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The Episode starts with Geeta telling Ishwar that she is marrying Mohan to find out Sarju’s death truth, bless me that my sacrifice does not go waste, I know Mohan is related to Sarju’s death, so I want to get the truth out by being his wife. Ishwar rings the bell. Kusum comes there. Geeta gets shocked. Kusum asks what happened. Geeta says I was telling him about my marriage. Kusum says so he is happy and wants to bless you. She asks Geeta to go. Geeta goes. Kusum says Ishwar, I know you got angry and rung bell, as you know my and Mohan’s truth, you can’t speak out, so you were signing to Geeta.

Kusum removes the bell from his finger. She hurts him and says whatever will happen in this house will be by my decision. She goes. Vardaan keeps the pot at the shelf and ties thread. He asks

Devanshi not to talk, else Mohan will know our plan to make him pure. Devanshi prays Mohan gets pure. Mohan talks on phone and comes out by opening the door. The Gomutra falls on him. Vardaan thinks this is revenge as Mohan misbehaved with my dad. Mohan leaves. Vardaan says we made Mohan pure.

Geeta sees Sarju’s pic and gets ready for engagement. Devanshi comes and compliments her. Geeta says one whose thinking is beautiful, they find everyone beautiful. Devanshi says I will also get ready. Geeta says Rajjo got new clothes for you. Devanshi says I m happy, you will marry good Mohan uncle. Geeta asks what. She thinks she will see how good is Mohan, this marriage is just compromise for me.

Mohan comes for engagement. Nutan calls him monkey and jokes. Everyone get bad smell from Mohan. Nutan asks why did you apply gomutra. Mohan thinks who can do this on me and why. Mohan sits with Geeta. Devanshi comes and hugs Sarla, Omi and Sakshi. Vardaan tells Devanshi not to tell anyone about Gomutra, else the effect will end. Kusum asks Mohan which revenge are you taking by us, go and take bath, change clothes and come. Gopi says mahurat is passing. Kusum says fine, we will start rituals soon. Devanshi shows the music player to Sakshi. She asks Golu to play song and gives her cd. He asks her to get her own music cd. Vardaan asks what are you doing here. Devanshi asks him to play with them. He says sorry, I m not a kid and goes. Devanshi and Sakshi play hide and seek. Devanshi hides.

Mohan and Geeta exchange rings and get engaged. Everyone clap. Mohan takes Kusum’s blessings. Her phone falls. He asks her to keep phone carefully, it has imp thing. She says I keep everything safe. Sarla looks at them. Devanshi falls and gets the CD. She says i will give this to Golu. She goes and shows CD to Sakshi. Everyone see the CD. Kusum and Mohan get shocked. Kusum says its Sarju’s fake voice CD, how did Devanshi get this. Rajjo says you can dance, its happy moment. Kusum says no need to play this Cd. She says Geeta wants engagement to be simple. Devanshi and Rajjo request to let them dance. Kusum asks them to understand Geeta, its not easy for widow to remarry, we have to respect her opinion.

She takes CD from Devanshi. She asks all of them to go and rest. Kusum goes to room. She talks to Mohan. He says Devanshi is a problem, she is not ordinary girl. Kusum says she is ordinary, she can’t do anything. He says I will kill her. She stops him and says I will fold hands, don’t do this, if anything happens to Devanshi, people will lose trust, have patience, Devanshi will be punished for her doings.

Everyone sit to dine. Devanshi brings a change in Kusum’s house. She feeds Ishwar and gives his plate to Kusum, asking her to have food.

Update Credit to: Amena

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