DevAkshi: Partners for Life (CHAPTER #3)


The next day was a bit hectic for bose n ofcourse dixit’s tooo…
At bose place..dey were out for a shopping for d engagement…
N dixit’s were making all d arrangements as dey had to leave d another morning…

@ delhi:
Shopping mall
Sona,elena n all d bose ladies were in ladies section..from d morning..
Sona chose a beautiful blue color lehenga with a golden blouse with a diamond work on it

(☝?sona’s dress)
Asha chose a pink n cream saari for herself..n afteralot of thinking n all…elena chose herself a red lehenga with golden work…perfect for a bride…
Dey all came out of d shop wanting to move to sm matching jewelleries n footwear…
But before dey could…
Bijoy n saurabh came..

“Lets go…its already evening…n v all r done with d shopping also..”bijoy spoke not aware about d fact dat ladies had till just chose semself a dress not anything matching to der outfit.
“Bijoy, v r not done with our shopping yet..v had chose a dress for ourself..n evrything else is still left”aasha spoke d last sence in a low tone…
Listening dis bijoy jaws touched d ground..
He was shocked..
“Wat..!i cant beleive dis..anyway watever u all wanna do,do..!!v r going for cafe n den v’ll leave to our house”  said trying to control his anger..
D ladies just nodded n quickly left for shopping remaining things as fast as dey could
By 8 or near..d ladies was done with d shopping fully tired..dey leave for der place


@ london
Dixit’s were all in a dey hav to left another morning..
Dey had to do some shopping n ofcourse packing too…
Ishwari was packing her bag while niki,neha n riya were out for a shopping..dey had to buy a drees of engagement…as engagement would b after d day dey reach so dey would not have tym…dev,as a hardworking guy..was on his daily routinue to his office totally forget about engagement…
In evening,wen ishwari was done with her packing..she FINALLY remember dev…
She took out her phone to call(smartphone..ha..!not like in serial????)
“Yaa maa…dont worry m coming…”dev answered d call…
“N yaa pack my bag..m leaving to singapore tomorrow by morning flight”said tired dev fully exhaustes about her meeting at singapore totally forget about d fact dat dey hav to leave for india

“Dev..!singapore..?..v r leaving to india..tomorrow..”said a confused ishwari
“Oooooo shit…!i totally forget about dat…n i hav a very important meeting in singapore ma..! Wat’ll i do now….”replied dev remembering finally
“I think u should cancel d meeting..u cant miss d engagement..n yaa u n sonakshi were going to handle about decoration na..! How’ll she handle alone”
“No maa..! I cant as my trustfull employy is in hospital n i cant trust any1 for dis…n den i am going to take a long leace for marriage too…so not possible..! N bout decoration i think sonakshi is a responsible gurl..i will explain evrything wat i had thought..n ofcourse she would also have some ideas…u jz giv me her number..i’ll talk to her”said dev…giving his final decesion

“Okay..i’ll give u..”said a bit disappointed ishwari.
“Maaa..!y r u sad..! I cant cm ..sorry…n also during these delhi vicky will b on leave…der will b huge loss here n der too…sorry na..!”
“Its okay beta i an understand..”n ishwari disconnected d call…
She call asha n ask her for sona’s number den she send it to dev…

Aftet some tym..dixit gurls came dey entered ishwari welcomed dem with a huge smile of excitement…n hold all d shopping bags n dey sat in hall.
“So..u bring wat i asked for…?” Ishwari asked in excitement…
“Yaa maa…!here u go”said niki handing a shopping bag to ishwari
“U know maa..! M soo excited..i m finally goint to india..”said n excited niki
“ tooo…v’ll had so much fun na..!” Riya said happily
“Haa..! N v talk to sona di..she is so friendly…n elena bhabhi tooo….so i m just  so eager to goo…”jump niki in happiness..
“Okay…chalo go n freshen up..!”ishwari commanded n dey leave..

Later dat night wen dev compltd his all work for meeting in singapore…he saw d tym..  Guess dat it would b 9 in india…
“Should i call her now..?? Wat if she woukd hav sleep..?”dev thought
“I should msg her…if she reply den i’ll call her..”thinkimg dis he msgd her “hey,howz u..?”

@ delhi
Sonakshi get a msg from.n unknown number…
She was confused..
“Hii..m fine..but who r u..?”
She replid eagerly as she make out dat dis number is from uk
Dev immediately saw d msg…
N called her
“Hii..hope i dint disturb u..!”said dev as she answered d call
“Dev…??”she guessed…

“Ya..m dev..sorry to call u at dis tym..but i was bit busy..”replied dev
“Oh..nah..its okay…i was awake..”replied sonakshi
“But y did u called me..?anything serious..?”asked sona suspiciously
“Ah..! Actually……”he stopped n den continued..
“Actually i forgot bout d engagement…n my meeting is der tomorrow so i hav to leave for singapore…n i cant send any one else to crack dis deal ..n my trustful employ is hospitalized…so..i woukd not b able to attend d soorry sonakshi i could not b able to help u in decoration as per decided..m really feeling very much guilty…!”he said in one go..
Sonakshi adore his innocense..she jz loved how he called her sonakshi…she felt a different feelin which she was also unaware of it …
“Calm down mr.dixit..!”she tried to calm down…

