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Devanshi 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi tying sweater on to her waist and goes to fetch the water from a small pond. She recalls what Kusum asked her to do, make the dead tree get lively and green again. She fetches water from the pond and puts water on the tree. While she is walking, her slippers break. She removes her slippers and goes to get water. She is about to step her foot on sharp thorn, but just then Vardaan comes there and keeps hand under her foot to save her from getting hurt. Chakor looks at him.

Vardaan asks have you gone mad? Can’t you see this thorn. Do you think that I will save you everytime. He asks her to come with him. Devanshi says I don’t want to go from here. Vardaan says I know Mata Kusum Sundari gave you punishment. Devanshi says she will make the tree green and then Kusum

will free her Bapu and will get Rajjo marry her Mamu. Vardaan says Kusum will never get Rajjo marry Ashutosh. Devanshi’s belief is firm. Vardaan asks her how she will fetch water from broken pot. Geeta asks Rajjo if she has something in her heart for Ashutosh. Rajjo looks on sad. Geeta asks her to tell Kusum as it is matter of life. Rajjo’s phone rings. She sees Ashutosh’s number and thinks why he is calling me again and again. Geeta asks her to pick call and talk to him. Rajjo says I have no feelings for him. She cuts the call saying she don’t want to talk to him, and cries. Vardaan sees her crying.

Kusum tells Mohan that she made good arrangements of Devanshi. Devanshi is still watering the tree. Geeta comes there and asks Devanshi, what is this? She makes her sit and ties cloth on her injured foot. Devanshi says how to give water to this tree with the broken pot. Geeta says it is having hole and how can you give water to such a big tree. Devanshi says I am trying as my Bapu says. Geeta thinks she is saying right and thinks to find out about Mohini. She calls Mohan and says your truth is out infront of me. Mohan thinks she is a blackmailer. Geeta says I have proof of your relation with Mohini. Kusum asks whose phone call is it? He says we are busy in marriage arrangements now. Geeta as blackmailer tells him that she will expose him. Kusum asks about the call. Mohan says our temple servant’s call.

Vardaan comes to Ashutosh and asks why you are troubling Rajjo. Ashutosh says I am not troubling her. Vardaan asks him to stay away from Rajjo. Ashutosh asks what do you think that I am road side romeo. Devanshi comes and asks how dare you to talk to my Mamu like this. Vardaan asks what you are doing here. Devanshi says she wants pot to make scary idol to shoo off crows. Ashutosh asks them not to fight. Vardaan asks him not to call Rajjo again and goes. Devanshi tells Ashutosh that Rajjo will marry her only and says she will apply ointment on his wounds. Ashutosh asks why do you need the pot to make scary idol.

Mohan comes near the tree and thinks he will act to kill Mohini and then blackmailer’s plan will be finished. He takes out his knife and thinks nobody will know now. Devashi is standing behind the idol and sees Mohan in saree. She is shocked and says this means Mohan is Mohini and betrayed all of us. He wears pallu again. Devanshi thinks to catch Mohan red handed. She is about to go, but Vardaan comes there and hides with Devanshi. He says lets go from here, if Mohan comes to know that we came to know about this truth then he will not leave us. Devanshi tells Vardaan that she wants to question him about Ballu and also why did he push her in pit. Mohan thinks blackmailer is seeing him and goes. Vardaan asks Devanshi to come. Geeta comes there. Vardaan asks her to be silent and look at there. Geeta sees Mohini. Devanshi says Mohan is Mohini. Geeta thinks she was thinking Mohan is having affair with Mohini, but Mohan turned out to be Mohini. Devanshi tells Geeta that she wants to tell Mohan’s truth to Kusum.

Devanshi tries to tell Kusum about Mohan being Mohini. Later Devanshi is seen running on road while someone is about to shoot her. Mohan looks on.s

Update Credit to: Amena

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