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Devanshi 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla and Omi worried seeing Devanshi. Sarla says it will be big problem if Kusum keeps Devanshi saying she is temple property. She asks Omi to do something. Kusum starts acting that someone has swapped the real coins, this is Mata Rani’s will to test the people’s devotion. She acts that she will give away her gold jewelry, she will give away her mangalsutra and all the jewelry which her parents gave her.

Her drama makes people belief her. People apologize to Kusum. They all blame Devanshi. Rajjo defends Devanshi. Everyone get too angry on Devanshi, that she made hundi impure, she should get punished. Rajjo says someone planned all this, but this girl is innocent, she can’t do this. She asks Kusum does she feel this girl did all this. Sarla worries.


says no, kids are Lord’s avatar, how can they do wrong, take this girl from here Rajjo. She signs Mohini to go. Her Devrani tells the people that wrong will not happen with them, its Mata’s birthday and no one will go empty hand from here. Kusum says yes. Her devar says Kusum will rain 500rs notes today. People chant her name. Sarla shouts wait. Sarla and Omi come there. Kusum recalls them. Sarla and Omi greet Kusum. Kusum says so your vanvaas ended, how are you Omi. Omi says I m fine. Kusum says I m glad seeing you both here.

Sarla says we know how we stayed without you, we had many work incomplete here and we came to complete it. Kusum says never leave work incomplete. Sarla says yes, if you are blessing us, we don’t need to be scared, but Mata there is a request. She asks Kusum to leave her daughter. Kusum says it means you have given birth to a girl. Sarla says its by your blessings. Omi says we have two daughters. Kusum says then you both have much blessings, tell me Sarla, what was your daughter doing in hundi.

Sarla says she was playing with a puppy and fell inside hundi, I was worried for her, but she has come out as golden girl, she is my Devanshi, this won’t happen again. Kusum says I always prayed to Mata to give you happiness, you got children. Sarla says Maiyya would have heard your prayers, as you have good deeds, you have to get paid for the deeds.

Kusum says if the girl fell in hundi after placing it, she would have belonged to temple, take your daughter, who am I to separate girl from parents. Sarla thanks her and wishes her happy birthday. Kusum goes. They distribute money to devotees. Kusum thinks not to leave Mohan.

Devanshi apologizes to Sarla. She does situps. Omi asks Sarla to forgive Devanshi. Sarla forgives Devanshi. Ashutosh talks to Devanshi and tells about Rajjo. Devanshi says she is taking gift for the girl who helped her today, she is also beautiful. Devanshi says I will give this gift to her.

Kusum recalls what happened in temple. Mohan comes to meet her. He hugs her. She holds his neck and asks why was he ruining her respect infront if the villagers. She asks him to see her power, she has fooled devotees again. She says I have given you all luxuries of the world, you were ruining everything, you did wrong, what did you do of money, the coins color left by some water. Mohan says it happened because of the girl. She says leave the girl, we got saved because of her, else you made program to fool my hardwork, people can lose faith in me.

He says I feel like I m handcuffed. She says I will get you from anywhere, I will kill you if you try to act clever. She stops him and says I don’t want to kick you out, whatever I m doing is for both of us, you have to do what I say, till I say, don’t remove this ghunghat, if anyone knows your truth, then you will die. He leaves. Sarla tells Omi that she will take revenge from Kusum, its time, Devanshi started making her devotees in the village, she will challenge Kusum.

Sarla says I will start using Devanshi for my revenge from tomorrow. Devanshi goes to temple and makes something fall down. Kusum stares at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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