Devanshi 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum and Vardaan talking to villagers. Everyone asks Vardaan to do something, rain water is entering temple. Vardaan suggests they should make temple level high. Kusum requests Kalki to permit them. Devanshi agrees. Vardaan tells the cost. Devanshi says I have given permission, don’t expect me to give money, go and beg money, I will help. She gives a coin. Kusum thinks she is giving me charity. Devanshi says I heard you gave coins to people some time before, think I m paying you for it. Kusum thinks to do something to save temple. Vardaan says you don’t have right to talk to her this way.

Devanshi says I changed my behavior, you are still same, ill mannered. He asks am I ill mannered. Kusum asks him to stop it. She says we have no money. Vardaan says we don’t need

your money, I will arrange funds, you are heartless, you have nothing to give anyone, you don’t have any humanity, have some shame. She recalls his words.

A guy gets ready and says that time has come Kalki for which I was waiting. He holds her pic. Kusum asks villagers not to worry, she will talk to Kalki. Kamla says we have seen how she is behaving with you. Kusum asks them to go, everything will get fine. Menka laughs and jokes on Kusum. Kusum says stop making fun of me. They argue.

Kusum asks Devanshi to agree to her, everyone is requesting. Devanshi says no means no. Kusum praises her. She says I will agree to any condition, don’t put burden on Vardaan. Devanshi says fine, I will help you, I have a deal, I have two conditions, if I repair people, homeless people will sleep there at night. Kusum agrees. Devanshi says I will get all the things for repair, but you have to repair it. Kusum asks how will I do this alone, fine, I will do. Devanshi goes. Menka says I know why you agree to her always. Kusum sends her. She says Kalki made my life hell, Vardaan is right, who can love such bad girl. She thinks to do everything else Kalki’s lover can take her. Menka gets an idea to get rid of Kalki and put blame on Kusum. The man says I m coming Kalki and leaves.

Devanshi sees Ishwar’s pic and asks for his blessings. Ishwar’s pic falls. Nutan comes there and talks to her. She asks what are you finding, I will help you. Devanshi removes her bracelet and throws away. She says I got it, my bracelet fell down. She hides the pic. Devanshi asks her to knock door and come, we just have one relation, servant and master, get lost. Nutan goes and says I thought to show some concern, she was talking bad, what happened to her suddenly, I will keep the keys, I can do anything for this. Devanshi thinks Kusum is ready to dance on my fingers, its good she will get trapped in her own web. Menka stabs injection in her neck. Devanshi faints. Menka says I will kill her, if anyone knows, blame will be on Kusum, after she dies, Vardaan will get house and temple back, Kalki does not have anyone to find her, her game is over now. The man leaves. Menka takes Devanshi on wheelchair and drags her. She hides her behind some wall and thinks none will find you here.

A man comes with dhol nagada. Vardaan and Kusum see the groom coming. He asks where is m bride and lifts sehra. He says Kalki is my wife. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved the episode. At last tomorrow new entry will enter. Hope it is going to a interesting track.
    And guys do u know the trp of this week.?
    I want to share two things. I have joined for MSc and my class will start on next Wednesday. After three months of vacation I have to again go for the classes.

    1. Mica

      trp decreasing on 0.7 🙁
      congo dear, wish the best for you

  2. nice epi…soo excited for the next epi..precap is so interesting..

  3. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update..
    this Desi Girl naaaa……waiting Kalki’s husband coming 😛


    Him… Too short episode with less events but a twist… Maybe vardan will finally save her and not that man… Let us hope some reason for this love

    1. Mica

      noooo…. i don’t like Vardhaan to have feeling to Kalki, it will be sign that he is move on already from Devanshi, i don’t want that happen 🙁
      Same case when Swara was roaming with Kissan 😀 , no matter the truth that he is same Sanskar, still Swara didn’t know that na

  5. Mars

    Nice epi but this is tooo much no repeat of devanshi they give atleast one.

    1. U r right mars this colors na I hate them whish it should rich to last position stupid partial channel first snatch sr without giving promo now started with devanshi n many others show I still didn’t watch any show at 9:30 slot hate u colors n lots of whishes to my princess

  6. nice epi loved it…
    helly hit 1million insta family congrats to all

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