DevAkshi: ‘You’ll be Mine Always!’ #One shot

Hi my friends…!! How are you all?? Long time na… I m soooo sorry… Actually was very busy with my exams and still busy.. but I take out the time for this os.. I went and didn’t informed you all sorry.. I’ll continue my ff ‘Love or Mistake’ after 12th May.. My exams will end on 12th nd I will soon continue.. ????

Here is the os ???

• • • • • • • •
I am Sonakshi Bose. A librarian.
I was engrossed in the novel “A WALK TO REMEMBER BY NICHOLAS SPARKS” in the library. I love to read love stories and want someone to love me like Rome loved Juliet. I was not loved by any one. I didn’t even found love of my family members. I am craving for love. I want attention. I want someone to care for me. It wasn’t that my family left me. It was that God snatched them from me. I had a family with my Mom and Dad and my cute sister Mahi. When I was 7, our car met with a dreadful and horrible accident and only I was the one who survived. My Mom,Dad and Mahi left me. They left me in this cruel world. God snatched my everything from me. Then I was left in an orphanage. When I was 16, I left that orphanage and started to work here as a librarian. And now it has been 8 years since I am working here as a librarian. I too love reading books that is why i chose this.

My thoughts were disturbed by a sweet, melodious voice. A young men of age of about above 25 was standing in front of me with a book. He was a very handsome, good looking, hot man I have ever seen. Did I just say handsome, good looking, hot?,“Hey! I am Dev Dixit. I want to buy this book. Can I?” he asked me with his cute expressions. My heart say HE IS THE ONE. I brushed my thoughts away and replied, “No, you can’t buy it. But you can read it here in the library.” “Oh! Then tell me the timings of library?” I replied, “3 p.m to 8 p.m”. “Oh, Thanks..!” he said and moved from there. I saw him from the window sitting in the car. And he drove off. I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to be his friend but he had gone. I wished that he come tomorrow.
I got up from my seat and closed the library. I sat in my car and drove to my house.

Next Day @ 1 p.m
I was eagerly waiting the for the clock to strike 3 p.m because I hoped that he will come. Whole night, I was thinking of him and was not able to sleep properly.
I grabbed my car keys and left for the library as the clock strikes 1:30. I reached at the library at about 2:00 p.m. My supervisor was standing on the door. She asked me, “Twinkle, this much early?” “Dida, I was getting bored in the house so thought of coming early. Do you have any problem?” She laughed, “I don’t have any problem my bachha. Its just you never came so early.” I smiled back to her and moved inside. She was a very honest and very good person. I loved her personality. She loves me with all her heart, and I too loves her. I found a grandmother in her whom I longed for years. I found that love within her. I sat on my table engrosses in the thoughts of DEV DIXIT. Its such a sweet name. Sonakshi! why are you thinking so much about him. He is same like every other person who visits the library.

He is an ordinary men just like other. “That is the problem that he is not ordinary.”My heart said. Uggghhh this feeling na. I just hate it. What if he doesn’t feel same about me. My thoughts were again disturbed when someone asked me about the novel “LOVE STORY BY ERICH SEGAL”. I looked at him. He was none other than him. My eyes sparkled. May be he saw that sparkle. “Let me find that.”, I said. He gave an assured look. “Here it is!”, I said passing him the novel. “Thanks”, he replied.

He sat down and started reading the book. I was only admiring him. His sweet nature. His eyes, in which I want to sink. His lips, on which I want mine. His hairs, which I want to caress. His hands, which I want to hold for the rest of my life. But my past haunts me. No, i can’t suffer anymore heart breaks. What if he also break my heart. No, i can’t do this. I can’t love him. I brushed my thoughts away and started my work.
• • • • • • • •
She is beautiful. Did I just said beatiful? Huhhh ..! How can I? She is not my type. But why she is attracting me. Her innocent face is stretching me towards her. Her name? What’s her name? She is not like other girls who laugh always, who jokes around me. But look at her, she isn’t giving any attention to the most hot, and handsome Dev Dixit.

Pain and sadness is clearly visible on her face. But why? I should find out.? But why should I? She is no one to me. “She is everything for you”, my heart said. “Is this true?, I asked. “Yes it’s true”, again my heart says. “Ya, heart is right, she is everything for you. You love her.” My mind said. “ for the first time you have said something sensible.” my heart said to mind. “Shut up”, my mind replied to heart. I wonder is this that much important that my mind is agreeing about what my heart said else always they fight with each other whenever I go to propose any girl. “My love for her is this much strong that you both are agreeing on the same thing?”, I asked from my mind and heart. “Yes” both replied at the same time. “Only you can make her happy!” mind said.

