devakshi – u r my love (episode 1)

Guys i am Siddhi and this is first time i am writing a ff on devakshi.To be honest i am not a fan of devakshi but writing their ff for u all so i atleast want 40 comments.

Dev’s POV

Omg i am stuck in the room with this Sona.Why i came in Mahabaleshwar with Sona for the meeting!

We were in office.I came to all of them and told that there is a meeting in Mahabaleshwar and only some of them can come.Dont know why on earth i choosed Sona to come with me.

I said that Sona and some other employees are gonna come with me.

The employees got happy including Sona.Why i felt happy by her smile?

It was evening and i was still in office.Today was too much work as tomorrow i have leave for Mahabaleshwar.

My head started paining because of working too much.I asked one of my employee to bring medicine for headache.

I closed my laptop and closed my eyes for a monent.When i closed my eyes i saw Sona’s smile.My felt very happy and a smile crept on my face.Now i was dreaming about her when i heard a knock on the door.I opened my eyes and saw Sona.

Sona’s POV

I am stuck in this room.I think i should have not come here.Its too hot and lights have also gone.

I still remember when i entered inside the cabin and Dev sir was smiling for no reason.

To bring him in the world i knocked on door and he waked up.

Thank god

I cane inside the cabin and gave him medicine as the employee told me to do so.His worker works more than him but he have a headache?!

While taking the glass of water Dev sir smiled at me which melted my heart.

I felt like i am in cloud nine.I dont know why i was feeling it but it felt really good.

End of POV

Devakshi were stuck in the hotel room because when electricity was gone then locked themselves in the room.

Sona:Sir now what are we gonna do?

Dev:I dont know?!

Sona:Its too hot here!

Dev:As its end of april.Isnt their any generators in this hotels?

Sona:They should have kept.

Dev:Lets try to open the door once again.

Both go towards door and try to push the door but failed.

Sona:This door is also not opening.

Dev:Now what we will do?

Precap-Dev and Sona get out of the room.They return to Mumbai.
Guyzz hope u like it and i should atleast get 40 comments




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    I’m so so so sorry siddhi… .i just now came to know that u posted it….there was some problem due 2which i can’t able 2 see notifications….n i didn’t came 2 kuch rang pyar ke page FM last 1 week… was awesome….. I loved it….plz post next one soon….& if possible plz after updating sent me a pm……plzzzzzz……post soon….waiting.

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