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The Episode starts with Geeta asking Devanshi and Vardaan not to tell anyone anything, this Mohan is dangerous man, its not easy to prove his truth, I will find clue against him and bring his truth out. Devanshi agrees. They see Mohini. Vardaan says but he threatened of killing Ishwar, I will tell Kusum about him Geeta says no, who will believe you, everyone knows you are against Mohan, they will think its just a story, we three have to leave from here, come with me. They leave. Mohan looks around and thinks why did that woman call me here, did she see anything, who is this woman who knows about me.

Geeta asks Vardaan and Devanshi to remember, don’t tell anything about Mohan, he does not know that we know his truth, don’t get scared. Devanshi asks does Kusum not know this. Geeta says if she

knew, she would have sent him to jail. Devanshi says she is Mata, she knows everything, why does she not know then. Vardaan says she is not any Mata like you. Geeta takes them home.

Devanshi and Vardaan have food. Kusum comes with Gopi. She asks Devanshi why did you move, when I asked you to be there till the plant gets life. Gopi says she should be punished, don’t forgive her. Kusum asks Devanshi how did you come inside home, answer me, why did you run. Mohan comes. Devanshi recalls Mohan in Mohini’s getup. She says because I have…… Vardaan wishes she does not say anything. Geeta comes and says I got Devanshi home. Vardaan gets relieved. Geeta says Devanshi was not willing to come, but I got her home. Kusum says I told her some work thinking something, I m not her enemy, I was trying to teach her something. Geeta says I know, I m sorry, it was very late, Devanshi is a kid, don’t worry, I will leave her before sunrise so that she can do your work. Kusum goes. Mohan asks Geeta to just breath by her wish, ask me before doing anything. He goes. Devanshi cries and hugs Geeta. Geeta says don’t be scared, when truth comes out, Mohan will be punished, you take care.

Malik and Rajjo sit in the car. Malik smiles seeing her. Mohan loads the gun. Devanshi sees Mohan with the gun and worries. She thinks Mohan is bad man, is he going to kill someone. Mohan leaves with Malik and Rajjo. Devanshi thinks Malik is going to see jungle, if Ashutosh reaches there after Rajjo then… Mohan has the gun. She runs after the car. Malik holds Rajjo’s hand. She gets tensed. Mohan drives. Mohan sees Malik’s cheap doings and does not care. Rajjo asks Mohan to stop the car. Mohan says what happened, this will happen after marriage, Malik is your would be husband, sit quiet, jungle is going to come soon. Devanshi runs on the road.

Mohan stops the car in the jungle. Malik says we reached, the weather is so good. Rajjo asks him not to touch her like this, I don’t like it. Malik asks shall we go inside the jungle, I heard its beautiful like you, come. He takes Rajjo. Mohan says Malik is having mood to romance in jungle, see my fate, I have to guard him, I don’t know who was that woman, my gun will answer her.

Rajjo sees the danger board and says we will go back. Malik says we will go to that limit, why are you shy, village girls are faster than city girls, we are going to get married, there is no one here. They hear tiger roar. He says its tiger’s roar. Tiger comes their way. They get shocked seeing the tiger and get back. Malik asks Rajjo to run and runs away leaving her. Rajjo also runs away. Mohan hears the tiger’s roar and looks around. He says villagers said right, there is a tiger in jungle. Malik asks Mohan to drive fast, there is tiger. Mohan says but Rajjo… Malik asks will you die for Rajjo, save your life, drive. Mohan and Malik leave in the car. Mohan’s gun drops there. Rajjo runs in the jungle.

Rajjo falls down and gets hurt. Tiger comes towards her. Rajjo shouts for help. Devanshi comes there and shouts Rajjo Didi. She sees the tiger and runs to Rajjo. Rajjo gets shocked seeing Devanshi and asks why did you come here, run from here, don’t risk your life. Devanshi says don’t worry, tiger will not do anything, he is Ghungroo wali maiyya’s vehicle/vahan, he will not do anything to devotees. Devanshi prays and says tiger ji don’t eat us. Rajjo worries. Devanshi asks tiger to leave. Tiger roars.

Someone comes there and picks the gun. Someone shoots in the air. Its Ashutosh. Devanshi asks Ashutosh not to shoot, tiger is Maiyya’s vahan. Ashutosh asks Devanshi to move back. Tiger leaves. Devanshi thanks Maiyya. Ashutosh asks are you two fine. Rajji hugs him and cries. Devanshi smiles.

Devanshi says Nutan has sent hot water for your feet. She thinks if Kusum’s feet burns by hot water, she is not Mata. Kusum puts her feet in the hot water bowl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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