A devakshi : I won’t give up on u so don’t give up on me (Two shots part 1)

Hi there people I’m Rithika here,
I’m back with few TS hope u really like it and I’m really happy u all loved my ff so please read this
Let’s start..

Asha : Arey beta again ur thinking about that incident it has been 10 years please stop thinking about it
Sonakshi : Ma I can’t stop thinking about him I still do love him and he left me for only going London this is not done

This takes place ten years ago when Sona was in college. She sat near a boy who fell for her beauty always staring at her
Boy : (thinks) What a beautiful girl who would not like her
Little did he know that she was barely intrested in him only in studies. He followed her everywhere once she really got irritated
Sonakshi : Listen would u stop following me
Boy : I’m not
Sonakshi : Oh I’m getting late for my class
She walks but slips but there were two strong arms holding her the boy made her stand
Sonakshi : Thanks but I’m getting late by the way ur in my class to right so don’t u want to come
Boy : Yes
He again follows her. In the break. Sona sits near the boy
Sonakshi : Thanks again for saving me. So friends
The boy got happy
Boy : Yes sure by the way my name is Dev Dixit
Sonakshi : Ok nice meeting u Dev my name is Sonakshi Bose
Dev : Nice or maybe very nice meeting u
Sonakshi : Huh?
Dev : Nothing
Again gets lost in his world Dev sits and stares at her. Few weeks pass Dev Sona get attached to each other more but don’t know when do they confess it to each other. They talk to each other in the night
Dev : Sonakshi tomorrow we’ll meet in the college garden
Sonakshi : Sure byee

They both think that they’ll tell each other what they feel for each other. Next morning in the school garden
Sonakshi : Yes Dev u called me here
Dev : Yes I did I only want to tell u one thing that I…
Sonakshi gets very excited
Sonakshi : I what?
Dev : I love u Sonakshi
Sonakshi hugs Dev tight
Sonakshi : I love u too Dev
He hugs her back. They spend a lot of good times together but one day
Sonakshi : How can u leave me like this
Dev : Sona please understand I have to leave
Sonakshi : Fine leave me
Dev : Please understand Sona I have to go
They get into a fight and they both leave in anger
~Flashback ends~

Sonakshi : How how can he do this he left me in just one miniute
In mumbai one man in thoughts(note: Sona is also in mumbai)
Man : In took her one miniute to this I just told her I’m going to London for few years and this what she did
Man 2 : May I come in Mr. Dev
So this man is none other than Dev
Dev : Yes
Man 2 : Sir sign the papers
Dev signs the papers and he leaves. Dev reaches home and again thinks about Sona
Ishwari : Dev again.. again ur thinking about her leave it
Dev : No ma I still love her how can she do this no ma I can’t forget her

Few days later in the Devakshi favourite coffee shop Sona walks out she slips there were two strong arms to hold her and she was shocked seeing that person who was Dev they both were very happy seeing each other but in the end they remember what happened 10 years ago
Sonakshi and Dev at the same time : You??
Dev : What r u doing here
Sonakshi : Oh hello it’s my wish where I go and where I don’t go
Dev : (thinks) I hope u forgave me for what I did
Sonakshi : (thinks) Just once Dev only once tell me that u love me
Dev : Fine I’ll itself leave do what u want here
Sonakshi : Fine leave
They both leave
Dev : (thinks) Did she forget what happened 10 years ago. Did my Sona forget me.. No Dev did u see her eyes they were
still full of love for u.. This means Sona still hasn’t forgotten u Dev
While on the other hand Sonakshi
Sonakshi : Did he forget what he told me

Dev : Sonakshi I’ll never give up on u so don’t give up on me
Sonakshi : Never not in 100 years
~Flashback ends~

Sonakshi : Did he really give up on me
Thanks for reading my ts part 1 really hope u all liked it comments please

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