Devakshi OS Competition, My hatred was just shown because my love was hidden


TITLE : My hatred was just shown because my love was hidden
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I returned home today getting married with Sonakshi I will never accept this marriage I just hate Sonakshi worst person on the planet is ma wouldn’t have forced me I wouldn’t have even married her we were really good friends before in college I used to love hanging out with her in fact I also fell in love her I proposed her she accepted it with great joy but one day I found out her true colors she always acted to fall in love with me when she loved Rithwick our best friend of college but how could she do this…………I just hate her she is only my foe from now on wards.



Today is the best day of my life I just got married to Dev so happy I’m sure the confusion which happened 1 year ago was solved because he is a stubborn person after what happened I don’t think he would agree easily. That day was worse how can he insult me for only hugging Rithwick…..I mean we r best friends….never knew he was so possessive about me but all’s well that ends well.


Sonakshi entered the room and sat on the bed like how all newly married brides sit then Dev entered she got happy but Dev ignored her with even making eye contact with her “I’ll change and come u can go to sleep” He said a little abruptly and Sona was shocked “Maybe things r not sorted till now please god help me u know how much I love him” She thought and started removing all the pins and accessories and went to bed. After sometime when Dev came he saw Sona sleeping peacefully and went next to her he was about to caress her head when something stopped him he took his hand back and turned away from her and went to sleep.

Next morning Dev woke up and saw Sonakshi sleeping peacefully he remembered all the moments spent with her and his lips curved into a cute smile again he was going to caress her head gently as he stroked her head she got up with a smile “Dev, good morning” She said and he took her hand immediately behind “Hmm..” He said and went to freshen up. After sometime they both got ready just then Sona’s phone rang “Ma….” She picked up the phone “ Ma good morning kaise yaad kiya” she asked picking the phone “Beta we all were remembering u a lot so I called u talk to papa” Her mother said “Haan papa what happened” she asked “ Beta today is ur pehli rasoi raight so all the best” While talking Dev comes “Sonakshi woh Neha is calling for pehli rasoi” Sona’s father hears it “ Beta Dev is here zara usse baat to kara ” she aks Dev “Dev woh papa wants to talk to u” Dev nods and takes the phone “Tell papa” The phone was on speaker so Sona heard everything “Woh beta is Sona troubling u ” Her father asked “Papa” She mumbled “ Haan she troubles a lot she doesn’t even wake up on time” This made Sona really angry “What Dev I don’t wake up ” she said angrily “Yes even I woke up earlier than u ” He said “Oh hello u only woke up one minute before me” Their fight was interrupted by Neha “Bhai I told u to call bhabi not fight with her ok” hearing their conversation Sona’s whole family started laughing “Beta u continue I have work” Saying this he cuts the phone.

In the kitchen “Bhabi aap jo banana chahti ho woh banao” Neha was about to go when Sona stopped her “ Neha please tell me what everyone likes I’ll make that “ Ok do one thing make ‘badam ka halva’ everyone loves it including ma and bhai they love the most make that and take ur time no one will stop u” Neha went and Sona got tensed “Keh toh diya banana lungi but I don’t know how to make food” She was tensed and went to the room “What happened Sonakshi u r supposed to be in the kitchen right” Dev asked her “Dev, I told Neha that I’ll make ‘badam ka halva’ but I don’t know cooking ” She says being tensed “Idea!!” she goes Dev stands dumbstruck “ What happened to her”

After sometime Sona calls Asha “Tell what happened Shona ” Asha asked her “ Ma can u tell me the recipe for ‘Badam ka halva’ ” She asked “Ok write down……” and she tells Sona the recipe and Sona starts cooking while talking to Asha on earphones. When Dev went to the kitchen with the halva’s recipe for helping Sona and he saw that she was already cooking it then Neha and Ranveer came “Kya bhai, bhabi ko kya dekh rahe ho” Neha asks “ Neha Sonakshi told me she doesn’t know how to cook food I brought recipe to help her and now she is making on her own” Dev said “ Oh maybe she knows” Neha said while Ranveer replied “ But y is she having her earphones ” “ Oh Ranveer now a days woman hear music and cook ” She says and they all leave from there.

