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Devanshi 11th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi talking to Rajjo about gifting Geeta. Rajjo says I will give earrings. Devanshi says I can make dolls well, Sarla taught me, I will gift that, but all the things are at home, I can’t go home. Rajjo says I will go your home and get the things. Devanshi gets glad and jumps. Rajjo asks what happened. Devanshi says Ashutosh will be glad seeing you.

Geeta comes to Mohan’s room and checks cupboard. She hears Mohan and shuts cupboard. She does not see the gun. Mohan comes to room and gets shocked seeing Geeta. He asks what are you doing here. She says I had to talk something about marriage. He asks shall we talk later, I have to leave for imp work. She says fine and goes. He checks the cupboard and sees the gun. He says I have to keep an eye on her, the drawer has

my and Kusum’s secrets.

Geeta sees Sarju’s pic and recalls him. She cries and says I will get justice for you, you gave me courage, I will find secret of your and Devanshi’s parents’ death. Rajjo goes to Devanshi’s home. She rings bell. Ashutosh hears music and does not hear ring. He dances in his room and applies fairness cream. She comes there and says I came to take Devanshi’s things. He says fine. He gets Devanshi’s call. She asks did Rajjo come, give her things from drawer, where you keep fairness creams. Rajjo smiles. He says Devanshi is kid, and says anything, I don’t apply fairness cream. She laughs.

Mohan asks Ishwar to have medicine. Vardaan comes there. Mohan says Ishwar is not drinking water, he is just making face. Vardaan says he will drink, don’t misbehave with my Papa, leave. Mohan goes. Vardaan sits with Ishwar. He says its first day of school and takes Ishwar’s blessings. He goes out and collides with Devanshi. She asks why is he angry now. He says Mohan is bad. They go school.

Vardaan thanks the teacher. The teacher praises his manners. Vardaan asks them do the kids not know english. Teacher says its village school, you can teach the kids, english is not taught here. He gets his book and Devanshi’s Choti Mata pic falls. The kids see that.

Vardaan picks pic. The boy says Vardaan has girl pic. They laugh. Vardaan leaves. Teacher scolds Devanshi. Devanshi says I have solved problem myself. Teacher asks how did you get too smart. Devanshi says you taught this yesterday. The girl says she is Choti Mata and solved this by her powers. Teacher makes Devanshi leave from class. She collides with Vardaan. He asks whats this pic. She says I was trying to help you. He tears the pic and says I had to leave class on first day. She asks whats my mistake to be Choti Mata, did Kusum say wrong. He thinks.

Mohan goes somewhere. Someone acts as Sarju and scares him. Mohan gets shocked and recalls Sarju’s murder. He tries to run. Kusum comes in front and laughs. He asks whats this new acting. She says see how you got scared. He says I was worried, I thought Sarju died, how did he get alive. Kusum says I made his voice alive by this phone. He asks how. She says I have got Sarju’s voice by the artists, I told you I will not let you become someone else’, I will play this by doing dhyaan and talking as Sarju, to stop your and Geeta’s marriage.

He says you should get award for this, I have to be careful of you. She says even Lord can’t save you from me. He flirts with her. She says just keep this CD safe, it should play on right time, none should know this. He asks what about engagement. She says do engagement, it does not matter, we can stop marriage. H asks shall I trust you. She says yes, I won’t let marriage happen.

Devanshi runs after a cow. Vardaan stops her. She says that’s gaumata. He laughs. She says I want to make Mohan pure by putting Gumutra on him. She gets it. Vardaan says I will do this work and have Mohan bath by this, just see how I make him pure, it will be fun now, he troubled me.

Devanshi feeds Ishwar and asks Kusum to have the leftover food. Kusum gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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