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Din raat bas kaam hi kaam rehta hain…. na life mein koi fun na koi love. Jawani ko kaam mein luta rahi hoon aisa lagtha hain ki apni love life duba rahi hoon. Mujhe lagta hain already meine apne life ke 25 saal kho diye hain ab mein sirf enjoy karne ki koshish karungi. Par mein apna kaam bhi toh nahi chod sakhti . Kitne mehnat se meine yeh sab kuch banaya hain. Ma aur baba ne kitne sare sacrifices kiya hain iske liye.Par iska matlab yeh bhi toh nahi ki mere life mein koi fun na ho…
She looks at a wedding card lying on her table which read Vicky weds Elena.
It was a destination wedding in Rajasthan . She decides that she would go there.
Sona calls elena and informs her she would coming to her wedding.
Iss wedding ke bahane shayad mujhe mera life partner mil jaye
(Through this wedding may be I can find my life partner)
On the other side
Dev is thinking same as Sonakshi. He calls vicky and informs him that he would also come to the wedding.
Dev’s POV
27 saal ho gaye ab shayad mujhe meri zindagi ki sabse important chiz mil jaye ….meri khushi
(27 years have passed may be I will now get the most important thing of life…my happiness)
Par Dev babu ko kya patah ki unko unki happiness ..yani ki unka pyar mil jayega iss trip se.
(But Dev babu doesnt know that with happiness he is also going to get the love of his life )
Next day both Sona and Dev leave for the station. Sona gets stuck in traffic. She was tensed that she would miss the train
Vicky and Elena’s families along with their friends were travelling in a exclusive train only for them.
Dev reaches the station. Vicky comes and hugs him.
Vicky- bohut acha kiya jo tu meri shadhi mein aa raha hain…acha sunn tere liye meine ek side (guys all the 4 seats ) pura reserve kiya hain waha tu kaam kar sakhta hain apna without any disturbance….
(I am so happy you are coming to my marriage)
Dev – thanks yaar …
The train was about to leave .Elena was tensed as Sona had not yet arrived . The train starts to move. Dev was standing near the door deciding whether he took the right decision or not. Just then a girl shouts..
Girl – stop the train…
Dev extends his hand helping her to get in . She gets in . She was exhausted due to the running. She extends her hand towards Dev.
Girl – Thanks. I am Sonakshi Bose and you … wait I know Mr Dev Dixit…right
Dev – you are right Ms Bose
He shakes her hand . Just then Elena and Vicky come
Elena – finally tu aagayi …chal ma tera intezaar kar rahi hain
(Finally you came ..come ma is waiting for you)
Sona leaves along with Elena and Dev with Vicky. Vicky shows Dev his seat where no one else would come. Sona was with Elena .
Later Dev was working on his laptop. When Vicky and Elena arrive.
Vicky – Dev tu elena ko jantha hi hain inse mil Sonakshi Bose .
(Dev you already know Elena …meet her Sonakshi Bose)
Dev – we already met.
Vicky – Dev tu jantha hain na ki Sonakshi bhi teri tarah workaholic hain..aur tu janta hain na ki kitni badi bussiness tycoon hain…aur tujhe yaad hain tune ek baar kaha tha ki tu inse milna bhi chahtha hain…
(Dev you know right Sonakshi is also a workaholic like you…you know she is a big bussiness tycoon…you remember you also told that you want to meet her…)
Dev – vicky why are you telling me all this… Tell me straight..
Elena – actually Dev vicky se kuch nahi hoga … I will tell you… Sona ko bhi kaam karna hain aur tumhe bhi…dono ko peaceful surrounding s chahiye…tho kya sona yaha reh sakhti hain..
(Actually Dev vicky wont be able to tell you anything …I will tell you
…you also want to work and Sona also wanys to work…you both need a peaceful surrounding so can she stay here…)
Dev – of couse Elena …She can stay…
So Sona and Dev sit opposite to each other and start working without even taking a break. After some time
Sona – Mr Dixit aap mujhse kyu milna chahte te
( Mr Dixit why you wanted to meet me)
Dev – first of all aap mujhe Dev bula sakhti hain…aur mein aapse isliye milna chahta tha kyun ki mujhe aap ke saath ek contract sign karni thi …who doesn’t want to do that with one of the most leading bussiness tycoon.
(First of all you can call me Dev…and I wanted to sign a contract with you … actually who doesn’t want to with one of the most leading bussiness tycoon)
Sona – mein khud aapse milna chahti thi Dev par kabhi hum mil hi nahi paye…
(I myself wanted to meet you but never got the opportunity )
Dev – toh bataye Ms Bose aap yeh shadhi mein kyun aayi hain…I mean aap itni busy hain …so
(So tell me Ms Bose why are you coming to this marriage …I mean you are so busy)
