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Devanshi 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I will find out who planned the fire incident, I will not leave that person. Kusum asks everyone to go now. Manager comes and says your doubt was right, it was someone’s plan, someone had laid gun powder on the stage. Devanshi gets shocked. Nutan says I got glad seeing Menka getting beaten up, now I m sure that Kalki is not Devanshi. Servant says Kalki called her. Nutan says I think she found out culprit.

Devanshi says I will check everyone’s hands, the culprit will be one whose hands smell of gun powder. She checks Menka, Nutan and Kusum’s hands. She asks Kusum why is phenyl smell coming from her hands. Kusum recalls hearing Devanshi’s plan to catch the culprit and saying if culprit washes hands by phenyl, the gun powder smell will get away, I m sure

culprit will not know this idea, we can catch that person. Devanshi thinks I knew Kusum has done this. Mohan says real culprit came out, I knew the culprit will wash hands by phenyl, it means she has laid gun powder. Devanshi asks how dare you try to kill me, I will send you to jail. Kusum says no, I won’t go to jail.

Devanshi asks why did you do this. Kusum says I did this to get you and Vardaan closer, I thought if he saves you, you will like him, all those guys were not suitable for you. Devanshi says fine I agree, I will not send you to jail but you will get punished in my style. She blindfolds Kusum. She keeps apple on her head and says I got a new pistol, I m trying to use this, I will shoot the apple. Kusum says you can’t do this. Devanshi says this is your punishment.

Kusum says this is a small apple, I will die if you miss aim. She shouts. Devanshi says even I could have died in fire. Menka smiles. Kusum says Vardaan saved you, I want to make you my bahu. Menka gets shocked. Devanshi leaves her and says I will give other punishment. She recalls Kusum’s words. She takes Kusum out. Kusum asks what’s happening now. Devanshi says you will go ahead of here alone. Kusum asks where will I go, what’s this. Devanshi says its a chair, get on it. Kusum asks what’s happening. Kusum worries. Devanshi asks her to move ahead. Kusum gets on the well railing and shouts for help. Devanshi holds her hand. Kusum removes the cloth and says you want to kill me, forgive me. Devanshi gets her down.

Devanshi thinks you have shut me in dark room, I know your punishment. She says I have a condition. Kusum agrees. Devanshi asks Nutan to take keys from Kusum. Nutan gets keys. Devanshi says you keep the keys now. Nutan gets glad and says don’t feel bad but Kusum is not any Mata now, she is not even house owner, there is no need to wear red clothes, she can wear other colors. Devanshi says yes, you are normal woman, keep it simple. Kusum agrees. Devanshi says this is your punishment, you deserve this, this is my house, I don’t want you to have any control on it.

She taunts Kusum and says none hears you outside the house, none will listen to you inside the house, you tried to kill me, now bear this. She goes and thinks you will do some big mistake, I will finish you to fulfill my revenge.

Devanshi says your parcel came. Devanshi joins jigsaw and sees her pic. Kusum thinks to get Vardaan close to Kalki soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mica

    thank you soo much Amena mam for fast update, yay!!!! no Devdaan moment :'(

  2. Awesome episode. Yeh toh bas ek trailer hai ks is going to suffer a lot.
    Kalki is on full power. Helly is really doing a great job. Varadhan dikhai nahi.
    Waiting for the mysterious man. And guys try to say ur friends about the show. I said to my friend to watch the show but she said it is not her type ki serial but mein ne kaha ki voh plot change ho gaya aur ab naya plot hai. So if possible say ur friends to watch the show so we can increase the trp.

  3. This serial is getting interesting now but difficulty is finding when it is getting aired on the TV

  4. Neptune

    awesome can anyone tell me what’s this week’s trp???

    1. 0.8
      nice episode

    2. Mica

      trp will announced on every Thursday night,

  5. Shiksha


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