Devanshi 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi seeing the truck leaving. She runs after the truck, while Omi is on call. Devanshi gets inside the truck and stands on some stool to get inside the hundi. She gets the puppy. Sakshi runs after Devanshi. Devanshi asks Sakshi to hold puppy and passes him. The truck leaves from signal and Devanshi gets hit on her head by the hundi. She falls inside, as she fell years ago. Sakshi runs after her.

People cheer for Mata Kusum Sundari. Ishwar looks on, Kusum comes there and greets everyone. She gives blessings. The people chant her name. Rajjo asks the man where is the hundi, Mata has to place the hundi and give coins to devotees. The man says I have given hundi work to new people, if hundi does not reach on time, I will see them. Omi asks Sarla to come fast. Sarla asks

Sakshi to come and where is Devanshi. Sakshi is tensed. She says Devanshi fell inside hundi. Omi and Sarla get shocked. Sakshi says Devanshi went in the truck. Sarla says if she reaches Jwalapuri then…

Rajjo checks the gold coins and sends. The hundi reaches there. Devanshi is inside unconscious. Kusum’s Devranis are there. Kusum says I m glad, I did some great deeds in last birth that I got devotees like you, money, land and jewelry is just worldly things, when I have you all devotees, I don’t need anyone, I have everything given by you, why don’t I return it to you, I decided to distribute gold coins today. The people get glad. She asks them to keep gold coin in their money, then they will never face any trouble, don’t sell coins for cash. People agree.

Rajjo gets to know hundi have come. They put the coins inside the hundi. Coins fall over Devanshi. Sarla asks Omi to drive faster. She says Devanshi is careless, if Kusum knows Devanshi is hundi girl, everything will be ruined. Omi wishes Devanshi is fine and prays for her. Devanshi wakes up. Kusum says new hundi will be placed in some time and you all will get coins. People chant her name.

They wash Kusum’s feet and then pour that milk inside the hundi. It falls over Devanshi. Mohan comes as Mohini. The man says today the people will get coins from the hundi. Sarla is still on the way. Kusum goes to the hundi and puts her hand inside. Devanshi gets up, and Kusum gets shocked. Everyone see Devanshi and get shocked.

The fake coins golden color gets on Devanshi, and everyone call her golden Mata. Mata thinks the fake coins color got on this girl, if they know fake coins truth, their trust will break. Omi and Sarla come there and get shocked seeing Devanshi in the hundi. Sarla says Devanshi fell in hundi before also, Omi ji no one should know Devanshi is the same girl. He nods.

Rajjo asks Devanshi who are you, how did you come here, are you fine. People pick coins and see its fake coins. The people say the coins are fake. Ishwar smiles seeing Devanshi and recalls Rishi swords. Kusum gets shocked. The people say Mata Rani cheated us, Kusum broke our beliefs. Everyone stare at her. Kusum gets worried. Her Devrani defends Kusum. She puts all blame on the girl.

Sarla says Ghungroo Wali Maiyya will pay for your deeds. Kusum and Devanshi come face to face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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