I m such a big flirt. I change my girl friends every single day then how come I love someone and that too only seeing her once. Not even talking to her. But i fell for her simplicity, i found something in her which I never found in any other girl. She is so pure and simple and that’s the thing I fell in love with her. She is not even comparable to other girls. She is different from others.
I stood up from the chair and went towards her. “Hi, Myself Dev Dixit!” , I said forwarding my hand. She looked up at me, “So what can I do?” she asked with a stern in her voice. Strange, another different thing from other girls. Other girls cling onto me. They stick like a chewing gum and look at her. Dev Dixit came to her and she is ignoring him.
• • • • • •
I saw him standing nearby my chair. “What do you want?”, I asked him rudely. Though , i didn’t wanted to be like that but i can’t love him. What if he doesn’t love me back. He looked straight into my eyes and came closer to my face. I was sitting on the chair so couldn’t move back. He came closer to my cheeks. I thought he was going to kiss me, i closed my eyes tightly but far away from my thoughts he whispered in my ears “I want you!”, he whispered huskily and moved back. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling folding his hands. Uff his killer smile. Killed me! I gave a confused look. He understood that and again said, “I want You..!”. Before I could reply, I heard Dida calling me, “Sonakshi..”, “Coming Dida,” i replied and stood up. No i can’t love him. If he knows my past, then surely he will leave me.
• • • • •
“Sonakshi, Beautiful name. Just like a beautiful girl!” I said to myself. I smiled at myself you are deeply in love Mr. Dev Dixit.! I patted my head and again sat down.
One month passed. I always used to visit Library. Sometimes, i saw her stealing glances of mine. But whenever i look at her, she looked away. I tried thousand times to talk to her but she always ignored me.

One day, Dida called me at her home. I reached there @ 9 p.m. I rang the bell and a servant opened the gate. I entered the house and saw Dida sitting on the sofa. “Dev, beta come sit down.!” I sat on the sofa, “Why did you call me here?” “Relax, actually i wanted to talk to you about something important.” “What important Dida?” “Why are you calling me Dida?” “Vo…actually na..!vo Sonakshi..” she smiled “Because Sonakshi calls me Dida, that’s why na.?” I looked at her surprised. How does she know.? “You love her right?” I was shocked. “Don’t be shocked, i know how hard you tried to talk to her in this 1 month? I saw love in your eyes for her! That pure love for which she was longing?” “But Dida, why she doesn’t talk to me? I truly love her.” “I know beta, but she had a past!” “What past.?” “She never told this to anyone and strictly forbid me to do so, but now it is about her life, she has right to laugh, to smile, to cheer her life. And only you can help her in that! You have the right to know about her past!”
My heart was beating very fast. My breaths were not normal. It was looking like anytime my heart will stop beating.
“She is an orphan! Her family died in a car accident when she was so little. She was never loved by any one. She always wanted true love. When she was 16, she came here. I loved her like my own daughter. She was happy that she found someone in this world but her happiness doesn’t lasts longer. Some bad eyes were on her.!” Her eyes became watery. A lone tear escaped from my eye. How much she suffered. I was thinking of that and then i couldn’t stop my tears. My tears started flowing.
“Then..!?” i asked in a trembling voice.
“A guy proposed her. She accepted. She loved him dearly and he made her believe that he also loves her. But in real he doesn’t. He ditched her. She was left heart broken. I made her normal but again a dreadful incident which changed her completely.”
I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing. My eyes were bloodshot red. I wanted to kill that person but next what dida told me was enough for me to cry like a child.
She told me, “Then a devil entered her life who broke her completely. She started loving him and he also proposed her but….” her voice shaked.
“But what dida?” i said again with a trembling voice.

“He doesn’t loved her. He only wanted her body. And one day when she was alone in the house. HE RAPED HER,.!” Saying this she started sobbing.
My world slipped beneath my feet. I never thought in my wildest dreams about this. I fell down from the sofa and shouted like an insane. I started crying louder and louder. My tears were not stopping. I was having problem in breathing. I was shattered completely. I knew something was there. Something which she was hiding. But I never thought that this could be like this. Tears weren’t stopping. My throat choked. I tried to talk but of no use. Why God why?? Why you made her suffer so much. You should have given her pain to me. I promise you Sonakshi, from now there will be no pain and grief. Only love and happiness.
Finally I stood up with much courage and ran outside. I sat down in the car and drove off ignoring Dida’s call. I made my way towards Sonakshi’s house.
• • • •
I heard door bell ringing. I walked towards the gate to open. The bell was continuously ringing. I shouted “Who the helll…..” and opened the door. My words were left incomplete as I saw Dev standing infront of me in a very bad condition. His hairs were messy. His eyes bloodshot red. Looks like he cried a lot.

“Dev…!” before I could say anything he quickly hugged me.
I was shocked. He was holding me tightly. I could feel something wet on my neck. I thought something and yes I was true. He was crying. His sobbing was increasing. I caressed his hairs. Soon his sobbing turned into loud cries.
“Dev, what happened? Tell me?” he replied nothing
I took him to the hall and made him sit down on the sofa. I sat down on the floor holding his hand. A tear escapes from my eye. Don’t know why? I love him haan.. i love him. I can’t help myself.