Sona – it’s Sona for you. Aur jaha tak iss shadhi mein aani ki baath hain meine apne aap ko kaam mein itna kho diya hain ki enjoy karna hi bhul gayi. Isliye shayad aapne aap ko doondh ne ke liye mein yaha aayi hoon..
( It’s Sona for you. And about coming to this wedding its just that I have lost myself somewhere in work that I even forgot to enjoy…so maybe I came here to find myself)
Dev – oh toh Sonakshi chali hain khudko doondh ne …nice
Dev giggles
Sona- toh aapko bohut hasi aa rahi hain…aap bataye ki aap kyu aa rahe ho uss shadhi mein…
(So you tell me why are you coming to this marriage)
Dev – maybe same reasons as you
Sona – so we have a lot of similarities Dev…and we hardly know each other…so let’s play truth or dare…
Dev – yes Sona I will try to find out all your bussiness secrets
Sona – common Dev not business again…
Dev – sorry my highness as you say…
They start playing truth or dare sharing every fact about themselves.
They were laughing so much. Vicky and Elena were shocked to find that the laughter was coming from Dev and Sona’s side. They were so happy that their friends had atlast being themselves for the first time. Later even Elena and Vicky joined them . All four of them enjoyed.
Now it has been 3 days and already Dev and Sona had become best friends . They were inseparable. They use to help in the functions and sneak out whenever they got a chance. Their trip was getting them close to each other. It was a night before the wedding when Sona was sitting in her room all alone. Dev had come there looking for her.
Dev – arey yaar Sona tum yaha baithi ho…kya hua tum itni sad kyun ho…
(Sona you are sitting here…what happened why are you so sad)
Sona hugs him and cries. Dev was consoling her . Her tears were piercing his heart.
Dev – sona please mat ro …I can’t see you crying…par hua kya…
(Sona please don’t cry bit tell me what has happened)
Sona – Dev kal shadhi ho jayegi aur phir se humme apne life mein jana hoga ….phir se wahi boring life…patah hi nahi chala ki kab samay itni jaldi bith gayi…phir se tum apni life mein aur mein apni life mein…
(Dev tomorrow after the wedding finishes we have to go back to our world …don’t lnow when time passed off so soon ….you have to return back to your life and I should return back to mine )
Now the bitter truth had drawn over Dev. He completely forgot everything and was now happy . He was himself. He tightly hugged Sona.
Next day the wedding gets completed . And all the rituals after that too. Now it was time to leave. This time they were returning by flight . Sona and Dev sat together but were silent throughout the journey. They never wanted to come out of that world of happiness.Sona and Dev’s cars had already arrived and it was time to depart. They couldnt face each other. It was as if they didn’t want to go away from each other. Thats it . Both of them got it now that the their true happiness was not in Rajasthan but was in each other’s presence. Dev’s happiness was only with Sona and Sona’s was Dev. Their backs were tuned towards each other. They were near their car door. They turned towards each other and ran. Now they stood before each other. Both of them were looking at each other lovingly. They hugged each other . They got immense pleasure in each other’s embrace. Vicky and Elena were witnessing all this . They hugged each other. Sona and Dev together said I ? U . Dev lifted Sona in his arms. Dev put her down and kissed her on her forehead. The crowd around them began clapping for them. They side hugged each other. They finally found the happiness of their lives.

So guys this was it… Tell me how it is….and please comment kardo yaar…meine bohut mehnat se likha hain…. Love you all…????

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  1. Manya

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  4. That was,really NYC… Delighted to read this..

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  8. Darshana

    Wow!..it was so good…even better than ur previous ones…
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    keep posting such wonderful os
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    Awsome os

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    New concept..
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  14. Riti1107

    This was the best OS that you’ve written
    DDLJ moment????
    Train me romance se airport par proposal
    Mind blowing

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    Luved it….
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    1. ShrutiP

      It’s OK Priya…
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