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Devakshi bedroom:

Sona opens the bathroom door and steps out wearing a bathrobe which comes a little above her knees. Dev who is busy on his laptop notices Sona. Sona is drying her hair and sees Dev drooling over her from the mirror. She goes and waves her hand in front of his eyes and he comes back to consciousness. Sona smiles and goes back to drying her hair. Dev comes and hugs her from behind. Sona pushes him and goes to get ready. She wears a plain kurti and leggings. Dev is mesmerized seeing her. Dev pulls her wrist and she falls on him. Dev puts a stray hair behind her ear. Sona closes her eyes on his touch and blushes. Dev is happy seeing that after 2 years of marriage he still has the same effect on her. Dev leans in close and gently presses his lips on hers. Sona blushes hard and reciprocates the kiss. Dev leaves her lips and starts nuzzling her neck. Sona is moaning in pleasure and comes back to reality after hearing a knock on the door. She pushes Dev and goes to open the door. Ria stands there and tells Sona that Ishwari is calling them down for breakfast. Sona tells Ria that they are coming in sometime. Ria leaves. Sona goes and tells Dev to get ready and come down fast. She gives a peck to Dev before leaving.

Dev comes down and has his breakfast. Dev tells Ishwari that he and Sona have to attend a business summit(in my os Sona works along with Dev,i.e., they are business partners cum childhood friends who fell in love and got married and Ishwari is not possessive over Dev since Sona has stayed with them since childhood since she is an orphan and Ishwari was Sona’s parents friend)and we may get late in the night so don’t wait for us. We’ll have the house keys. Ishwari agreed. Dev and Sona take Ishwari’s blessings and leave for office. Dev and Sona have adjacent cabins with a connecting door. They have the same personal assistant, Tina who is always informed when the much in love couple wanted to spend some time alone in either of the cabins. Dev had ordered some good clothes for the summit and was waiting to meet his gorgeous wife. S

oon they leave for the summit with Sona wearing and ivory gown with a diamond necklace and dangling earrings. Dev was wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt and ivory tie to match his wife. They both looked stunning and got a lot of compliments for their looks. They leaved the summit after having their dinner since it was very boring. They were halfway through and due to sudden rains all the roads got blocked. Dev calls Ishwari and tells her the situation and she advices them to go to a hotel and stay for the night. They check into the hotel but since the hotel was completely packed and they get a honeymoon suite. Devakshi had no other option but to stay in the suite and they go to the room. They are mesmerized to see the room. Sona opens the cupboard to get a towel since they got wet in the rain and Sona didn’t want Dev to catch a cold.

When Sona opens the cupboard and sees a s**y nighty and blushes. Dev sees Sona blushing and goes to her. He sees the nighty and then sees Sona completely wet and asks her to change. Sona blushes and goes to change. Sona comes out and feels shy. Dev sees her and tells her not to feel shy since they are married for 2 years now. Sona hugs Dev tightly. Dev lifts Sona up in bridal style and they make love the entire night sleeping peacefully cuddling each other. The next morning when they return back home, Ishwari sees that Sona has some marks on her neck and realizes what must have happened the night before and thinks that her son is lucky to have such a caring wife. She prays to God to let her family remain the same and there should be no problems in her family.


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