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Devanshi 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Geeta getting ready as bride. She sees Sarju’s pic and cries. Devanshi comes and gifts her dolls. She asks Geeta why are you crying, are you sad, your photos will come bad. Geeta thanks Devanshi and says you have shown me way to find truth. She thinks I will find if Mohan is behind Sarju’s death, I m sure Mohan is involved. Omi and others make Mohan ready as groom. Sarla comes and sings song. She does his aarti and says you are going to climb the horse now. He asks her to stop this. She says thank Kusum that she is making you part of family, you have good fate. He thinks Kusum did arrangements to stop wedding, I should not take risk.

Kusum talks to the media and gives satsang. She says about Lord being in everything. Devanshi comes and looks on. Kusum says people

don’t think that they can’t get saved by Lord. Devanshi gets an idea and runs. Kusum thinks I have to stop the marriage, I m worried for Mohan.

Geeta comes to mandap. Rajjo asks where is pandit. Mohan and Geeta sit in mandap. Mohan says I was thinking the same. Nutan thinks how will marriage happen. Mohan thinks I got pandit away so that marriage does not happen. Gopi says where is pandit. Rajjo goes to see. Devanshi stops Vardaan and asks what does pandit do in marriage. Vardaan says he reads the shloks and does marriage, I don’t like all this. Devanshi says I like marriages, there is good food and sweets, we can dance too, if anyone else reads shloks, can marriage happen. He says yes, happy now? She asks where to find shloks books. He says library, like we have in school. He asks her not to ask anything. He is worried that Geeta is marrying a bad man like Mohan and goes.

Rajjo collides with Ashutosh. He asks did marriage happen. She says pandit did not come. He asks why. She asks how will I know, move, I have work. She goes. Kusum says pandit did not come, how can this happen, Mohan did this, he did good, I will hear Sarju’s voice recording once. She checks. Rajjo comes there. Kusum keeps recording. Rajjo says there is no pandit in village today, strange. Kusum says yes, its strange, I will manage, go. Rajjo goes. Kusum says it does not matter if pandit does not come, marriage will cancel.

Nutan signs Gopi to see Mohan. She asks Mohan to go and do something, afterall his marriage stopped. Mohan says marriage happens or not, its fine. Geeta thinks whats happening. Kusum comes to temple. Gopi says pandit did not come. Kusum says you should have told me before. Nutan argues. Ashutosh gets pandit. Rajjo smiles. Kusum and Mohan get shocked. Ashutosh asks them to get marriage done. Pandit says I was beaten up and threatened to not come in this marriage, so I was leaving village. Gopi asks who were they, tell me. Pandit says don’t know.Kusum says I think its old thinking people who does not want widow marriage to happen, when will they change. Gopi praises her and says now no one can stop Geeta’s marriage.

Rajjo thanks Ashutosh for getting pandit. Sarla sees them and smiles. Ashutosh says no need of thanks, marriage is necessary, everyone should marry. She thanks him and goes. Ashutosh gets glad that Rajjo got impressed. Sarla smiles seeing him in love with Rajjo. Vardana says did Devanshi really go to library to get shloks book. Devanshi goes to school library and sees lock. She goes by window. Pandit chants mantras. Marriage begins. Devanshi thinks to call book to herself as she is Choti Mata. She prays. She finds book and falls dwon. The shelf falls aside. The black money hidden behind the shelf falls over her. Devanshi gets shocked.

Mohan and Geeta get married. Black money gets exposed. Police seizes the money. Kusum gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pagal serial pata nahi koun telecast karne k liye manga ya…plz end it

  2. Dear alia seems u r not aware of these superstitious believes in name of God.
    This is a mirror to reality

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