Devakshi – Our Sweet Reunion – an OS by NIVU

Hai friends…..
I’m nivu…… I know many of you from this forum and I even read many of your ffs too…. and I’m also a big fan of Devakshi….. I’m here with an OS which happens post their leap…. Hope you all will like it.

Dev’s room :

The morning sunrays made their way slowly into the huge room filling it with vibrant orange and crimson red colours. Dev was still cuddling his blanket lost in his dream world. ” Utiye Dev….. !! Aaj aapko office nahi jaana hai kya…??Mujhe clinic tak kaun drop karega??” Unknowingly a small curve came on his lips….. Suddenly he could hear his heart yelling “No Dev….. you both are no longer the ideal couple nor you both stay together….. ” . The smile on his face turned into a heavy sigh bringing his eyebrows closer in pain. He opened his eyes only to be surrounded by the 4 gray walls of his huge room. He felt that even the walls sarcastiaclly laughed on their separation and his loneliness…..

Dev managed himself to get detached from the cushion bed walking hazily bringing halt to his legs near the mirror…. He stared straight into his eyes which has a deep pain of loosing her and pushing himself too much hard for staying away from HER for 7 long years…….

SHE was none other than Sonakshi…. Sorry she was ” Dr. Bose ” for him. The girl who has taught him to see things with a different perspective and embracing life with open arms shading his life with all the possible combination of bright colours…… She was only in his life for a short span of 2 years and that was more than enough for her to transfer ‘ Cassinov Dixit ‘ into ‘ lover boy Dixit….. !! ‘

He came into senses seeing Golu standing beside him on the dressing table….. !!

Golu : ” Bicha….. !! Mein aap se bohot naraz hun….., Chote bacchon ke saath aapko aisa nahi karna chahiye tha…. ”

Dev : ” are golu….. Bataou toh sahi ki tumhara bicha ne aisa kya kiya hai jinko lekar uska pyaara dost golu itna naaraz hai….. !!”

golu : ” koi faida nahi hai….. mein toh bhul gaya tha ki mera bicha ko koi kaam yaad nahi rehta hai….. !!”

Dev : ” ohh….. !! nahi baba tumhara bicha ko sab kuch yaad hai. Dekho mein ne tumhara naya remote car kal raat hi room mein rakh diya tha….. ”

golu : ” Nahi bicha…… aapne phir se galat guess kiya…. !! bahout seekhna padega appko mujhse….. !! ”

Dev : ” bataou toh sahi….. ki kya baat hai ”

Golu : ” aapne promise kiya tha ki sunday ko mujhe cycling sikhayenga…. !!…. par aap toh bad boy ke tarah soo rahe ho…… !!. So Dosti Katti……”

Dev : ” aisa mat kar yaar golu….. ek hi toh dost bacha hai mera pura shehar mein….. mein sorry hun baba…. bahut bahut sorry hun…..!!”

Golu : ” Is baar Sorry se kuch nahi hone wala hai bicha …. aapko utak baitak karna padega ”

Dev : ” are yaar golu…, already meine bohout baar tumhare liye utakh baitak kar chuka hun yaar….. is baar toh chod de yaar tumhara bicha ko…. !!”

Golu : ” Teekh hai….. is baar chod deta hun….. par aapko mujhe cycling ke liye baahar lekar jaana hai…. ”

Dev : ” teekh hai…. tum bahar kehlte raho…. mein jaldi tayar hokar aata hun ”

Dev was more than chacha to Golu. He loved him the most as it acted as an medicine to stay away from his loneliness atleast for some time…… Dev qickly freshned himself pushing his body into a Orange T-shirt and setting his wet hair allowing 2 strands of it to fall on his forehead. ” I know sona likes this colour on me….. ” he murmurered to himself tying the Rolex watch firmly to his left hand wrist which she has once gifted to him.

