Devanshi 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla taking the maid disguise and going to Kusum’s haveli. She gets the silver shoes and checks it. Sarla is in disguise of head maid Mohini. She thinks Kusum will be doing miracle by this shoes and now she will fail Kusum’s plan. Sarla worries and thinks to leave from haveli soon. Sarla steals the shoe. Sarla goes to Kusum’s room and sees a maid taking care of Kusum. She thinks atleast there is another maid here. Kusum sends the maid and says my special maid will be with me, you can go now. The maid leaves.

Sarla worries and thinks Kusum has sent the maid, I came as Mohini and Kusum will know it now. Kusum smiles and asks Mohan to come close, you did great work to arrange the shoes, come to me, you will get prize. She goes to hug. Sarla worries and shows something.

Kusum asks what is it. Sarla switches off power and runs. Devanshi goes to get shoes for Sarla. Kusum asks Mohan to move the ghunghat, and lifts it. She sees Mohan. She asks why did he switch off power. He says I did not, when I came here, the lights were off. She thinks he is saying as he did not come close. She likes the shoes and says you worked hard to make this. He wishes everything happens fine. She says it will be fine, you made the miracle possible, such miracle will happen which no one has seen, this silver shoes will help me. She smiles.

Sarla has the real shoes and says I have this shoes, I changed this real ones with fake ones, lets see you do miracle on Diwali or me. Sarla goes home and wears the shoes. She jumps and thinks to fly and see. Omi asks where is the magic. Sarla says wait, and jumps to fly. She wonders why is she not flying. She asks Omi to check shoes. He says I don’t know about it, why is it not showing magic. She says maybe Santi has fooled me. He asks her to leave it and go to temple. She refuses. He says its Kusum’s command, everyone has to be there, I heard she is going to do big miracle. Sarla says what will she do, her magical shoes are here. She worries and thinks did I get the same fake shoes back with me and left real ones there, my fate is bad, I went by risking my life for the shoes, I got fake shoes in darkness.

Devanshi sees the silver shoes and thinks Sarla will be happy. She gets hurt and falls in the dirty water. She thinks how to go with spoiled clothes. She goes to the shop. The man asks her to run. The owner scolds the staff guy and talks sweetly to Devanshi. She says she came to buy such silver shoe for her mum, she fell in the dirt. He says it costs 600rs, do you have money. She says yes, and gives old notes. He says its old notes, you have to get new notes to get shoe. She asks when will new notes come. He says in 2-3 days. He explains her that she will not get shoes. She requests him a lot. He asks the staff guy to make her leave. The staff guy makes her leave.

Devanshi comes home sad and thinks she wanted to buy shoes for Sarla. Ashutosh comes and asks Devanshi why did she go to buy shoes alone, why are you turning that side, what is this mud, did you fall down in mud, go and get ready, we have to go temple. He asks her not to say anything, Diwali puja started in temple, hurry up.

Kusum sits and many diyas are places infront of her. Mohan takes a diya for her. She smiles and likes the decorations. He makes her wear the silver shoes. He says listen how will this happen, you will sit on this throne, you press that burden, you will fly in the air, then my man behind you will join the wire which will bring lights in the village. She smiles. She wears the shoes and smiles seeing the lights. He says then seeing your miracles, the villagers will be spellbound. She says everyone will make me Devi. They smile.

Gopi tells about the miracle of Kusum Sundari. Sarla does publicity of Devanshi. Kusum and Devanshi come face to face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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