Hi guys this is an os on devakshi . since it is an os , it is only of one epi ,so pls comment
Sonakshi says dev it has been three months u have proposed me , when will u talk to auntyji . dev says I will talk to her . sonakshi says I told my family about our love , they agreed but…dev says I will talk to her . sonakshi says ok and leaves from there . dev comes to office the next day . somebody knocks the door , he says come in , he is surprised to see sonakshi there , he says tum . sonakshi says dev , I have never come to ur office is it , dev hugs sona . dev suddenly gets shocked . sona turns back and sees ria there . ria says sorry bhai I think I came at the wrong time . dev is shocked , so is sona . sonakshi says ria u know about us . ria says yes why . dev is shocked , ria says I know sonakshi di comes to office daily,to meet u . dev says then why u did not tell us that u know about us . ria says bhai it is ok calm down , I am very happy for u both . dev and sona smile . ria smiles , then she goes and hugs sonakshi , she says here after I will not call u di , u r my bhabi now . sonakshi says I am so happy to get a nanand like u ria . ria says I will go and tell this to nikki . dev says nikki also knows about our love . ria says yes why not , when I know , I will tell to her no . dev says so much has happened in my life and I don’t know anything . ria says u were busy wid sonakshi bhabi no . dev says badmash and runs behind her . sonakshi says dev wait and runs behind him . they seem very happy .
The next day dev musters up courage to go and speak to ishwari , he says ma , what will u do if I tell u that I like somebody and I want to marry her . ishwari is shocked , she says dev u will never marry against my choice no . dev says s ma but I like somebody . ishwari is shocked , she says whom do u love dev . dev says I love miss bose . ishwari gets even more shocked . she shouts angrily , no dev u will not marry her , if u respect me , u will not marry and goes inside her room .she thinks how much dev respected her , but the biggest decision in his life , he took on his own . he then thinks of how happy when sona was wid him . she thinks no , sona is a good girl , I should accept for this marriage .
Dev knocks the door ,ishwari opens the door . dev says I don’t want to marry sonakshi without ur willingness and leaves from there .
The next day ishwari comes back home . dev asks her where did she go . ishwari says I went to talk about ur marriage . dev is shocked . she says the girl’s family is very good , the girl is also very good . wait I will show u the girl’s photo . dev is shocked . ishwari takes her phone and shows it to dev . dev is surprised seeing sona’s photo in it . he says ma , ishwari says I can do this much for u . dev hugs ishwari . nikki says wow bhai , I am so happy for u and hugs dev . ria also hugs him . dev gets a phone call . he says wow it is a great news . dev says ma neha is pregnant . ishwari says today two two good things .
After one year
Two babies r seen crying. Sonakshi comes and picks both the babies in her hands , she takes care of them and both of them sleep . ishwari comes there and says devakshi aur ishwar ko mujhe de do , sona says take them ma (devakshi was dev and sonakshi’s daughter , one of the twin babies born to devakshi). Ishwari says sonakshi , devakshi looks exactly like u . sonakshi says and ishwar looks exactly like dev is it not . yes ishwar was twin boy of devakshi and son of dev and sonakshi .ishwari says ya . ishwari goes taking devakshi and ishwar in her hands . dev comes from office . he sees sona sleeping and kisses her ,sonakshi says dev , aa gaye office se , shall we go somewhere out tomorrow . dev says sure and kisses sona . sona hugs dev .

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  1. Sarayumane

    hai hai, kitna acha hai. wow, i wish it happens for real

  2. Super. I really love reading about Dev and Sona. Thank you for this story it was amazing

  3. Very nice hope ishwari accepts dev and sonakshi’s relationship like this in real serial also……

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  5. Superb i really liked it

  6. Loved it

  7. superb

  8. Asmita...

    very nice…

    1. Asmita why have u stopped Ur detailed updates?
      Pls make it no

  9. Awesomeeeeeeeeee

  10. positive.
    loved it totally. twin part was the best .Thanks a lot!!!!!!

  11. Priya9876

    Waooo very nice story…twin baby of dev n sona….yipeee….
    ND names are too cute devakshi nd ishwar..

    Hope tht the same thing happens also in serial..

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