DevAkshi: Partners for Life (CHAPTER #10)


(A/N- as u all know..m not a lecturer at d beginnin of chappy..sorry for this..but guys…m feeling i am very much changed in my writibg skills…isnt it.??? Coz i was writing atleast 3000 words..aftrr a long break of a week..which i usually n evrytym do…but from last 3 chappy’s m giving u all very much short chapters…with d same break..i think its injustice..isnt it..?? So hold on..! Now no more this things…sorry for this circumstance…n thanx for ur co-operation..m really glad u all r supporting…n as u all had known…i m giving u all long chapters from now…n from dis chappy only…
N..n…n..dis is my 10 chappy…n from d title u r already excited to read…n m sure..u r gonna love dis side of devakshi…
So happy reading?

Chapter#10- I LIKE YOU

After getting ready for the bachelor party…
Sona went to neha..nikki…n riyas room on d firat storey…on hr niki room…her eyes caught a handsome face…with charmin personality..there stoood dev all his s*xy look..he was wearing a teared blue  jeans…with white t-shirt…n black shrug..looking all awesome…he was knocking on nikki’s door….wen he felt sona’s foot steps..he turned to seee her…n left alll shocked…she was looking a beautiful baby pink gown…which dey had bought….dev’s breath hitched looking at the breath taking princess….sona was also looking at him… He showed her ????…hand..nodding his head..showing his s*xy smile…both were having a eye contact…wen..
“Bhai..i love uh…thank uh…thank uh…so much…!! I loved dis…see..see” nikki opened her dooor n jumped on hin saying this…when dey realize..n dev smiled at her …n looked at sona who was seeing evrywhere but them..!
“Miss bose..!!!”he said softly .
Her eyes caught his…wen he cntinued….
“Niki..! Thanx to miss bose..if she wasnt there..i would have not even thought of buying anythng for any1 as always…n she had only chose thanks to sonakshi…”he said whike sonakshi jz smile…now nikki climbed…sonakshi…giving her a thank u hug…
Riya n neha came wearng the same which was bought by dev..dey too happily hugged him…the atmosphere was happy with love showering on sona…all thanked her..n had a very deep great impression o her in der heart…coz in jz few days…she made dev to gift sm1 which he had never did in was not that dev was a bad brother or was dat he wasnt interested..he evrytym give dem money to buy for demself but its not same na..??the feeling of gift n buying ourself is vry much different…isnt it..??
This all was taking place in hall wen the elders came back as decided..they all caught all the happening..aasha n bejoy felt great n again same thing…ishwari was more n more impressed with the girl who was none other dan sona…sonakshi was different girl..ishwari thought..she smiked thinking smthng..
After meeting evry1…all the youngsters left for the place..i mean for the party….

(Its not d end guys..calm down..dont u remember its a long update from cntinue reading?)

At the party…there was a loud music in d background…evry1 was enjoying themself…
Vicky n elena at d side there own world..whereas dev,sona,nikki,neha,riya..were.chatting laughing n enjoying the party to the fullest..
“Guys..i need smthng to drink..i’ll catch u up after”sona said n was about to leave wen nikki stop..
“Di…v also i’ll go n tell the waiter to bring for us..u sit here only..”she said n leave..
Nikki was a mischevious girl..knowing that her bro n sis dont drink even she too..but “aaj kuch toofani karte hai”was her mood(lets do sm mischevious) she went n ask d waiter for beer..n left…
Wen she was back…
“Are niki..kyu inti khush hu..?? Kya kar ke aayi hai..?”(hey niki..y so much..wat hav u done) asked dev noticin her mischious expression..
“Nothing bhai..take na..!!”said nikki handing hiM a glass.. taking from waiter…
Dev toook…n den she handed to sonakshi,neha n riya too..
Dey all gulped down….n kept asking for another at intervals..while chatting..no1 notice wat dey were drinking..
Till the drama begin
“Suno gaaavv vaalooo..mera matlab party waaalooo…hellooo aall of self sona..sonakshi bose”sona had a mike in her hand…n was all drunk..
Nikki who waa not drunk..she had not drink cos she wanna capture evry1s comedy..n make dem see other day…
She strted taking d video from a side..where no1 can notice…

