DevAkshi: Partners for Life (CHAPTER #2)

–Pehli nazar—
(A/N:i dont usually write note at d beginning…but dis is to remind u all dat dis episode is not in any1s pov ..its third perons pov….first chappy was just for showing u der thinking..?
Hope u like it..✌)

@ delhi

The another day sun has rose up….dat was a day for video call…evry1 was getting ready…
It was 10 in d morning n d video call was going to start at 12 in noon..
Sona got ready quicly in orange long anarkali n light makeup…she was not interested in getting ready not even joining d video call but mother tell her to do so…
She left for elena’s rooom…
Where sona find her younger sister walking here n there desparately…
As sooon as she entered d room elena start up with her questions
“Where were u sona…? Dont u know m soo nervous…? N this disgusting dresss..! Ugghhh”she complained as well as questioned
Sona held her by shoulder n asked her to calm down..

“Calm down..elena..i know u r nervous…n about dis dress …u hav to were dis only..u r not suppose to wear those tops n jeans…”she replied calmly n made her sit on d bed
“But sona..dey r leaving in uk..i dont think dey will mind…”elena said while fixing her dupatta
“No but n if…wat if dey r leaving in uk…culture exist der tooo n maa had said dis only to wear so..”
Sona said while helping her with dupattta…

It was not like sona is a mumma’s gurl…she is a well cultered girl..n also hav a free minded…

After much try elena got dat sona was not going to let her change into fancy dresses..she gave up..n sona did her makeup…

@ london
Here nothing was different…
Evryone was getting ready…
In ishwari’s room
Ishwari was choosing herself a saari..while neha was helping her..
“Dis one..?” Neha said showing a blue saari from d cupboard with a hope dat ishwari would like dis..
“Dis color doesnt suit me..!” Ishwari said with making disgusting face
“C’mon aunty…u had take out whole cupboard…aapka rishte ki baat nahi hone waali…!(dey r not going to talk about ur rishta..) ” Neha said while laughing on d last sentence on which ishwari gave watever look …

After a long tym may b half hour…ishwari choose herself a maroon colour saari with a cream blouse….
She came to hall to see dev working on his laptop wearing a light blue t-shirt…
“Dev..! Yeh kya hai…tum abhi tak ready nahi hue..unka call kabhi bhi aa sakta hai..?(wat is dis dev..! U had not got ready till now..der call would b coming anytime)”ishwari said in a angry tone

“Maa..! Der call is not for my rishta..dat i should get ready..i am comfortable in dis only..n btw i m not going to join d video call except saying namaste or hii..watever is it..”dev said in a bit jealousy tone n continuing his work in d laptop..
Ishwari was going to reply wen riya came running

“Maa..! My laptop is not having battery ..n niki’s had to b repaired…how v will call dem..?” She said tensely..
Tension surround all over ishwari’s face…
“No is here na..! N his laptop is also working…!” Iswari said happily n sighing a releif…now it was dev’s turn to get tense but den he accepted…to call dem…

Dev tried to call but no1 answered it…
N ishwari had gone to call evry1…

@ bose house…
Sona heard d call..n came running when he again call n she accpeted d call…
Due to running sje was breathing heavily..
“Sorry..!for answering late..”she spoke without eying d screen as she was settling herself on d sofa..
Dev saw her…n jz replied “its worry”..
He was busy admiring her wen she saw on d screen listening his voice
N dey had a small eyelock..


Der was awkward silence
“Hiii..!”dev started..
“Hello..!” Was only d thing her she could manage to speak
“I m dixit..may i hav a pleasure to know who u r..?” Dev said having a light curve on his lips
“Oh ya..! I m sonakshi.sonakshi bose..sister of elena n daughter of aasha n bijoy bose..”she replied …awkwardness was endind btwn dem…
“Umm…u vicky’s cousin..?”she asked him
“Yaa..! Vicky is my…” Before he coukd continue….niki n roya came…
“Hii..!”both greeted having a big smile

“Hii..” Sona replied..
N d girls got into der talks about der respective family..
N dev sat aside…on d opposite sofa…
Soon ishwari also joined…after giving der own identity…dey were talking randoms…from delhi..only sona was der…as bose’s had not joined d call yet…so sona was talking with demm…she had bcome quite friendly with dixit’s…
Soon sona’s family too joined..
N sona also leave d call after bidding bye…
She goes to her room…to get freshenup…as now only elders were talking about d point from both side…

Dev was trying to work but was not able he just leave to his room
Dev was working on his laptop…wen he remember sona on video call…
He was geting attracted towards her..
But den he brushed d thoughts away…n again try to work…but not gettin able to…
He goes to his balcony..which had a clear view of a beach…der house was on d beach…he sir der..n gave his mind some rest..

