Devanshi 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I was finding this diary. Kusum says maybe Vardaan saw your birthdate in this diary and did all this. Menka gets angry. Kusum says Vardaan’s behavior is changing. Menka thinks did Vardaan really do this for Kalki. Nutan does Devanshi’s aarti. Devanshi recalls her humiliation. Kusum says Vardaan has sent this gift. Devanshi opens it and sees her huge pic. Servant gets a bouquet. Devanshi says not bad, there is a card as well. Kusum thinks who has sent all this, I did not plan this. Devanshi checks card and thinks this handwriting matches with that note, it means that stranger has sent this, who is he, what does he want.

The man cuts a cake and celebrates Kalki’s birthday. Kusum says who is that man who has sent card and flowers, maybe the one who saved

her life, my plan can fail, I want some money, before Nutan empties the safe. The safe does not open. Nutan comes and says I knew you will do this, so I changed the lock, I gave all jewelry to jeweler. Kusum asks why, explain me. Nutan says all jewelry was of old times, so I asked jeweler to make new fashion jewelry. Kusum scolds her. They argue. Devanshi comes and stops them. She asks Kusum to go and make special kheer for her, add more cashews.

Kusum agrees and curses her in heart. She makes kheer. She asks Nutan to give cashews, its for Kalki. Nutan says cashews got over, I understand your pain, servant is on holiday. She asks Kusum to go and borrow cashews from neighbors. She goes. Kusum gets angry.

Vardaan sees the calender and recalls Devanshi. He thinks Devanshi left me on this day, and its Kalki’s birthday today, its such a strange coincidence. Menka comes and asks him to fill sindoor in her maang right away. He asks what. She asks him to fill her maang if he wants to keep his promise. He asks did you go mad. She says yes, I got mad by waiting, I feel you lost heart to Kalki. He says its nothing like that. She says I don’t know what’s happening between you two, you have send card and flowers for her, how did you get her photo to gift. He says I m not interested in her, I did not do this, mum asked me to take credit to save her. She says you are lying, I m not foolish like Devanshi, you have to fill my maang.

Devanshi asks manager to get info about that man, its imp. Vardaan throws the sindoor box out. It falls on Devanshi’s head. Devanshi sees them. Vardaan comes to her and sees sindoor over her maang. She cleans it and asks what’s happening here. He gets her. Kusum goes to borrow some cashews. Lady scolds her and shuts door. None helps Kusum.

Devanshi asks what’s this. He says I did not send you card and flowers, don’t force my family to think wrong. She says you are saying this to make Menka hear this, she is jealous, you want Menka and me. He gets angry. She says what happened, hold me. He says I m not interested, maybe there is some lover who is sending flowers and card. She says yes, I have many fans, and some just get a chance. She sees Menka coming and acts. He blows in her eye. Menka sees them and gets shocked. She goes. Devanshi gets away. He says there is big problem in temple, I think there is no use to talk to her. She says fine, get lost. He gets a call from Gopi and gets shocked. He says no, I m coming there. He leaves. Devanshi thinks you all are dependant on me, I will make you all dance.

Kusum says I told Kalki will agree, she is not so bad. Devanshi says you are expecting me to give money. Vardaan warns her. A guy holds her pic and says I m coming Kalki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome episode. Waiting for the next episode.


    Eagerly waiting for the new entry… Clear me for one thing did vardan ever sit on a school bench??? Because he really acts like a full fool man … Coincidences…

    1. Mica

      just sit, without study 😀 😀
      huh! don’t be cruel to my Vardhaan naaa, he lost his insanity once he lost Devanshi, he is ks puppet now 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. MAHIRA

        He lost devanshi because of his insanity twiny *sob
        The way has no any kind of regret or just a little doubt about what happened… Where is his love? He’s hurt in his ego that devanshi betrayed him and got pregnant from another man? Why didn’t he go and break that man’s face… Just once.. If only he searched once for revenge he would have found truth instead here he is with a shameless woman he’s giving the place of devanshi… The worst is that the baby she lost will never live again
        Sorry twiny but I feel so bad for our princess… She deserves love and respect… But she lost both because he was unable wakening up one morning to understand his state after having made her his fully and finally her love, her dignity and the virginity she gave him that night are waste of time and life and this also will never be back

      2. MAHIRA

        Oh so we’re still twins Swasan nothing is like Swasan!!! And sanskar’s care, sweet touches and patience to make it just exceptional…
        But here so sad, I hate it this way there one only 1st time… Unique and unforgettable… Devanshi’s love braved even death… This is devanshi he loved when he was a small boy… This is devanshi who who devoted her life for him and this village and what happened? He was so easily fooled… And yes she was his happily like a loving wife, she was happily waiting for for his baby and he just spoiled both
        Like you say I’m not angry for his believing on the complot… I’m angry for his behavior his love evaporated like the effect of drugs on that morning… Like the precious moment they became one!
        Maybe Swasan love… Sanskar love who was jealous too but never to the extend of putting her in danger… Maybe this why I want to bang vardhaan’s head against wall maybe some neurons will activate again to make him remember…
        For swara’s amnesia… Even claiming him as murderer, she never wanted him to go from his home and asked about him when he disappeared and hearing his duplicate singing gerua once she had flashes blurred but after that she confessed to him that every time she sees sanskar, their is battle between her heart and brain, brain says murderer, heart says he’s the unique you can trust…
        I hated CVS more at the end when all of sudden she became blind to her husband love and innocence in his brother disappearance and broke their marriage and his heart in the same moment… This was the worst… Mission to break swara’s image!

