back. The man asks her to sit in car, they will drop her home. She thinks she did not tell them where she is going, how can they say about dropping me. Vardaan says we have to follow them and see where they are taking Devanshi. Devanshi goes to the car. The man hits on her head. He says you were going to catch us and throws the locket. They take Devanshi and leave. Vardaan asks inspector to come fast, they knew about our plan. Devanshi is taken to the godown, where she sees all the kidnapped kids. The man asks did you think we will leave you, we can

get any amount for you. Devanshi scolds them. The man laughs and says your time is bad.

She beats them with a stick. The man catches her. He gets a knife. Vardaan comes there and looks on angrily. He throws his walking stick. Vardaan fights with them. Shikhar also comes there. Inspector thanks them for helping. They free the kids. Devanshi sees Vardaan and cries. She hugs him. She says you are standing on both of your feet, and gets too glad.

She hugs him happily. Shikhar says its a miracle, good happened while doing good. She asks how did you reach. Shikhar says I noted the car number and took police help, we reached here. She reminds him some work. Vardaan asks what work. Devanshi says Kusum, I want her photo with all of them. Vardaan asks Kusum here.

Tantric tells Kusum that she has passed next phase. He gives her a fruit and asks her not to eat anything else than this fruit. Kusum and Mohan come home. Kusum says Devanshi would be finding me all night. She sees everyone at the gate. Devanshi says police has come to arrest you for kidnapping and selling kids. Kusum asks is she mad to blame her. Inspector shows the photo and says we got this photo from the goons. Kusum gets shocked seeing her photo. Inspector says its yesterday’s pic. Kusum asks how can you blame me, I was in my room, Devanshi is trying to become Mata, you can ask Mohan. Mohan says yes, I can testify. Devanshi says when did I say, Kusum was not in her room. Kusum asks why are you blaming me. Devanshi says you showed me miracle that you can be at two places at same place, maybe your second avatar was with goons. Kusum gets shocked. Devanshi says she is silent, it means she is accepting the crime.

She scolds Kusum for fooling them. She says you are using your second avatar to do sins. Kusum asks her to shut up, I did not do this, this is my statue, I lied to you all about my two avatars. They all smile. Mohan thinks now Kusum will not get saved. The villagers ask Kusum was it a lie, did she cheat all of them, tell the truth. Kusum faints.

Devanshi says calm down, person gets conscious by smelling slipper. She asks Mohan to make Kusum conscious, or shall I do this. Mohan says no, I will do this work. Mohan takes his slipper close to Kusum. She coughs and gets conscious. The villagers ask Kusum to answer why did she cheat. Mohan gives a pen and paper to Kusum. Devanshi thinks what’s this new drama. Mohan reads, Kusum wants to say, you all doubted on her, so she will keep Maun vrath now, she will open this vrath after 2 days, she will answer your questions. They all ask how did she keep maun vrath, we did not ask anything till now, this time she accepted her miracle was fake, its good Devanshi exposed her truth, she has to tell her crimes right here. They all ask Kusum to answer. Devanshi stops them. She says we will hear from her, we will give her some time to think. She thinks Kusum made maun vrath excuse, I will not leave Kusum, just 2 nights. Kusum thinks 2 nights are enough to get them on my side.

Kusum tells Mohan that villagers were raising question on me. Devanshi says I m waiting for Amavasya night, when there will be a new sun rise with your fraud’s end.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so nice epi..waiting for the next..update..ohh, I cant wait this.

  2. Awesome awesom awesom…… Vardan is alryt…..kusums plan backfired……vaiting fr next…..

  3. Loved the episode. Sub kuch perfect tha.
    But I think in this two days KS will show some black magic on the bride through her tapasya. And ks will control the bride and will create many problems to devanshi.

  4. nyc episode vardaan is getting cured.. waiting for amavasya day what will happen after 2days ks will won or devanshi win?

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