DevAnkshi everyone’s fav (episode 2)


D- Orange…….
N- I knew that u ll like Sona di’s choice.
S- Nikki let him complete.
D- Orange is nice but I would like to wear d blue one. Sona is it OK if I wear d orange one on our haldi function?
S- Dev y R u making such a fuss about it. Even I liked the blue one. It’s just that Nikki told me to choose so I chose.
Ishwari (thinks) Did Dev really liked my choice or…. Ohhh Ishwari what nonsense R u thinking. Dev loves u. Even Sona is such a nice girl. I should stop thinking rubbish.
Ria- So decided, Bhaiya is going to wear blue sherwani. Bhaiya I must say it was indeed a tough decision.
RR- Jiji I did so much work today. I m going to sleep.
Mama- But radharani that’s the only work u do whole day….. sleeeepppp.
Everybody laugh. RR makes faces.
I- But bhabhi we ve to select sona’s dress.
RR- Gift her anything. Anyway it would higher than her status.
Sona gets sad n looks down.

I-( sternly) U can go and take rest bhabhi.
After some they all finally choose a dress for Sona. Sona is going towards nikki’s room, when suddenly……
S- you!!!!!
D- yes meeee(does like a robot)
Sona laughs.
S- What R u doing here. N leave me somebody ll come .
D- First tell me did you feel bad for what Mami said?
S- Dev my mom always tells that family is like a kitchen. U ve all types of ingredients. Sweet, bitter,sour,spicy. It’s up to u how well you cook from all these different ingredients.
D- Amongst these what am I (leans forward)
S- Devvvvvv ( punches him )
D- Ouch But jokes apart, but u don’t know how to cook (makes an innocent face)
They both burst out laughing and hug each other.

Ll their love sustain? Or ll somebody create problems for them? Keep guessing 😉


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  1. Sumaiya Sumi

    Nice but hate this GKB RR
    Always make a fuss
    Waiting for the next episode

  2. Vinya

    Nice episode… Gud job…. Keep writing…. ☺ ?

  3. Aaru

    V already hv GKB to create problems n if Ishwari is also added then..problem hi problem..

  4. Manya


  5. Short and sweet epi…

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