Devakshi OS Competition, Dare into Truth


Dare Into Truth


A handsome boy in black jersey is shown, surrounded by some other boys.
Boy: Let’s play ‘Truth or Dare’.
Person: Dev, you are obsessed with that game.
Yes, the boy is none other than handsome Dev Dixit. Around him are his friends.
Dev: That game is awesome!
Friend 2 (Sameer): Come on, let’s play.
They spin the bottle, and it lands on Dev.
Friend 1 (Monty): Oh ho, it landed on our Dev Dixit. Now, complete the dare that we give you.
Dev: Come on, come on! Give me the dare! I bet I will complete it.
Sameer: Ok, so your dare is; I have to give you a difficult one…… Ummmm…… I KNOW!
Dev: Bol na! (Tell na!)

Sameer: Your dare is: (looking at a girl sitting nearby) Act as you love her. (pointing to the girl)
Dev (looks in the direction of his finger): Sonakshi!
Monty: Yes, yes! Act as if you love Sonakshi.
Dev: Oh my god! This is too much!
Sameer: Kya hua? Abhi to tune kaha “I bet I will complete it.” (What happened? Just now, you said “I bet I will complete it.”) Now complete it and show.
Dev (puts his hand on his head): Ok. For how much time?
Monty: 2 weeks.
Dev: 2 WEEKS! Are you crazy? You want me to pretend as if I love Sonakshi, for 2 weeks! Have you guys lost it?!
Monty: Dev, it’s your dare. Either you complete it, or you accept defeat…
Dev: Accept defeat! Never in my life! I’ll complete it.
Sameer: Dekha! Ye hui na baat!
Monty: So… start now!
Dev takes a deep breath, and walks towards Sona’s seat.
He sits down next to Sona.
Sona: Hi Dev. Why are you sitting here?
Dev: J- just like that.
Sona: Ok

After some time:
Dev: Sona, tum kitni khoobsurat ho. (Sona, you are so beautiful.)
Sona: What?
Dev: That, that…… Can you come out for a minute?
Sona: Ok
Dev and Sona go out.
Sona (POV): Dev is behaving unusual, and so weird. What’s wrong with him?
Dev: Sona……… Actually I wanted to say…… say that (takes a deep breath) I love you!
Yes, to the utter dismay of all the girls around (who, of course had a crush on the dashing Dev), Dev had proposed to Sona.
Sona, in fact, was so joyful, because she had had a crush on Dev, since forever. He was just her dream man. She loved him so much. And, just now, Dev had proposed to her. It was like, such a wonderful feeling. She could jump in a frenzy of joy.

On the other hand, Dev was feeling really weird. What kind of a stupid dare was this? Act like he loved Sonakshi! And that too for 2 weeks! This was all so stupid. He would certainly not play ‘Truth or Dare’ ever again!
Sona: Dev…….. I love you too!
Sona hugged Dev happily. Dev was taken aback.
Dev (POV): She actually loves me! Seriously? I can’t believe it! But now……. All thanks to my stupid friends, I have to be with her all the time.
Dev (reluctantly): Come on, Sona. Let’s go to the auditorium.
Sona: Come, Dev.
They go to the auditorium, where there is complete silence, no one there.
Sona: Dev, you know, I love you so much! Since, since I have joined this college, I have been madly in love with you! And I can’t believe you actually proposed to me! Since when did you start liking me?
Dev: Wo, wo…….. main (That, that I) I love you, I just realized it yest- yesterday.
Sona: Oh! Wow!

Monty: Jaa, jaa Sona ko drop kar. (Go, go, drop Sona to her house.)
Dev hesitantly walks towards Sona.
Dev: Come Sona, I’ll drop you.
Sona: Ok!
Dev takes Sona in his car.
Sona: Dev, I want to know more about you. Tell me, na, who all are there in your house?
Dev: My mother, three sisters: Nikki, Riya, Neha; then, my aunt, uncle and cousin. What about you?
Sona: No one. (Sona is an orphan)
Dev: Matlab? (Meaning?)
Sona: I am an orphan. No one in my house, except my sister Elena, who is married to Vikram Dixit.
Dev: What? Elena is your sister?
Sona: Ya. How do you know her?
Dev: Arey! Vicky is my cousin!
Sona: OMG! Really?
Dev: Seriously!
Sona: WOW! And we didn’t even know!
Dev and Sona share a hi-fi, and Dev smiles, seeing Sona, unknowingly.

Sona: Hi Dev! How are you?
Dev: Hi Sona. I am good. (glares at Monty and Sam)
Sona: Come! Let’s go to the canteen.
Dev hesitantly walks with Sona, and they go to the canteen.
Sona: Dev, let’s buy one ‘French Fries’.
Dev: Ok
Sona: Kya hua, Dev? (What happened, Dev?)Why are you looking so glum?
Dev: Nothing!

Sona pulls Dev’s cheeks.
Sona: Mr. Dixit, you are so cute.
Dev (instinctively): You too!
They both laugh. One week passes, and Dev really falls in love with Sona, but does not realize it.
One Day, After College; Outside Sona’s house:
Sona: Dev! It’s raining.
Dev: Run inside! Fast!
Sona: No! I love to dance in the rain!
She starts dancing, and Dev too joins in, automatically. They both enjoy, and soon Dev stops dancing.
He admires Sona, as she moves her body in the rain. And, at that moment, he realizes that the dare turned into the truth.
Dev (POV): Oh my god! Did I actually fall in love with her? Yes, this is the feeling of love. I will surely tell her tomorrow in college.

Dev meets Sona.
Dev: Sona, I want to tell you something important.
Sona: What?
Dev: Look, I am really sorry. That day, when I proposed to you, it was a dare. Monty and Sam told me to act as if I love you for two weeks. But……
Sona slaps Dev.
Sona (in tears): How dare you play with my feelings? I hate you, Dev! I hate you!

Dev: Sona, I……
Sona tries to go away, but Dev holds her hand, and pulls her.
Dev: Sona, that was just a dare, but perhaps the dare turned into the truth. I really love you with all my heart.
Sona: Dev, but why did you do this?
Dev: I am really sorry, Sona. I promise I will never play with any girl’s feelings again.
Sona (smiles): You won’t have to, because you have your girl standing in front of you.
Dev smiles at her.
Dev: Thank you so much for forgiving me. I love you.
Sona: I love you too Dev. Come, let’s…….
She is stopped by the touch of rough lips on her soft ones. She is shocked, but reciprocates. They part after a while, due to the lack of oxygen.
Sona: Was this also a dare?
Both of them laugh, and Dev carries Sona. The entire college applauds, as the two lovers unite.


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