DevAnkshi everyoneโ€™s fav (episode 2)

D- Orange…….
N- I knew that u ll like Sona di’s choice.
S- Nikki let him complete.
D- Orange is nice but I would like to wear d blue one. Sona is it OK if I wear d orange one on our haldi function?
S- Dev y R u making such a fuss about it. Even I liked the blue one. It’s just that Nikki told me to choose so I chose.
Ishwari (thinks) Did Dev really liked my choice or…. Ohhh Ishwari what nonsense R u thinking. Dev loves u. Even Sona is such a nice girl. I should stop thinking rubbish.
Ria- So decided, Bhaiya is going to wear blue sherwani. Bhaiya I must say it was indeed a tough decision.
RR- Jiji I did so much work today. I m going to sleep.
Mama- But radharani that’s the only work u do whole day….. sleeeepppp.
Everybody laugh. RR makes faces.
I- But bhabhi we ve to select sona’s dress.
RR- Gift her anything. Anyway it would higher than her status.
Sona gets sad n looks down.

I-( sternly) U can go and take rest bhabhi.
After some they all finally choose a dress for Sona. Sona is going towards nikki’s room, when suddenly……
S- you!!!!!
D- yes meeee(does like a robot)
Sona laughs.
S- What R u doing here. N leave me somebody ll come .
D- First tell me did you feel bad for what Mami said?
S- Dev my mom always tells that family is like a kitchen. U ve all types of ingredients. Sweet, bitter,sour,spicy. It’s up to u how well you cook from all these different ingredients.
D- Amongst these what am I (leans forward)
S- Devvvvvv ( punches him )
D- Ouch But jokes apart, but u don’t know how to cook (makes an innocent face)
They both burst out laughing and hug each other.

Ll their love sustain? Or ll somebody create problems for them? Keep guessing ๐Ÿ˜‰



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