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Devanshi 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum asking Malik and Mohan about Rajjo. Ashutosh says Rajjo is here. Kusum sees Ashutosh getting Rajjo and Devanshi. Malik and Mohan get shocked. Malik says so this guy did this, we looked for Rajjo in jungle. Mohan says he is saying right, see Ashutosh’s courage, what does Ashutosh want, did he try to kidnap Rajjo, I think he has gone mad. Devanshi says Mohan is lying. Malik says Kusum said Rajjo has no relation with Ashutosh, she came with him, whom shall I trust, on Kusum or my eyes.

Rajjo says enough of lies, I will tell truth to Kusum, a tiger came in jungle, Malik left me and run away, my fate was good that Ashutosh saved me on time, else I would have not been alive today. Mohan asks are you lying for Ashutosh. Devanshi says don’t say anything to Ashutosh,

they are not lying, you and Malik are lying. Malik says now this was left to be seen, Devanshi is calling me liar. Nutan says maybe Ashutosh taught her to lie, her family is a liar. Devanshi says I did not lie. Kusum says I did not know Rajjo will hurt family respect this way. She thinks I will get ticket from Malik. Devanshi says Rajjo did not do anything, you are thinking wrong. Nutan scolds Devanshi.

Devanshi thinks Kusum is Mata, why can’t she figure out truth, is she Mata or not. Rajjo says sorry, I need time to think, whether I want to marry Malik or not. Malik says now a girl will reject me. Gopi asks Rajjo did she go mad, will she go against Kusum’s decision. Kusum says calm down, Rajjo said what was in her heart, Rajjo go to room, I will talk later. Rajjo goes. Kusum asks Ashutosh to leave. He goes. Mohan says questions are bad for health, come. He scolds her. She recalls Mohan’s crimes and gets tensed. She says don’t kill me uncle.

He asks what did you say, not kill you. He laughs and says why will I kill you, run from here, don’t come in my way again, else I will not leave you. A key falls down Mohan’s pocket. He goes. Devanshi gets the key. Geeta comes and asks Devanshi why are you shivering, are you fine, tell me. Geeta sees the key and asks whats this key. Devanshi says it fell from Mohan’s pocket. Geeta looks at the key.

Gopi and Nutan ask Rajjo why did she blame Malik and doubt Kusum’s decision. Rajjo asks them to listen. Nutan asks do you like Ashutosh. Rajjo says I will think whether I have to marry Malik or not. Gopi asks are you doing this for Ashutosh, do you love him, tell truth. Rajjo says its nothing like that. She thinks I trust Ashutosh, but his innocence did not come out to me till now.

Devanshi asks Geeta is Kusum not Mata. Geeta says he is Mata, calender has real Devi pics. Devanshi asks is Kusum not true Mata. Geeta says she is like Lord. Devanshi says but she is not Lord, how does lord take devotee’s pain. Geeta says Lord takes all sorrows on himself. Devanshi asks does he not get pain. Geeta says he is Lord, he is above everything, Lord does not get any pain. Devanshi thinks to find out if Kusum Lord or not.

Kusum asks Malik what happened in jungle, I know who said truth and who lied. Malik says you understood right, I know you want the ticket and you are ready to do anything for it, and I want to get Rajjo any way. He smiles.

Devanshi takes hot water bowl for Kusum and thinks if Kusum’s feet burn by this water like my hands burnt, then she is not Mata, else she is real Mata who does not get hurt. She tells Kusum that Nutan has sent hot water to wash your feet, be careful, its very hot. Kusum says fine, I m not a kid like you, go. Devanshi goes and looks on. Kusum is about to put her foot in the hot water bowl.

Devanshi says you can burn diya in palm, you are Mata. Kusum’s hand burns. Devanshi says you are not Mata, Mata’s hand can’t burn, show your hand to everyone. Kusum gets shocked.

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