DevAnkshi everyone’s fav (episode 1)


Ishwari mansion is beautifully decorated and shouldn’t it be? It is DEV DIXIT’s engagement tomorrow.
Ishwari is seen ordering the servants
I- Oho don’t keep the case there keep it here. Everything should be perfect. It’s my son’s engagement
I-Are Sona beta come. The designer is on his way. He may come any time.
After some time the designer comes. Ria and Nikki jump over him. Although Sona is not interested in clothes and make up she sits there for their happiness.
Just then Dev enters
N- Bhaiya come, select a sherwani for urself.

D-Nikki u very well know that I don’t know anything about clothes.N what sherwani! No, I am going to wear suit.
S- R u going to sign a deal with me that u R thinking of wearing a suit?
D- Yes lifetime deal.( winks at Sona)
They R totally lost in each other when….
Mama- Ahem Ahem….
Ria- We ll make the work easy for u. Ma u choose one sherwani on Sona di u choose one.Then Bhaiya ll select from it.
S- Dev ll definitely like ma’s choice.

I- It’s nothing like that.
Ishwari picks up a blue sherwani while Sona chooses an orange one.
Ishwari is sure Dev ll select her choice. But she doesn’t show it.
N- Now select one Bhaiya.
After thinking a lot, Dev finally speaks
D- Orange…..

What ll be Ishwari’s reaction? Ll she get sad?
To know keep reading

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  1. Manya

    It’s me AYUSHI u can call me ayushi.episode was Awesomeeeeeeeeee waiting for ishwari’s reaction

  2. Very good fabulous amazing

  3. Godly writing

  4. Deepika1

    Thank you ayushi 🙂

  5. Aaru

    Ab Ishwari tali to bajaegi nhi.. Obviously use bura lagega..

  6. Oho possessiveness of ishwari is gonna start…. poor dev he is suffering btwn his ma n love
    Nice episode

  7. Riyaa

    She won’t be sad I tnk…. update a long epi…it’s too short

  8. Ommg like really epi….mother got jealous and possesivenesss……nice epi….

  9. nice one update asap

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