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Devanshi 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nutan asking the lady about her loss. Devanshi say let me talk. Nutan says I know Golu did mistake, I m ready to pay for loss. Devanshi says Maiyya made me sit on this throne, so let me take the decision. She asks Golu does he have to say anything. Devanshi says fine then, Golu did this intentionally or on someone’s sign, we all know when a girl’s relation breaks, its tough to join it, Kaka’s daughter’s relation is breaking. Golu says fine I did mistake, throw money on her face and end this. Devanshi scolds him.

He asks what shall I do, these beggars did not come to get justice, but to take money. Vardaan gets angry. Golu says I should have run down car over that man. He scolds Kaki. He says she will get some beggar for her daughter. Kaki asks Devanshi to see, we won’t

get justice. Devanshi says no, no injustice will happen here, now Golu won’t say in between. She says Golu will make the girl’s future better by giving his name, he will take care of her responsibility, he will marry that girl. They all get shocked. Devanshi promises Kaki. Ishwar smiles

Golu asks what is she saying. Kaki thanks Devanshi for giving her respect and supporting her. Devanshi asks what are you doing, please stand up, I just supported truth, everyone is equal in Maiyya’s eyes.

Nutan says no, this can’t happen, I will never get Golu married to beggars, what does Devanshi think of herself after she became Mata, since her marriage, her husband got handicapped, she came in her house and snatched Kusum’s throne, it means she is not any Mata, she is a curse, so you decided Golu’s marriage, when I said I m ready to throw money on beggars, what’s the problem. Devanshi says there is a problem, giving money won’t be enough, you have to accept the bahu and give her love and respect, if you can’t do this, then you, Gopi and Golu can leave this house.

She says this marriage will happen in any way. She goes. She recalls Nutan’s words. Nutan and Gopi beg to Ishwar asking him to do something. Ishwar asks them to leave his feet. Gopi says we will go away, just get this decision changed. Nutan says Devanshi can never go against you. She asks Golu to beg Ishwar. Golu begs to Ishwar and says I don’t want to do this marriage. Ishwar says Devanshi thought well, her decision won’t change. Nutan asks will you say same if Vardaan was in Golu’s place, would you make poor girl this house’s bahu. Ishwar says Vardaan can’t do mistake like Golu, if he did, I would have done same thing, I believe in humanity. Gopi begs him. Nutan taunts Gopi and says Golu is your son also, tell Ishwar not to do this. Ishwar says you are wasting my time, I have to rest now. Nutan says fine, if we stay awake in child’s worry, you sleep well, remember one thing, I will give up my life. Ishwar gets shocked.

Vardaan gets laddoos for Devanshi and feeds her. He reminds her childhood. He says I know a big problem is in front of you, have this and all your problems will end, you took tough decision, I would have not taken such tough decision, I m very proud of you. He feeds her sweets. Piya re….plays……..He asks her to leave some sweets for him. She says you don’t like sweets. He says now I like it, your sweet love made me habitual to eat sweets. She hugs him. Mohan meets tantric. Tantric says I understood, don’t worry, it will happen as Kusum wants.

He says you took right decision, I m standing with you, you caught the culprit and cleared the blames on me, thanks for believing me. She says I should thank you for supporting me in all my decisions, I m sorry, I punished you. Kusum laughs and says this is your wrong decision, you will feel you took great decision but no, you did injustice with you, many problems will come on you.

Devanshi says I know, this decision will get many problems for me, I will face everything, I have to fulfill my promise. Kusum says your pride will break, people’s trust will also break, you are getting Golu married to that girl, your life will be ruined now.

Devanshi says even if any problem comes on me, I won’t let any problem come on Kaki’s daughter, I know Nutan and Gopi can do anything in anger, I will try to control situation. Kusum says you would be feeling game is in your hand, but its in my hand, how shall I tell you, this is not your decision, I have made you helpless to decide this, this is my game. She laughs.

Devanshi says I came to know your decision. She sees Kusum’s statue and says where did Kusum run. Kusum does some havan. Devanshi looks for Kusum and catches her red handed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. its actualy ks trap to devanshi hope devanshi comes to know about ks n her plan soon she also have to face many problem and now nautan,gopi and golu feels that they can turn her enemies also.. but want to see how devanshi will find out ab ks and her plan.. and about all.. but its too long way ks played well game.. but how can cvs showed devanshi again fell in her trap when they shows good win over evil always showing evil winning over good dont want this time evil ks to win want devanshi to win. loved devdaan scene and ishwar scene also.

  2. Guys trp again drops this week . Devanshishi has trp 0.7 . Last week it was 0.8 .

    1. Mica

      yeah.. it’ suck…but what to say, it’s out of our hand.
      Moreover, almost all serial dropped also, i never see a big ten, closed at 1.5 trp.

  3. Thanks for the update ? it’s written very nicely and attractively ?

  4. very nice epi…thanks amena di for the update..&waiting for the next update.

  5. devdaan movement is so nice..

    1. Mica

      Gayatriiii.. do you watch Devanshi since beginning ?

  6. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update.
    Well, the problem improved. At least this family no longer only a puppet, they have their own problem now.

  7. I think the accident is a trap of KS and the girl will be a helper of KS. So both of them can fight together against devanshi.
    Again the trp decreased. I don’t know what is the aftereffects of this decreasing trp.

  8. effect of trp is ipl and rival show sns they are showing dharam mrg track and gopi jaggi love track and all but here after mrg nothing they are showing between devdaan only about ks and devanshi. which is lacking…
    and i have doubt how can devanshi took mrg decision soon she didnt thought about it once as devanshi maata she took this decision? its hell confusion for me bcz they didnt show anything just showed the decision of mrg taken by devanshi and didnt except golu reaction like this quite different it is….

    1. Mica

      naa.. even SNS decreased also, from 2.1 to 1.9,

  9. I think devashi is playing game……she askdvardan just five days to chang evrything……so i think its devanshi’s game…hope fr that

  10. Abt trp evry sereals trp is decresin….ishqbaz’s also….maybe coz of ipl

  11. yes, mica Ido watch devanshi since biginnings…

    1. Mica

      waaa.. i love you.. can i ask question about Devanshi/ Vardhaan, are they good couple or not ? i mean being TRUE LOVER of Devanshi serial, what do you think about helly/ mudhit pair ? thank youuuuu

  12. hi frnds..devanshi,s online trp–1.4

    1. Mica

      oh… i ever heard that Devanshi gets good response at Color UK, whether it ‘s true or false news…
      ugghh even me, i wish there is another problem except only derby between Devanshi-Sundari.
      if only there is another couple/family problem on Gopi’s family, i think it’s good.
      please answer my question 😀

      1. Mica will u watch vk new show

      2. Mica

        Ss… i dunno, but i’m more excited to see Teju’s new serial,
        Vk serial remind me to old korean drama 😀
        A strict person, a happy go lucky, fun person and a girl.

      3. ya saw in twitter that bizasia will post mostly devanshi is no1 from colors a most viewed by daily they will post daily whic tv show watched by viewers..

  13. perhaps till next week,It has increases more trp rate.Iam so excited for the upcoming epi..

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