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Devanshi 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with people talking that how did Devanshi go inside the water, she is little girl and where is her sister. Sarla’s daughter comes and asks why did you let Devanshi go. The people say she went to get coins, but Devi Maa will save Devanshi. Devanshi gets the coins and comes out of the waters. She asks her sister Sakshi to come. Sakshi says I thought you have sunk. Devanshi says then who would have played with you. The man praises Devanshi and says even boys fail in this game, how did you do this.

Devanshi says Amma says Mata Rani helps one who wants to help others, I have to save someone’s life. The lady asks whose life. Devanshi goes and gives the money to a man, and takes the puppy. She asks the man not to touch the puppy again. The man asks how will you save all dogs.

Devanshi says I can’t save all, it does not mean I can’t save even one. Devanshi says Papa ji says many people’s tears on one side and one face’s smile on other side. She says I know puppy is very happy. Sakshi and Devanshi have a talk on the way. Sakshi says don’t take puppy Motiram home, else Amma will make us leave. Devanshi says I did not think this, we will hide this till we convince Amma. They leave.

Sarla asks Omi to work fast, we have to leave for Jwalapuri. Omi says you are there to remind me. Sarla says you have spoiled the girls. He says you have got much things in 7 years. Sarla checks the hair, and recalls how Kusum insulted her. FB shows Geeta and everyone mourning for Sarju’s death. Kusum says no one comes back, we can just miss the person and have his memories, I have to manage the temple and also take decision about Devanshi.

She says Devanshi’s parents could not understand Mata’s decision and took the girl, what did they get, they all died, while stopping them, Sarju had to lose his life. She says if Omi and Sarla had the girl, everyone would be alive, its their mistake, they were careless and the hundi baby died, now they will be punished for this. Omi and Sarla get worried. Ishwar looks at Kusum. Omi says its my mistake, forgive me. The men catch Omi. Kusum says we will make Sarla repent by cutting her hair infront of everyone, you will be outside Jwalapuri for 7 years, and if anyone sees you, then this punishment will be increased for more 7 years. They hold Omi, while Sarla’s hair is cut. Sarla and Omi cry.

Mohan cuts Sarla’s hair. Omi cries. Kusum looks on. FB ends. Sarla says my heart wounds did not heal, the hair were my tears of insult. Kusum took away my respect, but see the fame of fate, I lost my identity, then I got the one who is Kusum Sundari’s Kaal, Kusum is a fraud, Ghungroo Wali Maiyya’s blessed girl is with me, Devanshi did not die, she is with me. Devanshi and Sakshi run and play with the puppy. They hide the puppy. Sarla comes and asks whats happening.

Devanshi says we were…. Sarla asks her whats all this, where did you get this dirt on hands. Sakshi says we were playing with friends, Devanshi fell in soil. Sarla asks her not to play around, they are girls. Devanshi says forgive me, I will be careful. Sarla says yes, you have to make a burden off my head. Devanshi asks what burden….Sarla says all work is done, just go and have food, we have to leave for Jwalapuri. Sarla goes. Devanshi sees the puppy gone and says where did Motiram go.

A guy says I want Rajjo. My love and talks to Salman’s pic. Sarla hears puppy’s sound and checks the guy’s room. Sarla’s brother sees Devanshi and lies to her. He lies to Sarla and says I passed in test, I made that sound, you know animal sound making is fashion. She slaps him and asks him to pack bag, we have to leave for Jwalapuri, I m going to home, Omi got it cleaned, you also go before us and check the place. She goes. Devanshi gets the puppy. She thanks him for managing everything. He says Sarla asked me to go Jwalapuri, I wanted to have kurta like Salman. She asks Mamu to say what is special. He says my childhood friend Rajjo will be meeting me after 7 years. She says she would be lovely, you are blushing. He says don’t know, my friend said she looks a fairy, how will I go now. She says you helped me by saving puppy, I will help you in making kurta. He asks really. She says I will get great clothes for you. He kisses her. She asks Mamuwhy are we going Jwalapuri. He worries.

Sarla asks Sakshi to have lassi. Devanshi sits praying. Sarla asks Sakshi to pray. Sakshi says I don’t have ghungroo wali Mala. Devanshi asks Sarla why does Sakshi not have this, why are we going Jwalapuri. Sarla looks on.

People chant for Mata Kusum Sundari. Devanshi returns to Jwalapuri to end the evil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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