Sona startes to dance as d song start
(Party on my mind from race-2)read d lyrics guys..that will b awesome

Maine pehne party shoes Gonna let my body loose Aur lee hai thodhi booze, Let’s party on my mind

Sonakshi start to dance..moving eer body rythematically..while neha n riya n elena(she isnt drunk) joined her…dey strted to move around her while boys surround dem…

Hai hobby hobby ride Cause saturday hai night Aur music bhi hai right Let’s party on my mind mind mind…

Dev stand from the table clenching his fist…in anger as d boys surround d wat ‘SONAKSHI’…he was hell angry…vicky stand beside him…his jaws on d ground..”hey dev..see dey r dancing so hood” vicky cmntd seing his fiancee whike dev gave him angry glare..vicky gulp down..

Yun karte party-sharty..
Ye o aa ae Jaise ho pehli bari..
Ye o aa ae Saanse thak jaayen jo kehle chal ghar let go Chilla chilla kehdo ae o aa ae ai

“Dey r touhing them roughly cant u see…dey r dancing so good(mimicked him)’s exprssion was fukl of jealousy…sona came towards dem…as his breath hitched…

Masti ki kholo khidki..
Ye o aa ae Jaise parwaah na kal ki..
Ye o aa ae Kadmo ko khidki lo haathon ko upar lo Aankhein do band karlo..
Ye o aa ae
sonakshi start dancing around dev n vicky..while d girls followed her…she,while dancing again move to d floor…wen….

        Jo bhida tere

(Evry1 look at d direction..n der stood the great dev dixit on the table showing his hands towards sonakshi..n his shrug which was wearing..around his neck…neha n riya joined sonakshi… N stand beside her)

Jo bhida tere..
Jo bhida tere naino se tanka
Toh aashiq surrender hua
Jo bhida tere naino se tanka
Toh aashiq surrender hua

Dev started to dance..while other guys joined him…followed by vicky tooo…sonakshi n girls..walk past them giving them no attention…(same as in the movie..if u had seen..)

Tune English mein
Tune English mein jab humko danta
Toh aashiq surrender hua
Pyar se maara gaalon pe chanta
Toh aashiq surrender hua

He moves towards sonakshi..n pulled her ..whike she landed on d chest…she blushed n hide her face under his chest…dev smiled while she pushed him through chest..n started dancing opposite him..

Hey look mera ye awesome
Adayein beautiful hai
Jaanti hoon main tujhe
Tu kitna blo*dy fool hai, oye!

Hey look mera ye awesome
Adayein beautiful hai
Jaanti hoon main tujhe
Tu kitna blo*dy fool hai
Tu kitna blo*dy fool hai..

sonakshi dance opposite him in full tashan…while dev just look at her n snikes walking…past her..

Are shadiyon ka season
Na April Fool hai
Kaise hum keh de
Ki haan ji haan qubool hai

Innocency se face maine dhanka
Toh aashiq surrender hua
Jo bhida mere…
Jo bhida mere naino se tanka
Toh aashiq surrender hua
Surrender hua

All including girls n boys..dat is dev n sonakshi’s team…dance together…while dev kept going behind her..n she moves backward showing her fingers while dancing…

Are bhagyewan maan bhi ja
Ladna befizool hai
Pyaar dikhe na kya
Aankhon mein padi dhool hai
Pyaar dikhe na kya
Aankhon mein padi dhool hai.

Dev kept walking behind her dancing..

Are Taj Mahal banwana
Shah Jahan ki bhool hai
Uske pas paisa
Apne haath mein toh phool hai

Tune gusse mein..
Tune gusse mein phone mera kaata
Toh aashiq surrender hua

Jo bhida mere… aye mister
Jo bhida mere naino se tanka
Toh aashiq surrender hua
Haan surrender hua…
Ho surrender hua..
Are surrender hua..