I was stunned. Does he loves me? But how do he know my past.
He was crying. “Dev please stop crying…! I can’t see tears in your eyes.”
“First tell me you love me?” he said still sobbing “I don’t love you Dev.” “Don’t lie at least from me!” I saw him. His eyes indicating pain, love.
“Dev you don’t know my past!” I said. “I know Sonakshi. Dida told me.!” He said still crying
“You know my past but still love me why?” I asked “Because you are different. I love your soul,not your body, I love ur heart not your face! I have no concern with your past. I just want to be your present and future I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS DO ..!”
[You see this guy, this guy’s in love with you
Yes I’m in love who looks at you the way I do
When you smile I can tell it know each other very well
How can I show you I’m glad I got to know you ’cause
I’ve heard some talk they say you think I’m fine
This guy’s in love and what I’d do to make you mine
Tell me now is it so don’t let me be the last to know
My hands are shakin’ don’t let my heart keep breaking ’cause
I need your love, I want your love
Say you’re in love and you’ll be my girl, if not I’ll just die]

I started crying and said in between my tears “Dev, I am Rape…!” I felt something on my lips and he stopped me by kissing me ..! It was passionate kiss which was showing his love for me. I couldn’t reciprocate. Soon, the flashes of that night came infront of me and I pushed him hard. I started panicking.
“Sonakshi, its me your Dev… calm down…!” he said

I was not in my senses. To calm me he hugged me tightly.
“Never say that word again from your mouth! You are only mine. After knowing your past, I still love you like I do before and I promise you that it will never change but will increase as the time passes.!” He said still crying. I was also crying.
I broke the hug “I am sorry Dev, I thought..!” “Sssshh! You don’t need to be sorry!”
I got up but he holds my wrist and pulled me into his lap..!
• • • • •
I pulled her on my lap. She was crying. I sucked the tears flowing from her eyes. She closed her eyes as she felt my lips sucking her tears. She is damn cute. I am lucky to have her. I tucked her hair strands behind her ear and kisses her there. She moaned my name “DEV…” I smiled..!
[Lovin’ you is easy cause you’re beautiful
Makin’ love with you is all I want to do
Lovin’ you is more than just a dream come true
And everything that I do is out of lovin’ you
La la la la la la la… do do do do do]

[No one else can make me feel
The colors that you bring
Stay with me while we grow old
And we will live each day in springtime
Cause lovin’ you has made my life so beautiful
And every day my life is filled with lovin’ you]

She smiled and I kissed her forehead. She had a smile of satisfaction. “I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH DEV..! I REALLY DO..!” She said pecking my lips.
“I LOVE YOU TOO MY LOVE …!!!” I said and captured her lips in a liplock. She opened her mouth to let out a moan & I entered her mouth. Our tongues were fighting for dominance. She was still on my lap. I squeezed her waist. Her hands were travelling in my hairs. I wanted to freeze the moment there only. This was the best feeling ever. Finally after about 10 minutes. We broke the kiss. She was blushing like hell looking more than cute and I wanna eat her. We both were breathing heavily. She stood up from my lap but again I held her wrist and she loses the balance and fall on me. I was lying on the sofa and she was on top of me. Her hairs were creating a wall between us. I tucked her hairs behind her ears. She is the prettiest girl i ever met. Her innocence made me go crazy for her. That is why she is my Girl…!

She tried to get up but I pulled her on to me by holding her waist. She lands upon my chest. “Sonakshi, I really want to stay like this, please..!” I said. “Dev, but??” she said.
“Sonakshi please na, I want you to forget all your pains and sorrows. And Dida said that only I can do that..!” she blushed “Haan I am serious..!” i said. “Okk my love, I lost you won ..!” she said and rests her head on my chest. We were in the same position. She was lying on top me. “Dev..!” she said
“Hmmm?” i asked. “You will never leave me na?” “Never Sonakshi, till my last breath. I will love you only..!” I said

“Sonakshi you know, I found you na, i found your love .. then now if death will also come na. I will die happily..!” I said and she hit me on my chest. “You idiot, duffer,stupid.. I hate you..!” she said still on me beating me. “Sonakshi its hurting please..!” she started sobbing..! “Sonakshi..!” I caressed her face. “Why are you crying?” I asked “Why you talked about death?? Haan .., you know I can’t live without you..!” She said crying. I never thought that she will take it too seriously..! “I am sorry..! I will never talk about death now..!” I replied and kissed her eyes..! “Promise..!?” she asked “Promise..!” I replied..!

I pecked her lips. “YOU WILL BE MINE ALWAYS..” I said hugging her tightly still in the same position..!
“AND YOU WILL BE MINE ALWAYS..!” She replied reciprocating the hug ….!

[Lovin’ you I see your soul come shinin’ through
And every time that we oooooh
I’m more in love with you
La la la la la la la… do do do do do]

• • • • • • •
The screen freezes on Sonakshi on top of Dev hugging him and Dev hugging her back..!!


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    OR ye batadena he really exist..?????
    N ge twinj os tha kya..?
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      Love u..
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