      3. If kalki accepts that cheap Vardhan then this would be pathetic… Because no women accepts a man who abused her son. To be Frank mica I never thought u would support that vardhan. If u r women an dur husband will liek vardhan then U will accept him. If yess, then sorry I because I won’t even if dies before me.

      4. MAHIRA

        Maybe this is what is making this track interesting, i just hope they’ll not spoil its end making it sensless like a simple forgiveness… i want him to suffer, really, deaply just like she suffered till now, i know she’s taking revenge but he doesn’t even know about it, he’s not feeling the Devanshi’s pain in Kalki’s acts, not even matching the lot of coincidences together to make sense…
        Hope he realizes his fault and still she’ll refure forgiveness for him until he reaches the level of suffering she lived till now, then a happy ending would be good :p

    2. MAHIRA

      Sneha my dear… Mica is just so romantic… She believes in immortal love in the fact after all love wins… That vardhaan is surely hiding his feelings…
      Somewhere it’s impossible for him to agree that he still loves her or that he regrets or he’ll not be able to live after that… Guilt will kill him… It’s a defensive system for human to survive but… He’ll come later and implore her love… He’ll be in danger… And its already shown, she’s still in love despite everything and the end … Full end will break her more…
      The difference, I’m spoiled by Swasan too much… So vardan is more at my eyes like a Shekar than a prince, but she Devanshi and she’s able to make him see clear again… Polish the stone in him to bring up the pure cristal heart… Because this is the reason of his blindness… He just sit at school learnt nothing lol
      Give a contract with those CVS and I’ll make him hero again but I’m fearful that they’ll just make it so simple with no soul of deep love

      1. Mica

        i said don’t compare my swasan with this devdaan pair na 🙁 , it will full of pain as they are soo different, Swara and Devanshi, they still same character somehow, but Sanskar and Vardhaan, toooooo far away on differences :D.

        even the way CVS to show their feeling just too different. in this devdaan case, they prefer to show physical contact than how they describe their feeling for their love one. I hate that 🙁 .

        Neha, i just try to put justice for both, Vardhaan felt that HE NEVER TOUCH HER, so how can she is pregnant ?, about any other fake proof, OK! i can admit about Vardhaan foolishness, but how about his knowledge ? all the time we know how Vardhaan trust himself more anything when he feels he is right,
        When he tried to wake up by his humanity (try to save Devanshi), Ishwar’s words ( a person who never lie to him) told him that it’s TRUE that Devanshi is cheater. It becomes full TRUTH for him.
        A man who knows that HE NEVER TOUCH HIS WIFE and found that HIS WIFE IS PREGNANT, do you think, what he will do ?
        Meanwhile, in between their hot suhagraat (what i’m blabbering) Devanshi NEVER KNOW also, that he is not himself those time.
        This friction is about their own knowledge, which is so opposite, and ppl added fire on it,

      2. Mica

        ha yaaa.. i just want to know when Vardhaan finally knowing that he killed his own child, that he ever bad mouthing his own child, that he humiliate his love.
        i’ll waiting for that, it will more EPIC for me then asking forgiveness to Devanshi.

  3. I am watching this siriel only for helly . I realy don’t like vardan’s charecter . Nowdays story is faring quite well . I am very excited for mahakali .

  4. Loved it

  5. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update
    uughhhhh it’s maang filling today for me, i watched Sanskar throwing sindoor which falling to Swara instead of Kavita on my Tv screen this morning, and here Vardhaan throwing sindoor which falling to Devanshi alsoooo, coincidences *Mahira didi style 😀 😀

    1. MAHIRA

      Micuuuu…. Sanskar!!!! That scene!!!! *fainting like a drambazz: p
      And you’re right beautiful scene indeed for both but me I’ll not change our shameless sanskar for vardan…
      *recalling Swasan suhagrat :p

      1. Mica

        dare no to compare them huh! no one can beat my swasan na 🙁 , and suhagraattt !!!
        goosshhh devdaan suhagraat remind me to Ishveer’s suhagraat, both men unbelievable, both did that under drag goooshhhh!!! if only MATSH continue, the story will same kinda devdaan.

        About Vardhaan, huh! i didn’t watch that horrible scene, but for me, Vardhaan at least, in the end trying to save Devanshi for humanity even though late, but Ishwar’s last words affect him a lot, that why he lost everything and become a puppet 🙁 .
        Once devanshi back as Kalki, i hate CVS to not showing emotion on Vardhaan about Devanshi, same as when i hate CVS to made swara didn’t get any flashes about sanskar on her amnesia track…

        For Devanshi, i can’t blame her either, both right on their place.

  6. nice episode liking kalki more

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