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Devanshi 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla asking Devanshi is she not happy seeing her. Devanshi recalls Sarla’s words. Sarla apologizes to her. She asks Devanshi to slap her. Devanshi hugs her. She says I wanted your help, Geeta was here, I reached Mohan and now Geeta is not here, I got to know there was some woman with Mohan, Soundarya Chatterjee, I have to find out why did Mohan kill my parents, why did they do this with Ishwar. Sarla lies that there was a maid Soundarya Chatterjee, after your parents’ death, she disappeared, but I have her pic, I will check. Devanshi smiles. Sarla shows a pic. She asks her to see the maid. Devanshi asks will you help me in finding her. Sarla says I don’t know where is she, forget past, now I have come here to stay, Omi will come from jail, then we will stay together.


hugs Devanshi. Kusum comes. Devanshi praises Kusum and hugs her happily. Devanshi says Maa Sundari I will give you happiness, Ishwar will walk on his feet soon, come Sakshi I will make you meet Ishwar. They go. Sarla laughs and says Devanshi is competing with you. Kusum asks her to control Devanshi.

Kusum says your dreams will break if Devanshi does something. Sarla says we will help each other, I m smart. Kusum says now you would trust me, tell me where is Geeta. Sarla says look we joined hands, but you know we can’t trust each other, I m there for Geeta, none can know about Geeta, except me. Kusum goes. Sarla thinks Geeta is safe in my house.

Geeta wakes up. Ashutosh and Rajjo come home and lock the door. Geeta tries to get water. Rajjo hears the sound and says I think there is someone. Ashutosh says maybe cat, I would have not got you here if anyone was at home, none will know we are hiding here. She says I m scared.

Devanshi tells Ishwar that she has seen Soundarya Chatterjee’s face, Sarla told me that she was maid and disappeared same night when my parents were killed. She cries. Sakshi wipes her tears and asks her to smile, to make her happy. Ishwar thinks why did Sarla lie to Devanshi, did she join hands with Kusum, maybe that’s why Kusum got Sarla home. Devanshi says Ishwar is trying to get up, I promised Kusum that Ishwar will get fine soon. Vardaan asks did you study medicine that he will get fine on your saying. Devanshi says his hands got life by the lep. Vardaan says now doctor will treat him. Devanshi and Vardaan argue. Sakshi takes Vardaan’s side. Devanshi says you are my sister, why are you taking his side. Sakshi says I m saying right. They argue. Sakshi stops them and asks them to keep some name for her. Ishwar smiles.

Devanshi runs hearing the call ring and says maybe Geeta called. Nutan answers call and shouts to Kusum and Gopi/Bhupi. Devanshi asks what happened. Nutan scolds her and says Ashutosh shot Malik and run away with Rajjo. Kusum asks what happened, leave her. Nutan says you will also beat her if you know what happened. Gopi calms her down. He says we know everything. Nutan says they have backstabbed you. Sarla asks what mistake did I do. Nutan says not mistake, a sin, its sin to make someone’s daughter run away, Ashutosh shot Malik and ran away with Rajjo. Sarla gets shocked and thinks what did he do, useless idiot.

Sarla says I have no relations with Ashutosh, he did big mistake, do anything with him. Vardaan says Rajjo does not love Ashutosh, why did she run. Nutan says she is not so good, she ran by her wish. Nutan scolds Devanshi. Devanshi says Rajjo loves Ashutosh, now they will marry, Malik is bad, when Ashutosh and Rajjo love each other, why did Malik come in between. Sarla asks Devanshi and Sakshi to go and sleep. Kusum asks Gopi to manage this and find Ashutosh and Rajjo. She gets dizzy. Nutan goes to her. Kusum leaves.

Its morning, Sarla as head maid asks the servant to prepare for aarti. Nutan asks what’s Sarla doing here. Sarla says I m following Kusum’s order. Kusum says yes, Sarla will do this work. She asks Nutan to give locker keys. Nutan says I will manage. Kusum says Sarla will manage this responsibility. Gopi asks Nutan to give keys. Sarla gets keys. Nutan thinks why did Kusum make Sarla sit on my head.

Sarla asks servants to go and wait for her next command. She smiles. Kusum says I did as you wanted, now do what I want, else… Sarla asks what else……Sarla threatens her. Kusum thinks to find out Geeta then I will see Sarla. Sarla thinks I will not let you find Geeta. Kusum gets dizzy. Sarla looks at her. Sarla goes to hold her. Kusum pushes her away. Sarla looks at her.

Devanshi will end Kusum’s rule. Villagers beat up Kusum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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