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The Episode starts with Kusum asking Geeta do you agree to marry Mohan. Geeta says yes, as you can’t refuse to Maiyya’s decision, your decision is also like a command for me. Kusum thinks how did this happen, Geeta was mad in Sarju’s love. She goes to Geeta and says don’t think that if I said, its final, you can refuse for marriage, don’t come in any pressure. Geeta says no, I have thought well. Nutan says when I asked her to say yes, she scolded me, what happened now that her no changed to yes.

Geeta thinks she left to say no, but on the way she met a man. FB shows a man’s wallet falling down. Devanshi picks it and calls the man. She shows Sarju’s pic to Geeta. Geets gets shocked and returns the wallet to man. She asks the man where did you go after that dark night. He says I

got transferred. She says you were with Sarju that night, what work did Sarju go for, that he died. She asks him to say truth to her. He says Sarju went alone, he was worried, he was going to catch some big criminal. She asks who was that criminal. He says I don’t know, it was related to temple, he was saying he is going to servant’s house. She asks what was name of that servant. He says Mohan. She gets shocked. FB ends.

Rajjo says Geeta said no to me also. Nutan says how did Geeta say yes now. Gopi says its fine now. Mohan comes. Gopi says your life is going to change. Mohan asks what happened. Gopi says your wish got true, Geeta agreed for marriage. Mohan gets shocked and sees Kusum. Kusum asks him to come and take Maiyya’s blessings. Geeta thinks I will complete Sarju’s work and give sacrifice to know who has killed my husband, I will expose the secret, I will marry Mohan to know the truth, but my heart and soul will always be of Sarju.

Mohan and Geeta take blessings. Devanshi joins their hands. Kusum gets shocked. Mohan and Geeta do aarti together. Geeta thinks Mohan can say secret, who has made Sarju and Devanshi’s parents away from us. Kusum says Mohan’s punishment ends from today, he can come back in temple and gets back on his job.

Mohan goes to Kusum’s room as Mohini and gets angry on Kusum for trapping him. He asks what shall I do now. She asks him to think of her. He says Devanshi is doing this, she is creating problems. He asks how did Devanshi come in this, she is zero. You let me think.

Devanshi talks to Geeta. She says I m scared of red bangles. Geeta says sometimes there is fear in heart, think of Maiyya and fear goes. Devanshi prays. Geeta says you don’t know what you did for me, you have applied ointment on my wound. Devanshi asks when. Geeta says some wounds are not seen, but hurt a lot. She thinks she agreed to marry Mohan to know truth of that night.

Omi tells Sarla that Geeta agreed for marriage. Sarla asks what, how did she agree to that animal, her fate is bad. He says Geeta is like cow, she will agree to Kusum. Geeta asks Vardaan to get ready, Rajjo did your admission in her school on Kusum’s saying. He gets angry and says she decides everything, even you said yes for marriage as its her command. Devanshi comes and thinks he gets angry soon.

Geeta says no one forced me. He says sorry. She says you are clean hearted like Ishwar, get ready. She goes. Devanshi comes when he was changing. He asks her to knock and come. She smiles. He asks what do you want. She says I came to help you. He asks her to go. She thinks I will help you. They argue. She keeps her Choti Mata pic in his book for his safety. He asks her to move and takes his books.

Mohan asks Kusum to see the pics, which sherwani will suit me, I think this blue one will suit me. She gets angry on him. He says I will make you tie the sehra and then I will become groom, did you think to get free of me, just remember, this Mohini will die forever for you if this marriage happens. Kusum scolds him. She asks did you find out who made our video. He says my life is spoiled, you want to know of video, you are so selfish. She says just do what I say, don’t make me angry, you have no senses, how did you think I will let you become someone else’s, this marriage will not happen. He says Geeta said yes. She asks do you doubt on me, you are dancing on my head, this marriage will not happen, get lost now. He gives her sherwanis pics and goes. She throws the pics and thinks how did Geeta say yes suddenly, there is some secret.

Devanshi says I have to make Mohan pure. Vardaan says i will do your work. Mohan gets shocked when someone scares him as Sarju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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