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Devanshi 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan defending Devanshi. He says you regarded her Maiyya and calling her thief now, I don’t know why she did this, but her heart is clean, I won’t let anyone point finger at her, before coming ahead, think of dealing with me first. He stands before her. Kattadhari says you are Kusum’s son, it does not mean we will bear sins in temple, if Kusum wants to punish her, she will get punished, else I will deal with you first. Kattadhari goes to catch him. Ishwar asks them to have shame, will they do this in Maiyya’s temple.

He says Kusum, you are Mata, if fights happen here, the crimes will happen every day here. Kusum says I was about to say this, even if Devanshi has done big crime, we should have patience. Ishwar says Devanshi did not know how she came here, we should

give her chance to defend, maybe she came here in sleep. Kusum thinks Ishwar managed today, see what I do with you. Devanshi thinks Kusum is behind this, I don’t know how did she do this.

Kusum tells Kattadhari that Devanshi was thinking how did this happen, her face got pale, she does not know how she has worn those ornaments. Devanshi says I don’t remember, when I went temple and worn Maiyya’s jewelry. Ishwar says it means you were hypnotized to do all this. She asks what. He says yes, Kusum is expert in this, if anyone looks in her eyes, it happens what she wants. She recalls Kusum hypnotizing her in childhood and thinks she hypnotized me, so I told wrong car number that time. She says I was not alone with her. Ishwar says recall well, maybe she has sent someone else.

Kattadhari laughs and says you are smart, how did you get tantric to hypnotize her. Kusum says I would have hypnotized her, but I have open fight with her, so I have hidden my arrows. Devanshi says I don’t remember, I went out and tantric came to ask temple way, then I don’t remember anything. Ishwar says then that tantric did this on Kusum’s saying, she did not let her name come in this, calm down, have food and rest. She says I will have it later.

Ishwar says I know you have long fight ahead, its not easy, come have food. He feeds her food and says its not necessary that every time we will win. She says when I was little, even Omi used to feed me this way. She hugs him and cries. She says Kusum snatched my childhood and even parents, she fooled everyone, tell me when will I get her punished for her sins. He says imp thing is patience to win any war, we are on true path, good never loses.

Kusum says Devanshi got saved today, tomorrow she won’t get saved, tomorrow I will blacken her face and she would have to run away from here. Its morning, Ishwar tells everyone to pray to Maiyya, she knows everything about devotees and their needs. Everyone smile.

Vardaan comes there. They all get shocked seeing Kusum getting drunk and wearing short dress. Kusum dances on Maine hoton se lagai to. They all get shocked. Devanshi smiles. Kattadhari gets shocked. Everyone gossip what is Mata Kusum doing. Devanshi recalls seeing Kattadhari meeting tantric. She thinks its same tantric who hypnotized me. Kattadhari tells his plan. He says Devanshi comes temple every day, take her somewhere to hypnotize her. Take her to servant quarter, I kept small clothes and wine bottle. Tell her to wear short clothes, drink wine and come dancing in the temple, be careful. She hears everything. FB ends.

Kusum dances around Ishwar. Ishwar slaps her. Kusum falls down. Devanshi recalls. FB shows Devanshi catching tantric and saying you got me defamed, you were going to hypnotize me even today. Tantric says you are lying. She says I will bring your truth out. He says no, I have small children, I did mistake to use this art for wrong thing for first time on Kusum’s saying, forgive me. She says I can give you a chance to repent, you have to do this with Kusum on my saying. FB ends.

Kusum gets up and comes to senses. She looks at her clothes. Ishwar covers her with a shawl. Kusum asks how is this bad smell coming. Devanshi goes to her. Nutan asks what did you do. Gopi asks what clothes are you wearing. Devanshi asks what are you doing. Kusum thinks I thought this for Devanshi, why am I doing this, tantric came to talk to me, it means Devanshi got to know this and trapped me. Devanshi says we all are shocked seeing you like this, I can’t believe you can do this, tell me what happened, is everything fine with you.

Kusum thinks this girl is behind this. Devanshi says everyone worries for you, tell us. Kusum asks what shall I say when I don’t remember anything. Devanshi asks did this happen by drinking much wine. Kusum asks you mean I have drinking addiction. Vardaan says no one can do this just by getting drunk. Devanshi says I will say why Kusum does not remember this.

Vardaan catches the tantric and asks on whose saying did you do this. Tantric names Kattadhari.

Update Credit to: Amena

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