Devanshi 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking why are we going Jwalapuri. Sarla recalls leaving from Jwalapuri on the stormy night and recalling Mata’s words. She hears the baby’s cry and goes to see. Omi asks her to stop. They get shocked seeing baby Devanshi. Sarla takes Devanshi and says this is that baby who is blessed by Mata Rani. Omi says Mata has blamed us for this girl’s death, we will take her to Mata, everything will be fine. Sarla asks will my insult get clear, I hate Mata Kusum Sundari, no, this hundi girl will make things fine now, now this girl will get my respect back, now Devanshi will be ruining Kusum Sundari. FB ends. Devanshi asks Sarla to say. Sarla says you are given by Ghungroo Wali Maiyya, and this is the ghungroo beads. Devanshi says I will blindly obey you. Sarla says now my

command is you both sleep now.

Mohan and Kusum are together. She asks why is he wasting this beautiful night on gambling. She throws money on him and he laughs. He says we have much money, that if we throw the money, life will end, but not money. She asks why will life end, you know whats the day tomorrow.

Omi asks Sarla to sleep now. Sarla laughs and says 7 years vanvaas is over, now Kusum’s down counting started. Kusum hugs Mohan and romances with him. She says there is no power which can stop him. Sarla says Kusum is Kalyug’s Kans, and Devanshi will be ruining Kusum.

Its morning, Omi asks Sarla why did she not pack this. They see news of devotees getting to the temple to congratulate Mata and take her blessings. Sarla gets angry and says its time to take revenge, Devanshi will take revenge. Omi says I have raised my family by difficulty, I came in this village and stayed in rented home, its fate game, that I got the work to make new hundi in the temple. Sarla says temple people don’t know who make the hundis, else Kusum would have snatched this chance from us. He says that’s why I did not go there, I have sent Ashutosh, he will go and take payment by placing hundi. Sarla says it will be good when Devanshi steps in the village.

Mohan applies nail polish to Kusum. She asks is the coins ready. He says no one can say its real or fake. She says everyone will chant my name after I throw gold coins. He says your Nanand Rajjo is doing all the arrangements for the celebrations. Rajjo asks Ishwar to get fine soon, once I get married, you will know my value. She tries to cheer up Ishwar. She says I don’t know when will hundi come, I called for special hundi. She goes.

Omi gets Rajjo’s call. She asks for the hundi. Omi says I have sent the hundi, it will reach soon. Omi ends call and is angry as he had to lie, and thinks where did Ashutosh go. Devanshi hides and hears him. She says I have to hide Motiram somewhere. She goes to hide the puppy and sees the beautiful hundi. She keeps puppy inside the hundi and asks him to sit quiet. She says I have to get kurta like Salman for Ashutosh Mama. She goes to tailor and checks designs. Tailor asks for measurements.

She calls Ashutosh to ask him. He says I have come to meet Rajjo, I m at her home, I did not see her till now, I don’t know how she looks, I know she is beautiful. She asks for his clothes measurements. He says wait, let me see her. Devanshi sees the house of Mata Kusum Sundari on tv and smiles. She talks to Ashutosh on phone and helps him. He asks her to find Rajjo, as he can’t do inside the house.

He describes Rajjo. Rajjo comes there. He senses her. He turns to see and she goes. Mohan asks who is he. Ashutosh says I came to keep mattress. Mohan asks him to leave. Devanshi asks tailor to keep clothes ready. Tailor says fine, I will make it, but how will Ashutosh look hero in this langot. Devanshi does not seen langot pic and goes.

Omi asks the men to take hundi safely. Devanshi asks Sakshi to come fast, Motiram will be hungry, we will feed him. Sakshi shows hundi taken away. Devanshi runs after the truck.

Devanshi gets inside the hundi while getting puppy. She gets hit and faints. She comes out of the hundi, while everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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