After sometime Sona comes out with halva bowls “ Beta u came give fast ” Said Ishwari being excited. Sona serves everyone and says “ Ma is it ok to ask ma and then make this because I don’t know how to cook food so I asked ma to help” “ Beta it’s fine as long as u made it ” Ishwari replied happily.

After few days Ishwari comes to Dev and Sona “ Dev, Sonakshi here” She hands them over a honeymoon package to them “ Ma what is this” Dev asked “ Beta this is the honeymoon package for u both even u have to enjoy for 2-3 days” Dev didn’t want to go with Sona anywhere because of what she did with him “Ma sorry I have lot of work in the office” Dev said which made Son really sad “ Maybe she still hates me ” Sona thought “ No Dev nothing doing start packing the bags ” Dev couldn’t say no to Ishwariand both of them start packing their things.

After few hours Neha comes to Sona’s room “Bhabhi I know what happened 1 year ago and also know why is bhai avoiding u” Neha asks with concern “Neha I know but I can’t force him to believe me and he won’t I know he’s really stubborn ” she replies sadly “ Don’t worry be happy because people say honeymoon period is really magical everything will be sorted up there even my and Ranveers’s fight got solved in our honeymoon. So go and enjoy ” They smiled and left

After few days they reached Goa their honeymoon place “Look Sonakshi I only came here because ma told me to come and stay away from me ” He said angrily and left Sona in thoughts “Iska matlab ur still angry with me ” She thought. Next day in the morning while Sona was having her morning walk some goons came and tried to misbehave with her she somehow managed to escape them and ran while they followed her while running she tripped and was about to fall when Dev just in time came and saved her from falling.

While he was on his own also having a morning walk he saw the goons misbehaving with her and that’s how he came to save her. He beat the goons black and blue while Sonakshi tried a lot to stop them he finallly listened to her and stopped beating them as they were going the goons attacked Dev from behind and started beating him they see the police and run from there while Sona cries seeing Dev like that “ I told u not to fight right come with me” She holds his hand while he jerks it off “ I’m not dying over here even if I would I wouldn’t have taken help from u even if u were the last person ” He says this angrily and leaves.

In the hotel room Sonakshi was almost going to break down seeing Dev in that condition she took the first aid kit and went to him he snatched it and tried to do it himself while applying the medicine it burned him bad “ Aahhhh” He screamed little this was it for Sonakshi she snatched the medicine back dragged him towards the sofa “ Sit ……sit I said” She said while he didn’t even budge from there so she started applying the medicine slowly “Ahh ” He winced in pain while she sadly said “ Who told u fight with them for me u don’t like me so it’s ok whatever they………” He didn’t let her complete and pushed her towards the sofa “ How can u say this….” He shouted loudly “ How can u think like that if something happens to u what would happen about ma, Nikki, Rhea, Neha and most importantly me have u thought about it even once ” Hearing these words from Dev’s mouth Sona was shocked “ Why would it affect u ” she asked in a calm tone “ Because I can’t keep u away from me ” He shouted and replied “ Why ” She asked in a low voice “ Because today also ur respect is more worthy than my life ” He replied angrily “ Why Dev ” She asked again “ Because ur the first priority in my life, I can’t keep u away from me even after what happened 1 year ago ” He finally breaks down “ Because I still love u Sonakshi how much ever I tried to hide the love it always came out double I could never hate u 1 year back neither I can hate u now ” He says this and falls on his knees “ I really love u Sonakshi ” He said and fell on her lap. She couldn’t believe her eyes that the person whom he hated had never hated her at all she she made him get up and he hugged her while she also reciprocated the hug happily even after 1 year of distance he loved her the same after all the hatred finally his love was shown which made them unite forever.

1 year later they were blessed with small cut naughty daughter named Anika the best part was Anika was born on their wedding anniversary which doubled their joy and this was their best anniversary gift they’d ever get.

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