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The Episode starts with Ishwar laughing hearing Rajjo and Devanshi. Devanshi asks did Vardaan come to meet you. He nods. Rajjo asks about the essay. Devanshi says yes, I know black money. She tells about the black money. Devanshi tells Rajjo that Ishwar’s hand moved. Rajjo says its good news, Devanshi’s steps are auspicious, your face got smile and your hands are moving. Devanshi says one day Ishwar will start walking and play with me. They smile.

Vardaan calls Devanshi. He teases Mohan. Mohan thinks if Kusum did not stop me, I would have not left Vardaan. Mohan does not say and goes. Devanshi comes to leave for school with Vardaan. Kusum tells Mohan that she has to sacrifice her money, she has to get politics ticket by giving 10 crores. Mohan asks what, are you mad. She says if we want plant

of money, we have to give money seed, get the big amount from godown, be careful. He smiles.

Sarla comes. Kusum gets angry to see her face. Sarla says Nutan said marriage is at home, so I came to clean stuff. Mohan signs Kusum and goes. Sarla cleans the room. Sarla says Kusum is great, you are giving house bahu to marry a servant, I would have never done this, who will stay with a man like Mohan. She goes.

Devanshi says I knew madam will be shocked by the black money essay. Golu says its not big thing, once I cheated and wrote essay. They argue and fight. Nutan comes and scolds Devanshi. She pulls her ears. Devanshi says my ears are aching. Nutan says don’t trouble me, get lost. Devanshi thinks Sarla and Omi would have not let Nutan punish me for no mistake. Ashutosh dances on song. Sarla asks whats happening. Sakshi and Ashutosh miss Devanshi. Sarla gets angry. Sakshi says Kusum’s family does not let me meet Devanshi.

Sarla asks Ashutosh how did you get fruits, do you think to marry. He says yes, I like a girl. Sarla asks what, tell me, who is she. He says I was joking. She says your face is showing me, tell me who is she. He says I will tell later, my marriage can’t happen without your blessings. She thinks he should not marry anyone rich, I want a girl who gets fat dowry with her. Devanshi goes to Rajjo. She sees someone with sacks and hides.

Mohan gets the money in sacks and calls a man. Mohan says its 10 crores. The man says fine. Mohan goes. Devanshi shouts to everyone. She does not find anyone and goes out to see. The man hides and takes the sacks. Devanshi does not see anyone. She sees one bag and finds the black money. She shouts to everyone and takes the sack. She says I have found this black money. Kusum and Mohan get shocked.

Nutan asks how did you get this sack. Devanshi says I have seen an uncle taking the big sack and I ran downstairs, I did not see the man and got this sack. She gets the newspapers and junk from the sack. Everyone cough. Devanshi says there was black money. Gopi scolds her. Rajjo says maybe she saw the note and thought its note inside, but who has filled this sack here. Mohan thinks where did the money go. Nutan says you always save her, whats relation with her. Rajjo says there is relation of humanity, I promised to take care of her. Nutan scolds Devanshi to defame Kusum. Kusum says Nutan’s way to say is bad, but she is right, you should not let kids loose, else elders have to bear the mistakes. Devanshi says its not Rajjo’s mistake, forgive me. Mohan gets a call and signs Kusum. He goes. Kusum says this matter ends here, throw this junk outside. She asks Rajjo to take care of Devanshi well. Golu calls Devanshi mad and pushes her. Vardaan holds Devanshi.

Mohan tells Kusum that he spoke to the man, he said he was counting money and heard someone, he tried to run away, I think few notes have fled. Kusum asks what about other sack. Mohan says I think gardener left the sack here. She says Devanshi did big thing today, we got saved. Devanshi apologizes to Rajjo. She asks did I do right by saying. Rajjo says yes, we should raise voice, be careful next time. Mohan says we will do something of Devanshi, else we will go bankrupt. Kusum says don’t worry, Devanshi can’t reach a place.

Kusum comes to stop Geeta and Mohan’s marriage. Devanshi goes to expose black money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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