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Devanshi 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashutosh telling Rajjo that he never thought about any other girl except her and will never think. He says I haven’t clicked your dirty pic and haven’t send to you. I will not spare the person who have done this, and says I can’t let you marry Malik against your wish. He asks her to come with him if she trusts him even a bit. Rajjo looks at him. Devanshi smiles. Gopi sees Ashutosh with Rajjo as electricity comes back. He grabs his collar and asks what you are doing here. He slaps him and accuses him for misbehaving with Rajjo. He says you will be punished so that your soul will be shaken up. He holds Ashutosh and takes him to Kusum. Rajjo is shocked. Gopi throws Ashutosh on Kusum’s feet. Kusum asks what happened? Gopi says he has eaten in our plate and made hole in it.

He was eyeing our respect Rajjo…Kusum is shocked. Malik gets angry. They beat Ashutosh badly. Devanshi asks them to stop beating him. She says he hasn’t done anything. She asks Ashutosh to confess his love to Rajjo. Everyone is shocked.

Devanshi tells that she had added tablet in Malik’s juice to upset his stomach and also switched off house electricity. She asks them to leave her Mamu. Kusum slaps her hard and says you have done a big sin and tried to break a relation. Devanshi says I didn’t try to break relation, but tried to unite my Ashutosh Mamu and Rajjo didi. Kusum shouts. Ashutosh tells Kusum that whatever Devanshi did was on his sayings and says I love Rajjo. Kusum says love and asks Rajjo what he is saying. She asks if you have any feelings for her. Rajjo is emotional looking at him, but silent. Kusum understands and says I understood your silence, don’t worry. She turns to Ashutosh and says it is not right to think beyond your value, and if you do then you have to fall so deep inside. Today you have done a sin and asks Gopi to throw him out of house and job, and asks him never to come near the house. Gopi asks his men to take him out. Rajjo cries.

Kusum asks Nutan to lock Devanshi in room and says this is not her punishment. I will tell about it later, today she has crossed all limits and will get a big punishment. Nutan takes Devanshi from there. Devanshi tells that Ashutosh loves Rajjo a lot and will get sad without her. Kusum sees Rajjo teary eyes and thinks even Laila is in pain. She thinks to handle the situation somehow and signs Rajjo not to cry. She goes to Malik and says lets do roka ceremony. Malik says it is enough and tells that if this is mata sundari’s home or birds house. I got myself humiliated here very much and will not do roka now.

Kusum says Rajjo’s life will be ruined and asks him to talk to her once in the room. Malik goes. Devanshi tells Nutan that Malik is really a bad guy and misbehaved with Kusum also. Nutan says she is waiting for her to get punished. Kusum asks him to do roka and says Rajjo’s life will be ruined if you refuses. Malik refuses to get engaged to Rajjo. Kusum says okay, now marriage will happen directly and that too in few days. Malik laughs and says this is a digestible talk, asks if Devanshi stop his marriage again. Kusum asks him to make arrangements for bringing baraat. Malik says arrangements are done, goes near Rajjo and tells that he will take her with band and baja. He eyes her cheaply. Rajjo gets uncomfortable. Kusum thinks for the first time, I have to forward my hands like a beggar infront of someone, and it is all because of Devanshi. She decides to keep Devanshi away somehow.

Devanshi thinks Mamu and Rajjo shall marry, thinks Kusum is Mata then how she couldn’t know that Mamu is good and Malik is bad. Vardaan comes and asks her to have food. Devanshi asks him to do something so that Ashutosh and Rajjo gets married. Vardaan asks why? He says Ashutosh might love Rajjo, but Rajjo doesn’t love him else she would have told them now. Devanshi tells that she will talk to Kusum and ghungroo Maiyya will help her. Vardaan tells her that there is nothing like ghungroo Maiyya and asks her to see her slap once. Devanshi feels bad about Ashutosh. Vardaan asks him to think about herself. Devanshi argues with Vardaan and says Ashutosh will marry Rajjo. She refuses to have food. Vardaan is about to take plate. Devanshi says I will eat food. Vardaan asks her to sleep after eating food, don’t know what punishment Kusum will give her.

Kusum brings Devanshi near the tree and asks her make the tree green again. She asks her to make the tree lively and get green leaves. She says until you manages to do this, you can’t even move from here. She asks her to stay nearby, and says you will get food on time. If this tree couldn’t get plants then you will be punished. Devanshi asks Kusum to get Ashutosh and Rajjo marry. Kusum asks her to take water from there and put on the tree. She thinks I have kept you far from house, now I will get ticket and will get Rajjo marry Malik. Devanshi thinks to make tree lively again, to get Rajjo and Ashutosh marry.

Mohan comes near the tree wearing saree. Devanshi sees him from hideout and thinks this means Mohan is Mohini.

Update Credit to: Amena

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