Songs end…keeping dancing devakshi in der all drunken moooddd…..

Nikki kept giggling at a side continued her recording to show all of them next morning…specially dey had dance very much comedily…if dey were in der sense..would have never dance like dat..nikki patted  her back for saving n making dis as a memory(u all also thank well as me? )

D party got over…while their gang who was drunk…sat down…neha n riya sat holding eo from arms to arm..neha’s hand around riya n riya’s around neha…dey both were chanting
“Hum saath saath hai…”..while devakshi was different…
Dey both were sitting in opposite direction with the support of eo’s shoulder

As shown in d picture..but sona’s head is also as d men’s pic the girl is looking at d screen..but sona was not)

Dey both were doing sm antics….talking themself n all..while nikki was jz shooting….

“Sona..?”dev shouted..looking at his shoulder to look at her..
“Yes dev..!!”she said cutely in her drunken state..
“U dance so….”dev too was drunken..but stuttering at d same tym..
“As..??”sona asked making a pout n facing him..while he too turns towards her…
“As…woh m feeling shy to say”n dev cups his face by his palms(awwie..sho cute..jz imagine guys..drunk dev in dis style…)..
“Hehe..u r behaving as a chotu boy”sona said pinching his nose…
“N u r like a chotu girl”he also pinches her nose….
“Nununununu”both pitches eo’s nose tip…n laughed…
Nikki giggled at d antics..
“U dint tell me how i dance well”suddenly sona stops laughing n looks at him with a pout…
“Woh…woh…i forget..hahaha…”dev said cutely giving her a shwweeeet shmile..
( same wen he gave to bejoy wen both were drunk?)
“Hahaaha..u r funny…dev”sona said laughing…
“N u r cute..!!…?”dev said without thinking..his eyes were already half closd…
Nikki eyes widen as his bhai is a secretive man..! He never lwt his emotion overtake himself..she wanted nore from him…so she paid her attention thre again..
“U r hot?..!”said sona in low tone…blushing n den hide her fce in her palm…
Nikki was shocked again..while dey both rocked…..
“Sona…??(she looks at him)…i…”he said gathering courage n giving her a small smile..whike his eyes was half closed..
“U..??”sona said excitedly..
“I…i..i like you..!?☺”dev said shyly..n nikki jumped in excitement…
“Hoye..hoye..dis drinking plan is giving sm profit..sona bhabi..wat could b good dan dis..perfect..just perfect..n me tomoorow morning…i will show u nikki ka movie(dis shoot onky) …”nikki murmured…but wen she heard smthng..she was beyond shock…
Dat was
“I like u tooooo..☺”sona replied..n both were laughing…
Nikki went towards dem n stopped d shoot..

“Guys..lets take a selfie…i wannna capture dis moment..?”
N she make sem pose….

‘Neha n riya were showing tongues out while dev was piuting..n sona make a beared with her hairs…’..nikki clicked it..n put it on insta….
‘-Drunk gang..!-‘ she captiones it..
As she took…devakshi fall down…n got into d slumber…
Sona was in neha’s lap..n dev in sona’s…neha n riya also fall in sleep soon..

Nikki was now in to take them home..n wat should she say dem….wen saurabh enter…
Wen saurabh saw d post of nikki…he immidiately came to take dem….after giving explanation nikki asked forgiveness…as she thought he woukd b angry..but he laughed..n both take der gang to der place..n silently smuggke dem in the house….as sona n dev’s room was up…dey coukdnt take dem…so both kept evry1 in one room..sona,riya,neha on one bed..n dev on couch…
Both left…

So how do u guys like it..??
Hope enjoyed..??..
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But i promise dey will b long as dis..!!

Here i m posting again late bcoz of low cmnts…on watt it was uploaded on saturday only…



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