“U can call m dev…i dont mind…no need to do any formality…n  hopping dat v r now frnds..?!!he asked…
“Ok so dev..n ofcourse v r…n u dont need to worry…jz go with d flow..i mean u no need to worry i’ll handle here..”she said smiling..
Dev felt a agreeable chill passing down his spine listening his name from her mouth
“Okay..thank u soo much for understanding..”dev said in excitement…
“No thanx n sorry in frndship”sonakshi commanded…
N dey both  chuckle..
“ i had some ideas..n i know u would hav also think v will talk tomorrow morning about dat as i m tooo sleepy now”she said while yawning
“ worry..v’ll discuss tomorrow morning..”he said smiling at her sweet yawn
“Ok so bahbye dev”soakshi said…
“Bye sonakshi” he siad smiling…
“Bye..”she again said..
“Bye..”he replied unaware of wat dey r doing..he jz want to talk more with her..(??)
Dis goes on…n wen dey realize..had a heartly laugh…
“Ok so finl bye..”said soankshi n was about to hang d phone..
“Sonakshi..!”dev called out…
She smiled n said “yaa”

“Good night..n take care..!”she smile at dis…
“U tooo…!”replied sonakshi n den finally both hang d phone not wanting but dey had too..
Dev leaves to his place as it was gis tym to go..n sonakshi slept on her cosy bed..remembering der talk on d call…her cheeks were geting red..she was unaware of d fct y she was for d first tym attracting towards a guy..s she had never had a boyfriend…
She brushed away all dis thoughts n sleep having a broad smile on her face..
Dev while driving…

Remeber der first she came running n answered d call..her beautiful innocent face..den der talk soketyms before n der “bye bye”ceremony..he was smiling unknowingly…soon he realized dat he was thinking so much about her…he rub dis thought n leave for his place…


D next day dixit very early morning leave for india ..n dev was der only as his flight was delayed at night..
So he had whole morning n evening..
He planned all wat he want in engagement..n was just waiting for sonakshi’s call…
As his phone rang…he quickly answred it..
“Hii..”he sad having a broad smile..
“Hello dev”replied emphasizing on word dev..
“Okay so lemme explain u about my ideas..”he said not giving more attention to her…as he was for d first tym getting attracted to a gurl…n also je loved it..but he wantgo comcentate on his work righ now..
He tried explaining her…but she didnt..
After half an hour..
“Wait..i think v shoukd talk through video call..i had drawn practically may b u will understand..!”he said..
“Oh yaa dats a good idea..!”n dey disconnected d call
Dev called her n she immediately accepts it..
He was mesmerized seeing her beauty..she had made her hair into a messy bun..some of d ahirs were coming on her face…wore a simple yet beautiful pink long kurti…
“Helllllooooo”said sonakshi almost shouting as she was calling him from much tym…
“Back to earth dev…concentrate..”she said n he just smile…
“Yaa..okay so listen…a huge fountain would b there to welcome d guest at d left side of d gate…as i saw d pic of d i think it would b better..wat u thimk..?”he gave her pov n asked bout her…

“Not bad idea..i liked it..n  yaaa i want…..”n sooo on dey discus about d engagement..also cracking jokes  in btwn..
Aftr some tym elena joined tell dem wat she want..n dey made necessary changes..
Now it was already 2 hour..dey were talking..both were exhausted..elena leave for a coffee for both of dem…
“So..finally ended..”said dev..
“Yup..hope it goes like dis only as v think..”replied sonakshi bit in fear…
“It will partner..”

“Wat..? Partner..?”
“Yaa..! V r workin together na..! N in app meri apka partner”(u r my partner n i m ur partner)said dev as sonakshi chuckle..
Both talk for another some tym
“I think i should now i had many works too n ofcourse pickin u family..”sona said
“ flight is also bye..”dev said..
“Wen r u coming here..?”suddenly sona asked curiously
“I would b joining u all direct thailand for d wedding..,” he said..sona just hummed..
N dey dusconnect d call
Dey had never thought dat dey would bcm frnds..n about like dis…no never..
Dey had not even think like dis in der dreams….yet dey were happy n going wid d flow..
Dev was happy dat sonakshi understand her problem..
N sonakshi was happy dat dev trust her for dis big work..
Dey smile unknowingly as dey were totally unaware of wat god had think for dem..n wat is next in der destiny…

At night….
Sona n elena were decided to pick dem….
So dey go ready..
Sonakshi wore a maroon long dress(she wore in krpkab too) with a golden embroidery work on it…
Dey reached airport before tym..
N on checking dey came to know dat der flight had already landes dey would b out anytime..
Der eyes eagerly waiting…

Wen elena spot demm
“Der dey r..”she said holding her dupatta n dress which she today also had to wear..
Dey reached towards dem..
“Namaste auntiji..”sona greeted n touch ishwari’s feet…
Elena also dis d same..

D dixit gurls met bose gurls..n soon der chat was all which coud b heard..
All over in der comfortable car…
Ishwari adore sonakshi..n she liked her…
How she greeted her..n listening her talks…she was really impressed..

Tada..! How was it,…!
It was enough long…n yaa i m early dis tym..dat also with a long update…
How dis u guys liked it…
Hope u liked it..!
N dev is not going to come…!
Many of u guessed dat devakshi will meet in dis chaapppy but sorry..dey will meet in a very unexpected way..!
Wait n read..

Precap:engagement-destination wedding-
“What..? Ok m coming…”
Shock finally DEVAKSHI MEET…

Excited for next..?
But sorry i m a bit disapointed with d response…so if i get d response much i’ll post as soon as i could..
Or if now den u all hav to wait..
So guys pls…show up
I’ll post sooon i get response..
U know i m so excited posting dis epi..
How was devakshi scenes..?

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