@ sona’s place…
Nothing was diferent…she too was geting attracted towards him..but wen elena joined her after leaving elders on video call n meeting evry1..she start to talk random things about dem….
“Der family is cute…n i was getting nervous for nothing”elena said in btwn
“Hmm…i also felt nervous..wen i accepted d call…”sona replied
“I jz dint met with dev bhaiya”said elena
“Y..? I talked with him..he is a good men n handsome too”sona spilled in one go ..without realizing…
“Oohhho”elena teased her
“Shut up..”said sona in embarassment
Dey continued with some random talks n den leave for lunch after d talk was over

On dining table..
“So wat u all concluded..?”sona ask desparately
“About..?”asha questioned
“Elena’s engagement…ofcourse..” sona said n pushed elena rhough his tease her
“Oh ya..! Dey said dat vicky is so desparate..n he
cant wait for d engagement…sooo..”her mother said in btwn her laugh
“So….”unknowingly sona was now too much interested i dis stuff.
“Dey would b cming here in 2-3 days for d engagement…n as elena & vicky’s wish…wedding will b in thailand(bangkok)…date of d wedding will b decide after d engagement..”compltd bijoy..
Leaving sona in cmplt excitement..
“Yes…!!! So v will go tomorrow for shopping”elena said in same excotement….
“Maa..! Y marriage so sooon…i mean it should take plac after 1 month! V will hav to hurry soo much for d arrangements..”said sona giving her point..
“Yaa..! But niki, hav some exams in her college after 2-3 weeks…so..n dey want der D.I.L”aasha said…

“ i will manage decorations..”said sona..
“For engagement n decoration both..”she added
” n i will take care of food…”saurabh said while dey all laugh..
“Sona..! U hav to work with dev for wedsind he had already said dis…n had a knowledge about it too…so hope u dont mind”said aasha

Hearing dev’s name..unknown smile captured her lips..n she nodded positively
“Y would i mind..”sona said having a smile..

Hope u all enjoy dis one..
I know dis doent hav more devakshi scenes but trust me u will enjoy further…
How was der pehli nazar n first talk..✌

N how do u like ishwari saari scene..?? hope u all got ishwari character cmpltly…!

Next will b post soon..
Hope d length is enough much..n sorry for posting a bit late..was caught with sm work…
Thank u guys for ur support i m glad u all like it..but pls share ur views…
Love u alll??

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  1. Darshana

    Hey finally u posted i was waiting for it…
    i did not find the episode to be was awesome!??
    sona and dev’s video call..formal yet good…
    ab toh devakshi face to face milegi..really excited for it…
    post soon
    don’t make me wait pls?
    love u????

    1. Darshana

      And ya my guess was correct..wo dono video call par mile..yipee?????

      1. Aamu

        Yaa…i replied u dat tym only dat devakshi’s first meet will b through video call…
        N thanx for cmntng dear…
        I will surely try to post sooon
        Love u tooooo?

  2. Manya

    Ishwari toh Saari Ko lekar panic Karegi hi aakhir parde wali rakshasni jo hai Baaki rakshasniyon ki inspiration????
    Kaafi modern meeting thi??video call
    Waiting for the next part??
    Post soon
    Love u??

    1. Aamu

      Thanx for d cmnt…
      N next will b post sooon..not dis much late..for sure..
      Love u toooo??

  3. Aamu…pehli nazar and first talk waa awesome…lovely…cute…??
    And we know that we are gonna enjoy the further story…???
    Overall the epiosde was BANG ON..!!
    And not to forget…ishwari ka character bohot rangeen hai..(ishwari’s character is very much colourful????)

    Will be waiting for the next one…?

    Love love?

    1. Aamu

      Ishwari k rang to abhi baaaki hai?
      Thanx for ur beautiful cmnt…
      N willl TRY to post sooon
      Love u toooo??

  4. Priya12

    Wow di, amazing epi…
    I luved it a lot…I enjoyed it very much…
    Devakshi meet in video call…mind blowing
    And aamu sisy…u too an amazing writer…
    I m impatiently waiting for u nxt epi…
    Pls post asap…

    1. Aamu

      Thanx priyu…
      N bout next epi…i will TRY to post sooon
      Thank u
      N love u??

  5. Awesome

    1. Aamu

      Thanx princess

  6. Heshine

    Wow….! Aamu….this was juz fab…!❀❀?
    Amazing dear…! Devakshi met …! Wow..! ( though by VC)..but they met…..yay…..pls dear post soon…!
    I really can’t wait…!
    And within 2 days they r gonna meet ….!
    Pls pls…post soon dear…!
    And yeah u asked for my name is it…sorry I forgot to say last time..!
    BTW my name is Heshine…!
    And may I know ur name…!
    And I have posted my os recently do have a look at it if time permits..!
    Again…, it was a fab epi so pls make devakshi meet soon..!??

    1. Aamu

      thanx heshine….
      n i will TRY to post soon…i cant promise..
      my name is AAMENA,…aamu is my pet name..n i will surely read..ur os..
      with love

  7. ShrutiP

    Awesome aamu…really excited for Devakshi’s meeting…you write very well…post soon..???

    1. Aamu

      thanx shruti..i will try to post sooon..but cant promise…
      with love

  8. Nikkita0194

    Hii ammena sry 4 cmnting late actually I was busy bcuz schl are started but I just love this
    Post soon
    With love

    1. Aamu

      THANx niks……..
      n no wrry..u just cmntd dat it…
      will try to post sooon…but cant promise..m busy toooo
      with love

  9. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Hello aamu madam… work I must say……first meeting….. Aankhon ki gustaakhiyaan……uff!!……it was super cute….excited for their real meeting as in face to face…

    Keep up ur gud work.!
    Love Sam?

    1. Aamu

      Glad u liked it??

      1. Aamu

        N real meeting…! K liye muje post arna padega…
        Or us k liye me lazy huna…!
        Dont wrry
        Jldi mood banega to post karungi???
        Love u?

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