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Devanshi 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan and Devanshi arguing. He scolds her for touching his laptop and takes it. Sakshi says see I got punished for your mistake. Kusum and Sarla are on the way. Kusum feels dizzy. Sarla stares at her. Kusum asks what are you looking at. Sarla asks are you fine. Devanshi distributes the maid’s pic near temple and asks people. Sarla and Kusum come there.

Devanshi asks the people to help them, this woman was with Mohan in doing the crimes. The people agree to help Devanshi and find this woman to punish her. Kusum says Devanshi is creating troubles, your brother has run away with Rajjo, Sarla why don’t you stop her. Sarla says I will stop her. Devanshi says we will find that woman in 4 days, on Ashtami day, we will expose her. They chant Maiyya’s name.


asks about the maid pic. Kusum asks about Rajjo. He says no, we will find out, Malik’s men are also with us, what’s this pic, Devanshi is saying this maid is Soundarya, I know her name is Savita, she was a maid in our haveli. Devanshi asks what, Savita, Sarla told me that she is Soundarya. Gopi asks Sarla why did you lie to Devanshi. Sarla worries and asks Gopi to have badams, your memory is weak, her name is Soundarya. He says I m not mad, her name was Savita. Kusum says wait, I m recalling, yes she is Soundarya.

Devanshi says but you said you don’t know any Soundarya Chatterjee. Kusum says you made me recall this by showing pic. She signs Sarla. Sarla asks Devanshi to come. They leave. Kusum thinks I have to find out Geeta and end this game. Sarla asks where will we find this woman, why are you trying. Devanshi says I want to know truth. Sarla says will your parents come back, Mohan is in jail, forget this, else Sakshi and I will leave. Devanshi says no, and hugs Sarla.

Devanshi says Vardaan, Sarla asked me not to find this woman, but we have to find Geeta. He asks how, I don’t know where is she. She says we will go home, maybe Geeta will call. Geeta wakes up and is in weak state. She goes towards the door. Rajjo hears some sound and worries. Rajjo looks around and tells Ashutosh about the sound. Geeta gets tired knocking door and faints. Ashutosh says I can’t hear any sound. Rajjo says I heard sound. He says maybe it was any rat, you are scared, we will go away.

Devanshi cries. Vardaan consoles her. Nutan comes and asks Devanshi to do work. Vardaan asks Nutan not to tell Devanshi and Sakshi to do any work, this is my final decision. He holds Devanshi’s hand and takes her along. Nutan thinks Vardaan and Devanshi’s closeness will be difficulty for Kusum, Vardaan will go the family one day. Gopi asks the men to announce prize and find Geeta. Devanshi says Geeta did not do anything, she is innocent. Gopi argues. Devanshi bites Gopi’s hand and ruins all posters. Gopi fumes. He says you think we have just these posters, our men have pasted many posters already. She says I will tell Kusum. He asks her to go and say, this is happening on her command.

Devanshi runs to Kusum and falls down. Kusum asks her what’s happening. Devanshi asks did you get Geeta’s posters in the village, did you announce the prize. Kusum says so what’s the need to raise question. Devanshi says its wrong. Kusum says so you mean we are wrong and just you are right. Devnshi says yes, I m right, Geeta is innocent, she did not kill my parents, I will die but not believe that she can do this. Kusum says enough, then what was Geeta doing in video with Mohan. Devanshi says that video is fake. Kusum says you mean I took wrong decision.

Devanshi says anyone can do mistake, you did not know Mohan’s truth, maybe you took wrong decision for Geeta. People agree with Devanshi. Kusum says fine, if you are sure that Geeta is innocent, then get her innocence proof before Maha Ashtami. Devanshi promises to expose that woman and prove Geeta innocent. Kusum gets shocked.

Kusum tells Sarla how Devanshi insulted her. Sarla asks why did you spread Geeta’s posters in village. Kusum says no, Gopi has done this, you don’t ask me, just do what I asked you, do something of Devanshi, else Omi will never come out of jail. Sarla says no need to threaten me, I won’t let Devanshi come in Omi’s way, I will cut all her wings today itself. Kusum smiles.

Sarla goes to Devanshi and says Omi went to same jail where Mohan was there, Mohan said that he has hidden something behind temple idol, I heard him. Devanshi says we should find that potli, we can prove Geeta innocent. Sarla agrees. Devanshi asks her to come. Sarla says if we both go together, anyone will doubt, don’t tell this to anyone. Devanshi agrees and goes to temple alone. Sarla thinks you will never come back.

Devanshi will end Kusum’s evil rule. Villagers beat up Kusum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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