Both Dev and golu came to a nearby park named ‘The Fun Land Park ‘ . Dev was soo happy to teach golu cycling which brought some pleasant flashes of his childhood in mind…… Suddenly golu slipped from the his grip and in the course of saving him from getting hurt ; Dev banged his head to a nearby poal. Drooping golu back to house dev rushed to the ‘ City Central Health Center ‘ . He has just placed a white hankeey on the wound…. As he sat outsid waiting for his appointment he could see the handkerchief getting drenched in darker shades of red colour…… !!

Dev slightly opened the room door. There was a womenly figure which was sitting with her back facing him busy typing something on the computer. “Please be seated…. I’ll be back in a minute ” she said. At a moment Dev felt that he had heard that voice…. It was Sonakshis voice…. After 7 long years his ears have heard the most pleasant tune which his ears craved for….

“Sorry, I just took a minute more….. How can I help you….??” She said turning back….it was a bit difficult for him to recognise her…. She was looking very different with hairs up to shoulders with some wild glow of joy and happiness….. !! Dev knew that she was happy in her proffesion, and had moved a way too long but he was the one who left behind…. !!Suddenly Dev could notice her face going pale and dry. But she composed herself in a minute They just stared into each others eyes which had the same depth of loneliness in them…. ” Hai sona…, sorry Dr. Bose…..!! It was just a small cut when I banged my head to a poal……”

Sonakshi pulled her chair near to him to have a closer look at the wound. He could feel her breathing which sent a tingling sensation down the spine. ” It’s not a small cut…. But a deep one, May be it needs a 4-5 stiches. Are you okay with it??” She asked with a voice of concern. “Yaa….. I’m absolutely fine with it….. I’m used to deep wounds….!!” Dev replied sarcastically. ” okay then….. Relax your body..!! I’ll be back with the equipments….” Saying so sonakshi went to get the tool box.

Dev was sweating heavily sitting in front of her suddenly after long time…. !! “Its not hot over her….Have you still not overcome your fear of hospitals…??”. This question came straight away from sona.
” I still havent overcome my love for you either , sona”

” Did I just said that….??” Dev cursed himself 4 that… !!. There was long silence in the air of the clinic room for the rest 30 minutes until she finished stitching…. !!She pulled herself away from him and handed him a sheet of papers with a list of tablets and the next day of appointment where she will be removing the stitches…. !!

Dev went near the door , turned back and said….. ” All I want to say is both of us were right in our ways sona, but destiny has this separation in store for us. I’m happy to see you again……I know I’m wrong but I don’t want to be left alone anymore….!!” Saying so Dev stood near the door waiting 4 a reply from her side… !!

Images of all their sweet moments , lovely talks, friendly messages, secure hugs , hands in hands, nights spent together , mornings woken up in each other arms went continuously in her eyes. She reminisced that it was not only Dev on the fault side. She too was equally responsible for that….. She got up from her chair and went near…. too near to him… and said

” I’m sorry too. All I wanted you to do is stay in my life because you are the only reason I have hold on until now. Its been over the last 7 years I have learned that while trying to distract myself , I can’t run away from my feelings for you…… I got into this job as a distraction, a mere try to distract myself from our haunting longing ness… I know we have blocked out each other, but we can’t go like this all along….. So promise me Mr.Dev Dixit…. , a true and a honest promise that you will stay with me forever this time….!!”

Dev was just out of world that finally he got his reason to be alive. He took her hands in his and saying ” A pakka wala promise Dr. Bose, I’ll forever be your love patient….. !! “……. They was a long hug and a deep kiss followed by that which sealed their reunion forever…. !!

So how was this short OS guys….
Please drop down your comments and that would be a true appreciation to me….
Tq 4 the beautiful cover Maggie……❤❤❤
Nivu saying bye 4 now…
Keep smiling and take care
Love you all loads…..???❤❤

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  4. it was a very sweet os with no negativity

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    Os was short and sweet..amazing. ..luved it…

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    That’s so cute dear..loved it. Short n sweet?
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